EASY PLANT BASED DINNERS ‣‣ weeknight dinner ideas

EASY PLANT BASED DINNERS ‣‣ weeknight dinner ideas

(simple tech music) – Hi friends, welcome back to my channel. If you’re new here, my name is Alyssa. Today, I have got a dinner
themed video for you. We’ve been doing a lot of
sweet things on the channel, so I’m excited to share some
easy weeknight dinner recipes with you that are all
delicious, gluten-free, vegan and kid-friendly. We are making three awesome recipes, which I think you are
absolutely going to love. We’re making a barbecue vegan pizza. We’re making vegan truffle mac and cheese and we’re also making
cheesy broccoli burgers. So I don’t know about
you, but I think all three of them sounded absolutely amazing. They’re so good dinner recipes. First up, we have the
barbecue pizza and you guys have seen you make this
before, but essentially, the crust is just some soaked quinoa that I add into the blender
and it’s 3/4 of a cup of quinoa that I soak for about
30ish minutes in hot water. And then I also add in
some water, olive oil, baking powder and some sea
salt and I blend that up until it forms a batter. So, if you guys don’t wanna
wait around for the soaking, I do have another recipe
that I will link down below for quinoa flower pizza crust. Both will work here. Those are delicious. Both are made with quinoa, obviously. And I would say that
I like this one better just because it’s a crispier crust and I love crispy pizza crusts. So I would recommend this one
if you haven’t tried it yet. It is so good. Once you have it blended
up, its kinda the thickness of a pancake batter almost,
so you’ll just pour it onto a parchment-lined baking sheet and then you’ll use a spatula
to kind of spread it out into the shape that you want. I have this circular one
that I use all the time in my videos and I just
spread it out into a circle, but you could also spread
it out on a sheet pan and spread it into like a rectangle shape. So, up to you. And then we will bake this at 425 degrees for about 20 minutes
until it’s kind of crispy on the bottom. Then you’ll remove it from the
oven and you’ll flip it over and that’s when you can top your pizza. So we’re gonna start with
our sauce, which in this case is barbecue sauce. I have a Paleo one here,
which is unsweetened, so I’ll link that one down below for you and I’ll just spread it out
just like you would pizza sauce. And then, this was kind
of my version of like, a barbecued chicken pizza, but not really. I don’t know, you could do whatever kind of toppings you wanted,
but for our toppings or for what I chose, I
just did sliced red onion as well as some chopped
up cherry tomatoes. I just have them and then
I also did some chickpeas on top, which is like my
quote unquote chicken, which obviously, isn’t
chicken, but it’s still good. And then I pop that back in
the oven for another 10 minutes or so and to finish it
off, I did a drizzle of Tahini dressing. You could also do a vegan ranch,
which would be really good. I think it adds just a
little bit of extra moisture. And then, some nutritional yeast, which is like my quote unquote parmesan. And then, you can slice it
up and this pizza is honestly so good, so easy and like I
said, it’s a really simple base, so if you’re not craving barbecue or you don’t have these ingredients, you can swap it in and out with anything. I’ve made this pizza so
many times and it works with any type of topping that you want. (simple guitar music) Next up, we have our vegan mac
and cheese and like I said, it’s truffle, so the two
things that we’re adding that are truffly, truffle
flavored, is truffle salt and truffle oil, but that
is what’s going to give it that nice truffle flavor. Also just want to say
that it’s not optional if you don’t want to use it. So let’s move on to
the actual ingredients. So we are gonna be making the sauce first. We’re gonna add some soaked
cashews into our blender. To that, we’re also gonna add
in some nutritional yeast. We’re gonna add in some arrowroot starch, which is gonna help kind
of thicken it as it bakes. Our truffle salt, some garlic
powder and some almond milk as well as some lemon
juice and our truffle oil. Pop the lid on your blender
and we’ll blend this up until it is smooth and creamy. And once it’s creamy, you
can either set it aside or what I did is I made
my noodles ahead of time and I just made a whole
pound of brown rice noodles. I use the elbow variety,
but you can use any type of noodles you want to here. And I just let them kind of
sit until the sauce was done. And once the sauce was
done, I just poured them over the cooked noodles. So again, just cook your noodles according to your package instructions. And then, you can just
stir it all together until the sauce is evenly
incorporated throughout all of the noodles. Next, we will pour these
directly into our baking dish. I recommend a 13×9 pan. Mine is a little bit too
small for this amount, so I had to like, really
over top it kind of, but 13×9 works really well. And then, once you’ve added
all the pasta into the dish, set it aside and we’re gonna
