Epic Back Day w/ Santi Aragon & Pastor Pump | Classic Bodybuilding Back Workout

Epic Back Day w/ Santi Aragon & Pastor Pump | Classic Bodybuilding Back Workout

What’s up guys this is Santi Aragon IFBB
pro and I’m at Flex Appeal in Miami with my trainer Pastor Pump aka Carlos Rodriguez and
we’re going to be going through a back workout right now we don’t go to failure on the warm
ups we’ll do 12-15 after we’re warmed up a little bit we’ll do a few reps to get the
touch of the movement and then when we go into the heavy set we’ll go all out but we
don’t want to get tired on the warm up Classic bodybuilding is supposed to bring back the
Arnold the 70s to 80s kind of stuff and if you look back then everybody was bench pressing
everybody was deadlifting everybody was squatting everybody was rowing but nobody was tearing
pecs nobody was tearing biceps nobody was tearing any muscle groups because we were
all training heavy for reps but we’re training with a controlled volume nobody was trying
to impress everybody no one was seeing how much they could lift so they could put it
on their instagram account so we’re just taking it back where we stick with the basic stuff
we’re building the muscle we’re building the frame right and then we’re training the basic
hardcore movements heavy but heavy for reps not heavy to try to impress anybody for 2
reps or 4 reps or whatever it is and not bouncing the weight everything is controlled with good
form and good technique the diet revolves more around the training meaning that if Tuesday
we’re doing back day that’s my back day I’m not going to change my back day to accommodate
the diet on Friday I’m going to accommodate the diet so that it meets my requirements
for that day of training instead If you’ll notice with every back movement he’s not just
moving his arm he’s moving the whole shoulder the scapula all the way through the whole
range of motion so the more flexibility you have the easier it is to open up that back
we always say it’s like an 80% rule once you’re 80% recovered and not being cold like 80%
of your breathe back then we can go ahead and do the set you in the warm ups we’ll move
a little more quicker through but when it’s time for that big set we want to make sure
that mentally and physically you’re ready to go 100% for that set you don’t want to
rush that one Traps aren’t in the front of your body Traps are part of your back so if
you don’t get that rotation and that squeeze back in here you’re not getting your trap
and the trap isn’t just the top in here it’s all the way up through here all the way through
here so you want to get this whole muscle to squeeze through here so the way we do it
he’ll show you is we get that lean in there and we squeeze all the trap all the way through
This is probably the movement that is most responsible for putting back density on me
the past 2 years it’s something that we havent taken out placement of the bar is just under
my knees and also the way that I come up I always emphasize is the pinkies driving back
on the movement so you’re going to see a lot of kickback this is a very explosive movement
that if you do not do it the correct way you can get injured and it could really just set
you back so you have to be very controlled and you have to be strategic on going up in
weight on this movement and not going to failure We get a good workout without having to put
too much weight on him so as we go into the prep you’re tired already I’m not going to
do this second or third where we have to put a lot of weight on there and it’s kind of
hard to even focus so we’ll have to do it at the end we’ll go lighter and keep the reps
a little higher and still keep the compound motion in there without you know putting him
at a risk for injury so you still want to keep the compound motion in there as you’re
getting ready for a show but think of a bench press you’re not going to be going all out
on a bench press you’re going to want to keep the reps higher a little more controlled because
you might be a little tighter your joints a little dryer muscles a little tighter things
pull easier as you’re getting ready for a show then they do when you have a little extra
fat you know cushioning the joints Getting right back into the routine of what we usually
do as he gets ready to go to the Tampa Pro so usually I’ll wait to be a little heavier
but again it’s a few weeks back into the hard training so every week we’ll just keep adding
a little bit more weight more weight so if they want to come back and video us in like
3 weeks from now Thank you Muscle &Strength and all of the subscribers if you liked the
video please subscribe please like go follow us on Instagram @IFBB_Santi and Pastor_Pump



  • Muscle & Strength

    First! 😜💪👊💪🔥

  • Maurice Cooper

    The best back exercises! Because of this training, my back pain stays away. Awesome!!💪👍👍

  • kdogggggggggggg

    What’s better a dead lift of rack pull?

  • Türker Alici

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  • NachoA999

    Didn´t Arnold tear his pec or shoulder?

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    His DB shrugs and Barbell row looks almost Same.

  • Rob Marcelletti

    I can’t wait to get in there and show you how I train and train my clients “PERFECT FORM” never ego lifting or sloppy form if you just wanna be big then this is the way to lift but if you want a PERFECT BODY then you have to use PERFECT FORM 💪🏼🏆👍🏻

  • Jobu Jobu

    Seeing those deadlifts makes my lower back hurt 😀

  • David Mcfadden

    "Grub, grub, grub"

  • m3 h

    Best back builder, barbell rows, incline bench dumbbell row and pullups/pulldowns all you need for a big back

  • James Kyle Brian

    Deadlift at last?🤔 and behind the neck lat pull down? That is dangerous for your delts, but great video

  • ggsplat

    I'm sorry but having a lifting belt with your Instagram handle monogramed on it is pretty retarded

  • Charlie

    Nice bouncing on those rack pulls

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    What’s the song that starts at 2:39?

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    Santi is my favourite all grass fed vegan natty crossfitter

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