– Hi friends, welcome back to another what I eat in a day video, slash vlog. Today is moving day. We are moving back into a new
apartment in New York City. And the movers are
coming in about an hour. I got a smoothie for breakfast
which I will show you. We also took Trevi for her walk already. It was so fun being in the park again, I missed it a lot. And yeah, we’re not really
sure what the day will bring, like how long the movers are
gonna take to move our stuff in but we’ll just basically be
unpacking and things like that. So I thought it might be fun
to bring you along for the day, just to kind of show you. I’m gonna give you a little
tour of the empty space, and then I’ll show you how we
have some of the stuff set up, and that’s pretty much it. All right so I got a
smoothie for breakfast from Juice Press and
inside I got almond milk, half of a banana, cauliflower,
almond butter, cacao powder, strawberries and vegan protein. And it’s definitely not as
good as what I make at home, but it’ll get ya the job done for today. All right so I’m gonna do a quick tour. You walk in this way,
bedroom and then the thing. So our door is here and
then you walk this way, we have washer dryer. We have a really big closet. This is our bathroom. This is all the medicine
cabinet, which is awesome. So much more storage in this place. We also have a little cabinet back there. Hi, little girl. And then obviously, shower. Here, I guess I can turn
on the light for you guys. Eh, I don’t know how to turn them up. All right so, you walk in this way, we have a big closet here. This way is the bedroom
which I’ll show you quickly. This is one closet, another closet. And oh my God, she’s so cute. Big bedroom, hi. Now we have two windows in this one, which we didn’t have last time. Come on, let’s show them this way. And then if we go back this way and we have the kitchen here, which is definitely not quite
as open as our last one, but very livable. And yeah, we’ll kind of
have the same set up here, but so yeah. And then there’s also a
pass-through here which is awesome. And then the living space is here. And we’re not really sure
how we’re gonna set it up, but I think I’m gonna do my desk there, TV there, couch like that, and then we’ll get a
dining room table here. And then the best part, well
maybe not the best part, but one of the awesome parts is that we also have an outside space with a little balcony. It goes like that so I can have plantings and things like that. And just like the last apartment, which the last apartment
was two floors down, and kind of around the corner here. But we have the same just courtyard view. And if you can hear, I
don’t know if you can hear, but there’s not a lot of
sound in this apartment which is awesome. Basically all I hear is birds chirping. So yeah, this is a school
actually right there, but that’s pretty much it you guys. I filled this up with
hot water at the hotel and I have all my fixings here. So I’m gonna do my coconut butter. You guys have seen me
make this a million times. Pumpkin pie spice. My fruit extract, matcha. Matcha. And then. And with that, I have my matcha. It definitely works but
it’s definitely better if you use a blender. So if you have a blender, definitely make matcha in a blender. If you don’t, these
little things are great. I will link them down below. They’re awesome for travel. And I had them with me on
the entire trip in Europe and I used them every single
day and it worked beautifully. All right, so also I have
a little gomacro mini. Didn’t love my smoothie,
I have it down there, but feeling like I just
wanna a little bar right now. These are great because
they are just like small and they’re the perfect little like snack or pre-workout snack
or something like that. So the space is kind of coming together. We’re trying to figure
out this living space. We are planning on having the couch here, tv here, and my workspace there. But the outlet on this
wall isn’t strong enough to power the TV so we either
have to like run a cord or maybe flip it but
then we have that there, the heater thing there
which the mover said is bad for the TV. So we’re not sure, this is definitely a much bigger space than we had. And I really, if possible,
want my workspace to be over there because
I think it’s kind of like out of the way and this is such a big wall that it’s gonna be kind
of challenging I think to have just like, a desk there. It will look kind of weird. So we’ll see, gonna
try to figure this out. But might have to get some help from a designer, or something. And then let me show you the bedroom and how that’s coming along. Hello cutie. So we are going to be upgrading our bed to a king size bed, we
