EXTRA FAT ➟ What No One Tells You About Losing Weight

EXTRA FAT ➟ What No One Tells You About Losing Weight

I shared a special behind-the-scenes Look at my personal supplement collection with my premium members on Sunday If you are already a member, make sure you log in check out that video It’s in the secret section. If you’re not a member on my site go to cocoa cocoa fitness comm and start a free trial today Welcome to my youtube channel when I was trying to go from this to this I had so many questions and it was incredibly difficult to find straightforward simple answers to these questions so in this video I’m going to be touching on three of the biggest questions that I had when I was starting my weight loss Fitness journey that I wish somebody would have told me Please subscribe to my youtube channel if you haven’t done so already it’s totally free for you and it means so much to me There are baby. Llamas dancing every time you subscribe to my channel. It’s just the best thing you can do and it’s free All right, number one Protein shakes meal replacement shakes weight loss supplements and all that stuff. They are Amazing if you’re unable to cook can’t cook don’t have time to cook just don’t want to think about it and you need something convenient They are awesome for that. However, they are not necessary This was something that I was extremely confused about because whenever I went on Instagram It was like every single fitness influencer had a coupon code for a specific brand of something. There were BCAAs pre workouts Protein this did all sorts of stuff and I was so confused. Like do I need these things? Are they going to make my results better? Are they going to make my booty? Glorious? Like what are they doing? I could never get straight answers to this question So I am so happy to be able to come to you with my eyes Staring in this lens so you can see my body language. You don’t need any of it You can use it if you need the convenience, but you don’t need it In fact for the long-term health of your body if you’re more interested in health versus aesthetics you need to be eating real food and getting your nutrition from real food because there are Micronutrients inside a real food in the perfect proportions for your body to enable your hormones work the way they’re supposed to work, so if you can get your nutrition from actual food But if you just feel like buying supplements or you just like the way they taste or you need the convenience then Supplements are an option as well. If you’re a VIP member make sure you log in on the website I have a video in there. That’s just for premium members. It’s not on youtube It’s a secret video where I show you the supplements that I have and I explain why I use those particular Supplements and what they have done for me. I don’t recommend any of them, but I do show you what I’m using What’s in my cabinet in my kitchen? It’s right there. So you have your members login if you’re not yet a member on my site Go sign up start a free trial. It’s pretty try and I think you’ll like it number two There was a time in my life that I really thought I could wake up at 4 a.m Be at the gym by 4:30 or got one hour and be back home by 6 o’clock to take care of my child I’m so optimistic. Sometimes it’s not even funny needless to say I quickly realized that this was not going to work for me if you’re a person that has kids if you’re a person that’s trying to run a business in addition to working full time if you’re Going to school and working You you relate you’ve probably tried to do something like that before when I wish someone would’ve told me is that it’s not realistic I wish they would have told me that the day is not going to have 48 hours in it just because I want to do more stuff. It’s always gonna be 24 hours in a day I’m always going to need to sleep. And so I need to be realistic So the part that nobody really ever tells you is that you don’t need to go to the gym You don’t need one hour You need the time you have so if you have only five minutes do 5 minute workout if you have only 10 minutes Do a 10 minute workout if you have 30 minutes Do a 30 minute workout when I first started working out when I was trying to lose 30 pounds I sometimes had 30 minutes and I would do 30 minutes and sometimes I had 5 minutes I would do 5 minutes and sometimes I had no minutes and so I would sit on the couch and eat chocolate because your girl likes chocolate Okay So don’t believe the hype that it has to be all or nothing Don’t think that it has to be I’m going to the gym. I’m gonna work out for one hour a girl. What was that? You don’t have to do that You don’t have to you just have to start somewhere and you have to do something if you don’t do anything, you know Get any results. It’s a logic number three You are a blessed human being if you’re a person that your body does well on high-fat high-protein diets However, what no one tells you is that keto and low-carb is not for everybody it works great for some people it really does and it’s a highly effective way to really just Cleanse your body of a lot of junk that tends to be in the standard Western diet And it’s also a really good way to lose weight if you’re if that’s your goal However, keto and low-carb diets are not for everybody. I found this out the hard way Some of you have watched my video where I tried to try the keto diet. It was the biggest fail of my life I don’t regret trying it But now I know there are so many nutritionists and dieticians coming out with books these days talking about your metabolism type I know how much science there is behind these things. They’re all new concepts, but from my personal experience and my observation There are some people that do really well burning fat and there are some people that do really well burning carbs and guess who’s on Team carbs I’m a card-carrying carb either and that’s okay. So don’t feel like you can’t lose weight if you eat carbs You don’t feel like you have to do kedo dokidoki Works for you eat rice if it works for you because let me tell you rice is delicious and bread and chocolate. Uh, Anyway, go on my website log in start your trial find out what supplements I’m currently taking and loving I’m filming that video right now actually after school money So it’s gonna be up and you can just come hang with us. Come hang with the cool kids the VIP members. Thank you So much watching subscribe to my youtube channel Kevin done. So already I will see you in my next video Protein shakes weight loss supplements and meal replacement shakes shakes Number three. I hope this mic is on is this mic on is this thing recording what I’m saying? Okay. It’s on I just paranoia paranoid



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