eng) 운동하는 직장인 일상 브이로그🏋🏻‍♀️- 22. 전등갈기 l 45kg을 향하여

eng) 운동하는 직장인 일상 브이로그🏋🏻‍♀️- 22. 전등갈기 l 45kg을 향하여

Subscribers told me to brush my teeth before taking a lactic acid So starting a day with brushing teeth! Taking a lactic acid after brushing teeth Then, drink a bottle of black soybean milk mixed with powder made of mixed grains + honey before workout Head straight to the gym after changing clothes! Oh, I have run out of water and since I should drink a protein shake in the gym, I wash the bottle to take it with me! Since you guys told me I look so tired cuz I only took a scene of the last set everyday. I took the first set for you. You see I’m fine? Now the last set I have always taken… You may hear the sound I gave it all I had from here Ooh-oh-ok After getting intimidated from the evening workout, not wearing the gym short sleeves I just put on my hoodie and bought a long sleeve for workout..(Crumpled) I have a PT in the morning and gonna do my workout in the evening I have much better condition in the evening workout and it’s all good but it makes me feel intimidated.. Eight Don’t stand straight up This day was tough but felt kinda refreshing Pull! (I missed the last one cuz I was too tired) Push-ups which I hate the most these days……trembling with rage… Ooh I screwed Ooh I screwed it Ooh I can’t get up I quit it myself cuz it was too tiring Fail What’s surprising is He amazingly tells the the difference between when saying I cannot do though I can cuz it’s too tiring and when I can’t really do after using all my energy Push Like pushing the wall Nine You pulling back your hip again It’s t..en 3 more What..? 3 (Sternly) Wait.. Today’s last exercise Hold your shoulder Don’t take it off Doing..my..best till the last one I was surprised cuz the sound was unwittinlgy loud.. Now going back home after a protein shake! Got to change the light after work, so I’m checking it Level of changing the light of living room – Easy Have to hurry up for breakfast cuz I’m pressed for time But it didn’t work out as quickly as I wanted I’m gonna take the light out and buy the same one at the hardware store! This time, Extremly hard level of changing light for toilet Trembling with rage at the sight of it again while editing… It won’t come out though I pressed it Won’t come out neither though I turned it What is it? It won’t come out though I tried it with my nail through the crack The ceiling was separated so I tried pressing it and it worked (This is it…) I could figure it out after lighting with a torch! Missed breakfast because of this (Uncomfortable) Rough and tough to check the light of toilet… Ouch! Painful even at seeing it again It was very sore but didn’t have any cut or anything (Awkward If any of you plan to change that light, open the ceiling and be careful of the tongs What’s this? Now getting ready for work! Tadadadadaadadadada-poo-deudadadadad Rubbing Tak..taktadaktapoodadadadada Poodadadadada dakdak Doong-gara toodootatatatatatatop Pabababababasbababap Poodadadadak Poodadak Padadadak Poodadadada Poodadadadad Dododododododo Papapapapapap PadadadadadaP Popoodadadadak I felt like spraying on prefume this day I don’t like spraying it directly on skin so I sprayed it on my hair and clothes I finish preparations with layering which I fell deep into these days I’m going to work Cold It was -9 this day… My feet are freezing… Guys, plz congratulate me! I can’t fully zip up the skirts I bought last year!!!!! HeHe Sis, give me a smile with a wink lol Smile with a wink, checked! Sorry for making a straight face suddenly I was kinda confused of myself for doing it for the first time Came for chichken noodles! I actually