have a queen right now. So we have tons of space. If you guys don’t know, this whole setup, I got this, I actually
talked about it in a video but mattress topper is avocado. I think we’re actually gonna
replace our whole mattress with an avocado mattress
and then the mattress underneath is an OSO
mattress, both are non-toxic. And yeah, we’re also gonna get maybe like a bureau thing there. And we just have so much space. Having a quick chip and salsa break. These are my favorite salsa. Green Mountain Gringo. And these are the sprouted
tortilla chips from Thrive. They’re really, really good. They’re blue corn. So chunky. All right, so, it is about three o’clock and we’ve been doing this for a few hours and I feel like we have
made pretty good progress. We have lots of empty boxes. Still have some full boxes
that go into the kitchen. But let me show you. (light music) Now let me show you the
kitchen which is a disaster. Snacks from our road trip. And then, washing dishes
right now in the dishwasher. And then, I gotta figure
out where everything goes. Oh man. So it is now 6:15 and I am going to a Soul Cycle class, I’m
going to my favorite teacher, missed him so much, and I feel like we’ve made really, really good progress. I’m on my phone right now so I hope that the quality is okay but. Yeah, the kitchen, most
of the boxes are unpacked. We’re very disorganized
in the kitchen still. I think I’m actually gonna hire the organizer that I hired to help me with the pantry and
things like two years ago. She was amazing and I just feel like I don’t know how to optimize the space that we have in the kitchen. So I’m gonna do that and
I’ll reach out to her in a little bit but right now we’re basically just like throwing things in cabinets and then we’ll
organize it at some point. And yeah, I feel like
it’s coming together. I’ll show you guys a clip tomorrow when the sun is back is out so you can kind of see where we are. I just got kind of, I don’t know, like lost in the day of unpacking and everything like that. Super behind on work so
I’m gonna have to work all night but that’s okay. I’ve got a really good video that you’re gonna have
seen already on Tuesday. So I hope you guys enjoy that. If you haven’t seen it yet I’ll link it down below for you. And yeah, I’m gonna go sweat and I know it’s gonna feel good. (light music) So just like I knew it
was, that class is awesome. Soul Cycle always makes me feel so good. I got some Sweet Green for dinner. We don’t really have a
functioning kitchen yet so no cooking, but I
did get smoothie stuff to make smoothies tomorrow. And yeah, I actually think
that I’m gonna extend this vlog a little bit into tomorrow so that I can show you
some more of like unpacking and kind of how we’re
putting things together and stuff like that ’cause
I just, I don’t know, feel like you guys are interested. So I’d might as well just keep on vlogging and keep on sharing. Good morning friends it is Tuesday and we are still in the midst
of boxes and everything. So actually just let me
show you this kitchen. Very disorganized. But I wanted to let you guys know that so far today I have
done a little bit of work. I wasn’t able to get
much work done tomorrow, yesterday, oh my god, my brain. I wasn’t able to get
much work done yesterday so I had to get up early, walk to Trevi. And I wrote a blog post and
I have to edit today’s video. The one that is going up,
the day that I’m filming it. But I’m starving so I’m gonna make a quick smoothie and I
haven’t had my matcha yet and I will check back in with you guys after I show you breakfast
and we’ll go from there. (light music) You guys I’m back with my
trusty purple mug. (laughs) This was unfortunately packed away but we are back in business baby. All right, so here is my smoothie, I’m already like halfway done. But I just wanted to say that I usually, like in
the past, when I’m home, I’m making these like
smoothie bowl concoctions but smoothies don’t have
to be anything complicated. You don’t have to use super food powders. You don’t need to have protein powder. I am still getting in a ton of nutrients and calcium, protein, fiber, everything I need in this glass. I have spinach, banana,
blueberries, hemp seeds, almond milk, that’s it. It doesn’t have to be fancy. And it’s still, so good. So here is a look at the space so far. We’ve emptied most of
our boxes and turns out our furniture is a little
too small for this space. So what I’m gonna be doing is I’m gonna hopefully work
with an interior designer to help us kind of like map out this space a little bit better but
what I’m thinking is that I’ll have a whole
