• Aldi More

    I assume this only includes pot "Smokers". If you prefer to bake it in to get baked, then would that be better?

  • GYM JUNkiE

    Dry herb vaporizering is the way to consume your herb… look it up…… HEALTH IS YOUR WEALTH.

  • GYM JUNkiE

    Is it me or does this Doc sound high…. 🤔


    This study should be done with frequent users of cannabis and Weight training individuals.

  • Shari T

    Personally I've never touched the stuff and never will, but still very interesting… thanks for doing the research and posting!!

  • ki5ngau

    You smoke the doobie it makes you have the munchies.

  • bater-master !

    It's funny to watch the pro marijuana crowd squirm with evidence like this. "Oh yeah! Well what about TOBACCO?!" Haha, don't wanna accept your ganja really isn't that "harmless" huh?

  • Jon Sprague

    Can I counteract this effect by lifting weights regularly?

  • michael onello

    Great info…!
    Whole plant based foods to promote bone health, on Instagram == mikewakethefoodup

  • NORMLfan13

    That’s why I drink beer.. for the silicone content

  • Lauren Burger

    Dude : Light em if you got em…
    Observer : Hey Dude, why the cloak and scythe

  • i is

    Very informative. Thank you.

  • Purple Vegan Lady

    My mother has been a heavy pot smoker for 50 years. She's had a weigh problem for the last 40 years.

  • J Hagler

    Would there be a difference if it is smoked, vaped, or eaten?

  • Shattering Lies

    It's because it wasn't meant to be smoked and nothing was for that matter. Only thing that should go into our lungs is oxygen. Marijuana is an herb, thus we should treat it like one. You can grind it up and put it on foods just like oregano, or you can brew it to make tea, but never smoke it and never smoke anything. 🙂🌱

  • Rob Williams

    So this is a new one in the old style? nice!

  • Sidilicious

    5 times a month seems quite a light user… 5 times a day seems like heavy usage.

  • Anthony Romano

    Which group had more fun recuperating from their injuries?

  • Rex Buyeo

    Winners don't use drugs.

  • Fathom Arts

    Nice thumbnail

  • Cloudso White

    5000 joints in a LIFETIME? Who keeps count? What about those that smoke it from a pipe? What about those that eat it rather than smoke it? And did any of those people, also smoke cigarettes? These studies do not sound very double blind controlled!

  • Brian Kenny


  • Robert Perlini

    Mary is med. Smoking is dead.

  • Robert Seeley

    420th like. Yay

  • Christian Thomsen

    Im on a marijuana diet

  • Cody Scott Rose

    0:59 "This variation in results may be due to differences in the mouse strain"!?

    That's funny because I usually refer to my different cultivars of cannabis as strains.

  • Wsdag Saesrgt

    "that's a relief" Doesn't matter to people who don't smoke. Do something better with your time/body/life.

  • Penny4UrThots

    My only regret is having boneitis

  • mike clarke

    420 at 420-April 2020 / cannabis = plant based diet / be responsible / eat well / be kind to everything and everyone.

  • Emilia Shafir

    Is this including edibles? Maybe I missed it..

  • sooooooooDark

    can someone explain me why "being lefty" + "weed" + "veganism" is such a match made in heaven? its like one comes with the other or something
    similarly "being righty" + "meat" + "church"
    🥱humanity, so much pre programmed AIs out there, cant talk to non-autistic humans w/o getting potato vibes at this point

  • Cheri Bjork

    Very interesting.

  • LegacyEvoAce

    Only certain strains give you the munchies. If you use to much cannabis it kills your appetite.

  • Sebastiaan Hensels

    What about vaporised cannabis? If smoking is already associated, smoking cannabis would obviously have the same effect, right?

  • Dharma Doused

    I’d love for you to do a video on the addictive attributes of cannabis, I recently just broke my addiction cycle with it, after 10 years of use, and it’s so nice to be liberated. Thank you, WFPB (No Oil).

  • tankerfiveohh

    So workout and vape your weed?

  • soberness

    Could you please change the title to "Effects of Smoked Marijuana on Weight Gain and Bone Density"?
    It would be unfair if we studied how good or bad apples are but every apple was sprayed with Round Up or some other crap. We all should know that smoke, no mather what you're smoking, is bad and will cause inflammation and disease.

  • cranky old teenager

    What about vaporizing cannabis?