do not like thick noodles like Kalguksu or Udon But visited it cuz it was a new one near my office I think I will coming here often cuz they are all kind It feels like reliving a hangover though I didn’t drink an alcohol Chicken + Kimchi, absolutely perfect A mouthful of bean sprouts which I love Slurping noodles Kimchi, it’s freakin awesome Chicken I have enjoyed it. Now going for lotto~! (What about Speedtto next time…?) , (You buying only lotto? Speedtto is fun…) , (Myeolchi, try Speedtto next time!) I had a dream of winning a scratch-off lottery worth, 17 million won I had a nice dream so I’m gonna go and scratch them off at home In the midst of this, a hole in my stocking.. Now leaving the office~! I’m gonna buy a light before eating Tripe Came to eat… Starting without any source Perilla leaf + Tripe, always right Wow.. I couldn’t help drinking alcohol I drank it at the risk of diarrhea next day I didn’t do it!!!!!!!!!! My intestines got stronger or what? Or is it because of lactic acid…? From now, I’m gonna drink only a bottle of it sometimes! I had a diarrhea whenver I drank alcohol, but It’s so good that it’s not anymore Finishing grilled beef tripe first Ordered Beef Tripe hot pot I was quite spicy to me who cannot even eat Shin Ramyun Thinking, ‘Do Beef Tripe hot pot normally taste like this?’ for I haven’t had it for 10 years It was delicious to eat only the solid ingredients! After having some ingredients, putting in some noodles Cheers! I thought I wouldn’t like noodle + Tripe, but it was Really good I have felt one thing after eating well There are so many delicious food in the world As I’m done, Going home~! Thank you, my stockings for enduring I smelled Tripe all over my body Let me quickly take a shower~! I’m gonna put on a face pack cuz it’s Friday It’s too cold for me.. Let’s scratch off the lotto after doing the laundry!! (pit-a-pat) Even taking it off is fun I was seriously thinking of what to buy if I win a lottery Even scratching is fun Though it was hard to scratch off the 5 Crack on scratching!!! What? I’ll just do lotto Now taking off the pack Please upload the video containing original speed of tapping on your face! OK! It’s becuz I made it faster It’s not that fast actually Tadadadadadadada Peudadadadadatatadada Finish with Cream + oil Eating the icecream which I have fallen into these days until the laundry is done I tend to eat the food only once I fell into it I eat it twice a day… It’s so good.. Hang out the wash Changed the cover while doing housework Though it was rewarding, it was a really tough day There was literally nothing easy (Leap) Couldn’t smell a fabric softener as it has been dried for long I sprayed a perfume which i’m fond of Now I’m gonna check the light I bought earlier I think I bought the right one for the living room It seemed it was right for the toilet but something was strange This is not it I thought the livingroom was the easiest… (Doesn’t turn on) The light doesn’t turn on Try putting in elsewhere (Still doesn’t work) Another place… (Doesn’t work) What’s wrong? I gave up the living room and went to the toilet (Com-for-table) I changed all… Why can’t I put it in……. Giving me a headache….. (Succeed!) Though there’s not much to watch but makes me keep watching, drug-like Myelochi. Please ask Genie if she has a boyfriend. She’s my ideal type. What???? Giga Genie Yes? Do you have a boyfriend? I don’t have any friend Crying… Please take her T.T I just put the lotto worth 55000 won into a crusher… You told me today’s money fortune is good!!!! I wanted… the crusher lotto… It’s kinda convenient (Oops….I forgot to apply medicine for hair loss this day…..)



