Eggless Mug Cake Recipe Without Oven (Vegan) | Skinny Recipes

Eggless Mug Cake Recipe Without Oven (Vegan) | Skinny Recipes

hey guys i’m nisa homey and welcome back
to my channel today i’m sharing an oil-free eggless mug cake which can be
made in a saucepan no oven or microwave needed and takes just under 15 minutes
to make easy to make single serving oil-free eggless cake for bachelors and
for students so let’s get started into a 200ml ceramic mug I’m adding in 1 tbsp
ground flax seeds, add in 3 tbsp water and mix it really well
this is the substitute for egg allow it to rest for about 2 minutes and after 2
minutes the flaxseed has thickened
add in one tablespoon jaggery powder, 1 tbsp peanut butter, I had some chocolate
peanut butter hence I’m using it however you can also use plain peanut butter
I have already shared how to make chocolate peanut butter and 100% natural
peanut butter do check it out on my channel, next add in 1/4 teaspoon pink
Himalayan salt, and 1/8 the teaspoon baking powder, and in 1/3 teaspoon
cinnamon powder for an added flavor however you can skip cinnamon powder and
use vanilla essence if you prefer vanilla flavor add in 2 and 1/2
tablespoon whole wheat flour I am using khapli wheat also known as emmer wheat it’s
an ancient variety of wheat grain which has a very weak gluten molecule do check
my videos on khapli wheat to understand more now give this all a mix and I’m
adding in 2 tbsp extra water and again mixing it and the batter seems to be
slightly thick so I’m adding in 1 tbsp extra water and mixing it to a smooth
batter once it is nicely mixed clean up the
sides of the cup and add in 1 tbsp chocolate chips on top you can mix the
chocolate chips into the batter if you prefer but I’m keeping it on top so that
once the cake is done the cake will have a chocolate sauce like topping. Mug cakes
are baked in a microwave in just 1 minute but I don’t use or own a
microwave so I prefer to make this in a saucepan now into a saucepan I’m adding
in some water and then place two paper napkins and place the mug turn on the
flame and once the water starts to boil cover the saucepan with the lid and
reduce the flame to the lowest and let it steam cook for 15 minutes after 7
minutes this is how it looks so after 10 minutes I’m checking it with a toothpick
and the cake is not cooked yet and I’m also adding in some extra water
and after 15 minutes the toothpick comes out clean and the cake is ready to serve
allow you to cool down a little and then remove it from this saucepan I’m
sprinkling in some chopped cashew nuts you can totally omit it or you can
choose any toppings like maybe a strawberry or a raspberry or even
blueberries if you have access to berries so guys do try this
eggless and oil-free peanut butter mud cake and let me know how it turned out
don’t forget to like comment and share this video with family and friends thank
you for watching and until next time take care bye bye



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