  • Citizenthirteen

    Perhaps heavy cannabis users are also couch potatoes ? There's a nickname for the Indica strain. It's called In da couch. Not too many stoners feel like going for a 5 mile walk after getting high.
    The verdict is still out on weed. I am skeptical because do you know of any other drug that makes you euphoric or sedates you that is also " healthy" ? You are messing with your natural cannabinoid system by flooding it with THC. Any other drug that messes with your endorphin or serotonin or opioid system like cocaine , heroin , etc cause other serious issues .

  • surfing4truth

    Marijuana is a slang (and mostly seen as a derogatory) term. Use the proper term – cannabis.

  • strawberry Sherbert

    But it’s my pre workout

  • Simnett Nutrition

    Their bones might be weaker but I bet the joints are good! 😂

  • BetterYouBetterWorld V

    Well I have to smoke to deal with the stress you give me so thats not fair

  • Plant Based Diet and Fitness

    Nick Diaz – Plant based, Marijuana using, Elite Level Athlete!

  • ItsNotMe ItsYou

    People feel strongly about their weed

  • pdude1911

    The munchies are insane if you smoke good weed, at least for me. Legalize it worldwide! Salute from The Netherlands.

  • Divergent Droid

    5 days of use in the last 30 days does Not say How Much each day the person used. I smoke about 3 small bowls each day and have for years. This silly tiny amount causes them to classify me as an extremely heavy smoker. That's Silly! It also does Not make Any distinction in smoking marijuana with all its carcinogens due to combustion and vaping marijuana which has No carcinogens at all. Cannabis use is Not clearly defined in the study.

  • DorkRain Tostie

    What if you smoke 5 sigarettes per month, is it still the same?

  • John Smith

    edibles vs smoked?

  • pabnaful

    The pot industry now is so huge and powerful that Dr. Gregor can’t be too honest about the adverse effects of pot smoking. So, he’s deliberately being vague similar to how Dr. Sanjay Gupta does. Smoking ain’t good for you, no matter what it is. On top of that, pot slowly but surely damages brain. Stay away from pot and live a normal life folks. We’re only meant to inhale fresh air and not the f****ing weed.

  • Vegan Buddhist

    So now I’m gonna light up more often before the gym

  • LuciD

    can you do a series on vaping? im a heavy vaper and im not sure if its dangerous or relatively safe compared to cigarettes

  • Thom Neale

    Cool highlighting — I love videos that focus on published studies

  • Patchouli Julie

    I rely on all things green to keep me fit, healthy, happy🌬🌱💚🍏🍐🥑🥝🥬🥦🥗🍵🍈

  • Eazy_Lifeb TV

    Cannabis and the heart!

  • James Parker

    "herb like fruit, keep you healthy, mind clear"-Bob Marley.

  • Rich Bodo

    It is unlikely any doctor would recommend smoking anything at all, never mind mind altering substances. Only the least healthy ways of using the least healthy version of cannabis sativa seem to get studied. Studies of subjects who vaporize ground organic low-THC cannabis sativa (hemp) flower would be much more interesting to what I assume is the target audience here – people who want to be healthy. Add a bunch of carbon to the mix and we're in unhealthy territory.

  • T. B.

    Prolly cuz the estrogenic effect of pot.

  • Kismet

    Lower bone density in heavy users is not only likely due to users weighing less in general but possibly because they might be less active then non-smokers therefor putting less stress on their bodies. If you're a healthy, active individual and especially if you train multiple times per week you really shouldn't have to worry about bone-loss.

  • Sophie k


  • Roxanne Quiroz

    Smoke spinach eat spinach!:resolves😎

  • Brokenpen

    This is unfair to pre-processed Marijuana in Chinese Medicine, smoking always is bad but how about eating.

  • Paul Kohl

    As a vegan who heavily indulges, good god man, you can't just leave the story at that point. How? How does the mineral bone loss occur? Osteoblasts working less quickly than osteoclasts? Some metebolic pathway thing? Enquiring minds want to know the best guesses.

  • Milena

    Cannabis smoked only or consumed too (causes bad loss)?

  • Adnan A

    I wonder what Joe Rogan would say to this

  • Sudipta Das

    Why are some people obsessed with weed ? I never liked it anyway. Weed makes people lethargic.

  • Suzie D.

    BOO….………….Dr. G. LOL……. Those stats are ridiculous

  • JayClassic

    heavy users are couch-bound so bone density loss isn't surprising

  • Lance Soban

    Wfpb diet + gym + weed, I'm not scared of fractures enough to quit.

  • chainsaw39

    What about edibles?
    There's no thar and you get a different psychoactive chemical.

  • Miss Heidi

    These studies are with people on a normal 'SAD' diet? This can't be right for WFPB healthy people. And, I wonder if all cannabis forms have same results? Does that include the CBD form as well or only smoking marijuana as a whole (including THC)?