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    과식 = 소화불량
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    체중 및 기초대사량에 맞게 양조절해서 드시고 평소 소화 잘되는 음식만 드세요.

    혹시 일상에서도 운동하시나요?
    1~2kg 아령 2개 사셔서 밥먹을 때 남는 손으로 운동하세요.

    악력기 제일 약한걸로 준비해서 해보세요.

    악력이 운동에 미치는 영향이 은근 큽니다.

    너무 진빠지는 운동하지 마세요.

    수명 깎아먹습니다.

    과한운동+과한수분흡수(물 또는 쉐이크)-> 배탈

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    트레이너님이 알아서 식단 및 운동 맞춰주시리라 생각하지만 과한 운동이 근육발달이란건 이미 지방이 어느정도 몸에 낀 남자들에게나 해당됩니다.

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    롸????? 터졌다진심 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 기가지니 ㅠㅠ 친구가없어요 ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

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    혹시 영어자막은 누가 다는건가요? 멸치님이나 무료로 다는거라면 돈도 아끼고 영어사용자들 구독도 늘릴 수 있으니 괜찮은 것 같은데 유료로 고용하신 거면 개선이 필요할거 같아요. 오역, 비문이 많네요 (디스아닙니당) 참고하셔요♡♡사랑해요 ♡♡

  • 채재영

    누나라고 불러도 돼죠?

  • 서코송

    거실등은 왜 안되는거에요 ㅇ_ㅇ?

  • Gominn No

    차분한 데 부지런한 성격인 거 같아 영상 보기 좋아요.

  • 하늘채

    나중에 기가지니 자.폭.해…. 한번만 해주시면 안될까요..?

  • 최용석

    ㄹㅇ 마약이라는말이 찰떡이네요 ㅎㅎ 잘 챙겨보고있습니당 (방금 롤 역전승하고와서 기분좋은 1인)

  • 한기영

    몸무게에 너무 스트레스를 받지말고 느긋하게 운동하세요.
    저도 170에 몸무게가 54kg 나갔는데 그냥 느긋하게 운동하고 적당히 밥먹고 시간지나니 살찌더군요..
    지금은 다이어트 중입니다..ㅋㅋㅋ
    최대 75kg찍고 현 67kg유지중입니다..ㅎㅎ
    그리고 거실 조명은 안정기 문제일듯합니다.

  • So Mi Choi

    언니 저도 탈모방지하거나 머리숯좀 더 키우고 싶어서 그런데 언니가 저번에 쓴다고 했던 머리 자라나게 하는 그 제품좀 알 수 있을까요?ㅠㅠ

  • 송광호

    먹을때 맛있는 표정으로 먹어주세요!!

  • 이한호

    언니 너무 걱정 하지마 나이 들면 나이살 먹어서 자연스럽게 찐데

  • 장준혁

    진짜 개이뻐

  • 강민성

    아침마다 드시는 유산균은 제품명이 뭐에요…?! 유산균 이름 나오는거 찾다가 정주행함….;;

  • 르밀리온

    ^^ 재밋보고갑니다

  • 전희재

    1:33 초부터 트레이너랑 커플신발인가

  • star lee

    어제 멸치님 알게되서 영상 띄엄띄엄 보는중인데 전구를 자주 교체하시네요 ㅎㅎ 건강하게 살 찌우시는거 같아서 너무 보기 좋아요 이번주도 행복하게 보내세요!

  • star lee

    그리고… 기가 지니! 바르는 탈모약 이름 좀 알려줘!(요)

  • 권순민

    대단하시네요 전등도 손수 갈으시고~

  • Copa Tour 코파투어

    바빠서 오랜만에 다시 보려 왔는데 피티쌤이랑 커플신발인줄!!!! 😂😏 bcaa 도 드십니까?

    이제 등과 가슴 운동 본격적으로 하시네요~~~

  • CutleryWonder

    If your light is fluorescent then you probably need a new starter instead of a new tube.

    Congrats and keep up the good work! 👍👍

  • 조병찬


  • Springfield Leo

    I guess it'd be quite a view when you reach vlog100 and open the "video" page. The sheer consistency…wow.

    btw, give Genie a hug, poor girl…(lol)

  • Penny Lane

    얼굴이 작으면 팩이 남아서 턱까지 내려가는구나

  • 오션레이

    별거 없는거 같은데 자꾸 보게 되네용 ㅋㅋ 살찌신거 축하!!

  • 죵죵

    0:01~0:04 발에 머리카락

  • Seehyun Park

    술을 드세요 금방 몸이 불어요

  • 신영종

    기가지니!!! ㅎㅎ 재밌게 보구 가요 즐거운 하루 되세요~

  • 쇄봉

    거실 쵸크 바꿔요~~~

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