FabUless – Episode 4 – Bulk Boys Vegan Protein

FabUless – Episode 4 – Bulk Boys Vegan Protein

[Music: “Everybody work that body.”] Stop on by and enter our free sweepstakes! We’re giving away a year’s supply of Bulk Boys Vegan Protein powder! Courtesy of FabUless Products. And you can take home a free shaker bottle so stop on by! [Music: “Oh, it’s a happy day.”] You’re awfully tightlipped today. That’s not like you. I just don’t want to jinx it. Wait, jinx what? Victor got a call back for a recurring role on a Netflix series. And it went really well! I’m supposed to hear back today, so fingers crossed. That’s exciting! I waited all day for an audition and wasn’t even seen. Oh, hi! Would you like to try some of our Hot Chock Bulk Boys Vegan Protein Powder? No, I’m good. Just looking. Ok, that’s weird. Is it really called Hot Chock? Oh yeah! And then they have Vanilla Vortex, Berry Bro-y, and my personal favorite, Peanut Butter is my Bish. Well they sure know their audience. Right. So Kate, I’m curious. Why’d you move to New York? Yeah! What do you mean? I mean, people aren’t usually running to something, they’re running from it. Mmhmm. I don’t know. I think I just wanted to get out of my hometown, you know? Not saying that I thought I’d be famous, I just wanted something more for my life. And performing was the only thing that made me feel… Special? Yes! I don’t know, it’s just, where I’m from, the only thing that I had to look forward to was being 28, single, and selling Arbonne. You know that being single and 28, in New York, it’s like the norm! Swipe right on that! I don’t know, I just, I don’t know what New York has in store for me, I just hope it’s big. Um, can I get a photo? Oh, sure! Would you like to try some of our Vanilla Vortex Bulk Boys Vegan Protein Powder? No, Just uh, just the photo. Ok. [Laughing] [Laughing] [Laughing] Um. For someone who isn’t being seen, you sure seem to have a following. Right? Oh, speaking of followers, my agent says that I need to up my Instagram followers. Is that a thing? Yeah. Oh, you have an agent. That’s good. Yes, he’s kind of creepy though. Although I did book a stock photo job through him. What?! Those are the worst! You make nothing, and your image can literally be used anywhere. It wasn’t that bad. I just posed with a bunch of random objects. And say salad! Salad! Fork yeah guys! Salad! Is this how you use Post-it notes? I don’t know, I’m so stupid. She’s got a spoon, and she’s not afraid to use it. Yes! She’s got clean teeth. Oops, who’s toothpaste is this? My agent says that it’s easy money and they never go anywhere. I had to see it for myself. You’re the Blowpaste girl! Excuse me? The Blowpaste girl! It’s the Vegan friendly lubricant that’s actually good for your teeth? I have no idea what you’re talking about, you must have me confused with someone else. The ads are everywhere. You’re like the Orbitz girl of blow jobs! What!? Sweet baby Jesus. Look on the bright side. You booked your first New York gig? Let me see that. Oh, there are so many different flavors. Blojito mmhmm, and Sixty-Lime. How much are these? I Don’t worry, it will probably be up ten years, tops! I Try going blonde for a little while? Or red? You’d look great as a redhead. I’m famous! Oh my god you guys look! Look, that’s me. I’m famous! Look, oh no, you already know. Omg, I look good! Oh hi! Can I show you this? Look I look famous! I’m famous! Look, you don’t understand, I’m famous! Oh, oh. [Phone rings] Ah! I got to take this! I’m the Blowpaste girl! Hi! Oh, oh, have you seen this? This is me too! Hey, hey everyone! I’m a Sixty-Lime guy, myself. [Music playing] Blowpaste, Minty Sanchez, Orangasmic, Cinnamoan Have you tried this vegan lube? Try Blowpaste, try Blowpaste Guaranteed to put you in the mood It’s water based, and condom safe Pour it on and lick it off Grab your partner and make some love So go buy Blowpaste Blowpaste [Squeak]



  • Eric Pagan

    I’ll take a gallon of blow paste please

  • Hayden Spaeth

    That creeper laugh though!

  • kathleen honeyman

    too funny..love Fabuless!

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