Energy Protein Shake Without Protein Powder مشروب الطاقة الغني بالبروتين بدون استعمال المكملات

Energy Protein Shake Without Protein Powder مشروب الطاقة الغني بالبروتين بدون استعمال المكملات

welcome to a new episode of the Get Lean kitchen today we are preparing a healthy smoothie this smoothie you can have a pre-workout and post-workout so get ready and let’s
get into it as workout get into it as workout get closer think about fueling your body your muscles use amino acid for fuel during intense workout you have to ensure your
body’s gas tank stays full for you muscles to get energy and during workout you burn a good deal of your muscles glycogen when you put yourself into that
type of stress and after an intense workout you need something to rebuild you something to give you energy to keep going and that’s what the shake is all
about starting with dates dates are rich in fibers and contain a good amount of natural sugar add above it the almond now we’re gonna add the oats I have to say that this shake is one of my favorites I love this recipe it tastes wonderful and made me feel so good at gym and now add the soy milk we gonna add 1 liter of soy milk and then we gonna a blend it a little bit for a couple of minutes because it will make it easier to blend it when you put the other ingredients and now that we’ve blended it for a
couple of minutes we gonna add sugar free peanuts butter and then we gonna add the chia
seeds I have to say I really enjoy doing this shake I really enjoy doing it, it tastes so wonderful now we gonna add one medium banana add the avocado avocado is the star of this shake avocado is rich with proteins, carbs and fats that we need to heal our body loads of healthy fats fats that help you recover and help your joints that’s it it’s ready it smell really wonderful
taste awesome trust me guys you really don’t want to miss this recipe hope you like the recipe hope you find it tasty please like share and subscribe hit the notification button so you don’t miss anything and if you like the recipe maybe you will be interested about checking my video about making protein bar at home because it’s also delicious and it’s also healthy thank you for watching and see you the next video



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