make our crumble topping. So you can use bread crumbs if you want, if you don’t have bread
crumbs or your gluten-free, what I did is I just crushed up some brown rice crispy cereal. Super cheap at Whole Foods
or basically anywhere. It’s gluten free and
it has that nice like, pankoy kind of texture
when you crush it up, so I added that into a bowl
along with some truffle salt as well as some truffle oil
and then I just use my hands to kind of mix everything
together until it was crumbly and combined and that is going to be our crispy mac and cheese topping. It actually worked really, really well. I’ve never made it like this before, but it worked really well. So I just poured the topping
all over the mac and cheese and then we just bake this
up until it is kind of, golden brown on the top. It takes about 20 minutes or
so and you can sprinkle it with some fresh herbs if you
want or you can just serve it up right away. But either way, this is a really creamy, delicious mac and cheese. Probably one of the best
that I’ve ever made. And again, if you don’t
have the truffle stuff, you can just leave it out
and you can swap it with just regular flavored salt and olive oil. (simple guitar music) Last, but not least, we
have our broccoli burgers. We’re gonna start by steaming
three cups of broccoli florets and I just add them into a
saucepan, add a splash of water and I steamed them for
about two to three minutes until they are soft and semi-cooked. Then you’re gonna wanna let them cool because you don’t wanna add
them into the food processor when they’re hot. So once they’re cool, you can add them into your food processor,
along with your chickpeas and then you will pulse that all together until it’s kind of crumbly. From there, you’ll add in
cooked quinoa, nutritional yeast and Dijon mustard. Again, pulse it together
until that all comes together and starts to become combined. You’re kind of looking for
like, a stickyish dough and then we will add the
rest of our ingredients, which include salt, garlic
powder and quinoa flour. and I just used my spatula
directly in the food processor to stir it all together. It’s probably easier to do it in a bowl, but I was feeling lazy and I didn’t want to dirty another dish, so it
works if you do it like this. Just try to get the flower
as evenly incorporated throughout the mixture as you can and then you will simply form
them into little burgers. So you can make them any size you want. I do kind of like, a quarter cup size, so they’re almost like a mini burger. They’re great on top of salads. And I just use my hands
to kind of shape them into those burger shapes and I place them on a parchment lined baking sheet and then we are going to refrigerate them for about 30 minutes. And once they are refrigerated,
then we will cook them. You can bake these. I think they would bake just similar to other veggie burgers. I’d probably cook them at 375
degrees for about 30 minutes. Flipping them halfway through. However, I sauteed them and
they took about five minutes, which is easier, I think
and faster obviously. So I cooked them in just a
little bit of avocado oil and I just seared them on both
sides until they were nice and golden brown and crispy. For serving these, like I
said, they’re really good on top of salad. They’re also great inside
of like a grain bowl or you can just serve them on their own, like as the main kind of, dish. And just have whatever
you want on the side. To finish it off, I decided
to do some tahini dressing. The same that I used on top of the pizza and it was just like, really delicious. It kind of reminded me of ranch, I guess. So I would recommend that as well. Otherwise, these freeze really well and they taste absolutely delicious. And there you have it my friends. I hope you enjoyed today’s video as well as these yummy dinner recipes. As you can see, they’re
all super delicious and they’re also pretty easy to make. What I love is that these
recipes can also be meal prepped. So you could make them ahead of time. They’re great for lunches. They’re great for freezing and they’re all really really good. I mean, the truffle mac
and cheese, so good. So if you guys do wanna
try any of these recipes, I’ve put them on the blog for you. The links are right down
in the description box below this video. You can click that, that will
take you over to the blog, which has more description
about the recipe, the ingredient list, the
instructions, everything like that. If you do end up making
any of these recipes, I would love for you to leave
a rating and a star rating and a comment on the blog post. It really helps our
recipes reach more people. It helps them show up better in Google and it just helps us like spread the word of healthy, delicious
plant-powered recipes. So I’d really appreciate
it if you could do that. Otherwise, thank you guys
so much for tuning in today. Don’t forget to hit that
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everything like that, so if that’s of interest,
definitely make sure to subscribe and I’ll see you guys in the next video. Thanks again, bye. (simple guitar music)



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