  • a a

    So I practice jiu jitsu, and many of us smoke weed… Luckily martial arts help build bone density, but i guess smoking reduces. So, equalized? Anyway, I don't see many practitioners breaking any bones haha

  • taguardian

    Does using equal smoking or vaping?

  • Egidijus M.

    What about eating it?

  • benjamin mendez

    Buena información. Queda demostrado que la marihuana es un motivo camuflado para drogarse

  • Sam

    FANTASTIC video! 👍 I've lost over 50 pounds in 3 months on a keto diet plan, 4 pounds a week, with a little bit of walking exercise. Plus I'm not even hungry! I mostly cut out sugar, salt, and all the potatoes/carbs. I eat about 2000 calories per day and I feel great, happy, and fit!

    For anyone who's interested, check out It has so much great information about Keto diets, and it includes the custom diet plan I've been using to lose weight. Good luck guys and enjoy! ☺️

  • FatHead's Adventures in Homesteading

    Hmmm seems to me A LOT of weed smokers ALSO smoke cigarettes. Did these studies account for this?

  • TheAltruismActivist

    What if having weak bones causes people to smoke weed?


  • Glesga Boldyin

    So if you use a weighted vest your bones will improve in strength.

  • agm

    Great to have the traditional video format back 👏👏👏, look a lot more professional and more centered on content, nice you went back 💪👏👏👏

  • Violent Lizard

    Smoke big, lift big.

  • mike hargis

    Are the results the same for cannabis users who do not ingest by smoking as it is for those who smoke it?

  • Das Kässpätzle

    Astronots also are capable of getting transparent while floating through the ISS, so in Disneyland everything is possible…

  • eazyrat

    Stoners dont move so it makes sense that they have weak bones. Does this account for stoners who sit on their arse all day?

  • regina george

    What about cbd oil?

  • J Kl

    Any pubmed studies to shorten, protect against Coronavirus covid19 ?

  • heymisterderp

    Does smoking cannabis blow your worldview wide open and make you a more thoughtful and nicer person? Yes, yes it does. That's probably the major reason why it's still illegal. The powers that be don't want you thinking deeply and asking hard questions, they want you to obey your betters, bury yourself in your work, turn the wheel and move the money. Just look at the old photographs of Woodstock. These hippies make even average Americans today look obese. All this garbage science in the form of associative studies is starting to get old. What's the causal mechanism of this one? Couch-lock? Cannabis is a marvel against Alzheimer's dementia and I don't have to wait for some elitist study coming slower than geological time to prove it before seeing the mountain of anecdotes right in front of our faces.

  • Baran Oezsipahi

    Hmm this raises a ton of questions: what causes this? Is it due to a compound in Cannabis? Is it because people tend to roll their joints with a mixture of canabis and tabacco? Can it be linked to a lack of exercise with most heavy users?

  • Mike Skylark

    I don't take Marijuana

  • joldenrod

    I've always suspected this. I call it the Wiz Khalifa law.

  • Deb Jhuka

    Nice Video

  • Anna LA

    What about edibles?

  • Free Radicals

    Weak evidence, to say the least.

    Gregor has a personal problem with cannabis.

    He does not scrutinize the funding of studies in the same way he does with animal products.

    Studies backed by special interests are horseshit.

  • Kraglord

    Why does it sound like you are constantly trying to hold back what you are saying. Like you want to yell and whisper at the same time.

  • Mitch Rodgers

    IDK 'bout bone density loss. My wife swears I'm more "thick headed" than I've ever been. And I've been tokin' for years. Of course, she also calls me a "numbskull". Perhaps that's a side effect?

  • gridcaster

    another possibility is that chronic weed smokers are less possibly less likely to do physical activity that might benefit the skeleton (i.e. they ride the sofa while high all the time).

    also would like to know if eating/smoking/vaping had any difference.

  • Vegan Cuz Animals Tho

    Been a daily user for 20 plus years and I’ve never broken any bones even when i was t boned by an 18 wheeler truck, even after all the years of playing varsity sports, even after 10 years of being a whitewater river guide.

  • Mat Rou

    I think the question here might be about smoking and bone density? Given the association with smoking tobacco too

  • Tricia Walter

    Not anything about marijuana but will a plant based diet effect taking Valium!? I’m RX for anxiety, depression and PTSD. I have been feeling like i have been taking too much all of a sudden (65 days vegan).

  • AcidityWormhole

    Please do a video on lung cancer and if there’s a link to cannabis use.

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