desk situation over there. We might edit this, we’re not sure. And then we’ll probably get a round table, potentially a bigger couch. And probably a chair to
like live right here. And then a bigger rug. And then we’ll probably take this rug and put it in this space. We are drying some of our clothes so, don’t worry about that. And then in this space we’ll
have a little dining table. But so far it’s looking, well, it’s looking kind of empty but it’s feeling good
because we’ve emptied most of our boxes and then
I’ll just show you the kitchen. So the kitchen I’ve been
able to kind of organize. I’ve been able to at
least put everything away. And I have this same set up though we had in our other house with
our little convection thing, cook oven, blender, hot water heater. And we’re doing the same situation here with our mugs and glasses. And then this is gonna be,
similar to the last one, our pantry which I have yet
to continue to fill out. And then this one is
like our plates and bowls and stuff and we’re trying to figure out the best place to store
like meal-prep containers. But then also like these little things that we don’t, those little things that we don’t really
use for cooking, per se. Like those are more of
what I use for photography or for videos and things. So I might put all of that kind of stuff in a separate closet and just
have like a food prep closet and like a work closet. And then we might replace
some of these dishes to kind of get everything
a little bit more cohesive. And then honestly, we don’t really know what we’re gonna be doing with these ones. I have my spice rack things in there now but that might change, I’m not sure. And I also have no spices so
I need to replaces my spices. And then this cabinet I’m
not sure what to do with it ’cause it goes all the way back there. So I might do like
baking things in this one and kind of like, put
the things we don’t use very often back there but I want to get some container that I
can like pull things out and easily grab stuff. So I’m not quite sure about this one yet. And then this one is like tea, it’s gonna be like tea, coffee and oils and vinegars and things like that which we also need to replace. So I still have my little
lazy Susan type things. So I need to get another one
of those to go right here. And that’s that. And then I think this cabinet is going to be baking like
sheets and things like that. So baking supplies I guess you could say, pans and things like that,
I haven’t decided yet. We didn’t have a
microwave at our other one so we have that microwave there. And then above the fridge over here is similar to what we had in the last one. Snacks and pasta stuff, so. That’s pretty much it right now. All right friends so I think I’m going to conclude the vlog here. I haven’t obviously
looked at the footage yet so I don’t really know what
this video’s gonna have been a compilation of. But I hope you guys still enjoyed it. I’ll definitely be sharing the process of us decorating this place, and I was gonna say moving in, we’re already moved in
but just kind of like finishing the space. I’m excited about getting
like a new workspace setup, figuring out how
to shoot in this apartment and yeah, so I’ll be bringing
you along for the ride whether it’s vlogs or like
a more kind of styled, slash shot video. Let me know if you have any like feedback or suggestions or anything specific that you wanna see about
there move-in process, the decorating process,
something like that. We are redoing our bedroom so I’ll definitely be
doing an updated bed talk I guess you could say. We’re getting a new non-toxic mattress. So I’ll share that whole process and how we decided and things like that. But otherwise, yeah. I hope you guys enjoyed it. Welcome back to NYC with me. I’m definitely gonna
also be trying this year to do a little bit more
vlogging, slash shooting, out and about in New York. I know that you guys requested at the beginning of the
year more New York content. So I need to push myself
out of my comfort zone I guess a little bit and
show you more of the city. So if there’s anything in particular that you wanna see in regards to New York, also let me know in the comments. So thank you guys so
much for your support, for following along,
for all the kind words about moving into our apartment. And I hope you guys enjoyed this video. If you did please give it a thumbs up. Don’t forget to subscribe right here by clicking the red button
that’s right below this video. And I’ll also link some playlists that you might find
interesting down below as well. So have a great rest of your day, thanks again for watching
and I’ll see you guys in the next video, bye. (light music)



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