(optimistic music) – Hi friends, welcome back to my channel. If you’re new here, my name is Alyssa and today I am so excited about this video because I am doing another
one recipe six ways I guess you could say. We’ve done two of these
on the channel already, a steel cut oatmeal one as
well as a chia pudding one and today we are doing
savory quinoa bowls. So, I am gonna show you how to make a quinoa bowl six different ways using just simple cooked quinoa. So, you can basically
just cook a big batch and have it for all six of these recipes. I’m also really excited to be
partnering up again in 2020 with my lovely friends at Bob’s Red Mill. I have been working with Bob’s Red Mill since almost the very
beginning of my blogs, so at least six years I think. And they’re one of my favorite partners because I absolutely
love not only the brand and the company and the
people that work there but also the products. So today we’re using their white quinoa in these different bowls, but they do have other
varieties that you could swap in and out if you wanted
as well as other grains. So, they’re a great place to buy grains and beans and seeds and flowers. So, check their website out for all of the different products and I’m sure that you could
probably also find them in your local grocery store. So, let’s talk about these recipes. I’m not gonna share right
now the specific flavors, but essentially my goal with this video was to show you how you
can meal prep quinoa bowls for an entire week. Even though we have six recipes, basically you just have to
cook quinoa, like I said, and you can use one serving of quinoa with all of these different flavors and I also tried to combine
some of the vegetables so that you could kind of
chop different vegetables and use them in a few different recipes so that it would kind of cut
down on the ingredient list that you need and still give you different flavors with each. So, I hope you guys enjoy
and before we dive in, don’t forget to subscribe
by clicking the red button that’s right below this video and, as always, all of
the post’s information, recipes, everything like
that will be linked down in the description box for you. So, without further ado,
let’s go ahead and dive in. All right, so we’re gonna first
start by cooking some quinoa and you guys probably
already know how to do this, but you’re basically just
gonna add your quinoa, again, I’m using Bob’s Red
Mill white quinoa here, into your sauce pan. And then you will add in your water and the quinoa to water
ratio is one to two, so one part quinoa to two parts water. Bring that mixture to a boil. Then you’ll just pop on a lid and you’ll let this simmer
and cook for about 15 minutes until the water has been absorbed and the quinoa is nice and fluffy. So, if you’re gonna make
all of these recipes, I recommend making about
two cups of uncooked quinoa which will yield about
six cups of regular quinoa and that should be enough
for each of these recipes. And then you’ll also want to let this cool and kind of fluff before
you use it in your bowls. All right, so bowl number one
is our Mexican quinoa bowl. We’re gonna start by adding our quinoa in as well as some canned black
beans, some corn, some salsa. I just used a jarred salsa as well as some sliced avocado on top and some fresh cilantro. And then what I like to do
is chop that avocado right up and then I stir it all together and it’s my beautiful
little Mexican fiesta bowl. It is so good, so simple,
you don’t even need a sauce. And this will definitely keep for a couple days in the fridge. (upbeat music) Recipe number two is our superfood bowl. We’re gonna start with our cooked quinoa. We’re also gonna add
in some massaged kale. I just massaged this
with some lemon juice. We’re gonna add in some sliced radish for a little bit of crunch, some roasted sweet potatoes which you can meal prep ahead as well as some chopped up avocado. Sprinkle that with some chopped up almonds and I like to drizzle it
with my spicy lemon dressing which I will link below for you. And then you can finish it
off with some hemp seeds if you want a little bit of protein. And you can just stir this all together and, just like the last
one, dig in and enjoy. And, again, this one should
last for a couple days in the fridge as well. (optimistic music) Our third recipe is our
mediterranean quinoa bowl. We’re gonna start by adding
our quinoa into our bowl. To that you’re gonna add
in some canned chickpeas as well as some chopped
up cherry tomatoes, some chopped up cucumber,
chopped up olives, and some chopped up parsley. You could also add in a little bit of red onion if you wanted,
but careful with onion breath. (laughs) And then you’re gonna drizzle
this with a tahini sauce. I am not giving you sauce
directions in this video, so I will link some sauce
ideas down below for you, but this is just one of my
classic tahini dressings and I love to finish this off with just a sprinkle of hemp seeds ’cause A, it looks pretty
and B, it adds a little bit of protein and then you
can stir it all together and dig in and enjoy. This one is just kind of like
a classic Greek quinoa salad. Bright, flavorful, kind of tangy and really, really delicious. (upbeat music) Bowl number three is our
Moroccan quinoa bowl. This one we start with our
cooked quinoa in the bottom. You’re also gonna add in some chickpeas that I just tossed with
some smoked paprika. We’re also gonna add in
some sliced up carrots, some chopped up pistachios
as well as a few dates that have been chopped up and then we’re also
gonna add in some herbs. I like to do a blend of
cilantro and parsley, but you can really do just cilantro or parsley if you wanted. And, again, finish it off
with that tahini sauce. It’s the same sauce that I used
in the last one, but again, I can link some down below for you and you can just finish
that with a sprinkle of the pistachios and you’re good to go. Again, I just recommend
stirring this all together so that everything is
all nice and combined and the sauce gets all
combined on everything and it just gets all nice
and mixed up and flavorful. (optimistic music) Bowl number five is our pesto quinoa bowl. Again, we’re gonna start
with our quinoa on the bottom and then we’re gonna add
in some chopped spinach. You could also use kale if you wanted, I just like spinach here. We’re gonna use some peas that I just thawed, they
were just frozen peas and some pesto and you can use any pesto that you want, jarred, homemade. I have a vegan pesto that is so awesome. So, if you wanna make homemade, I will link that down below for you, it is seriously so good. And then I finish it
off with some hemp seeds just for some extra protein. This one also would be
great with white beans or chickpeas if you wanted
to bulk it up even more. And I have to say I think
this one might be my favorite. I am just such a pesto lover. I am obsessed with pesto and I
just think it tastes so good. So, I love to stir it all together and I like the sweetness of the peas, the herbiness of the pesto,
the saltiness of the pesto. And then I love, of course, getting in some extra greens there. So, this one is probably my
favorite, if I had to pick one. And then our last one is
our Asian quinoa bowl. We are gonna start with, again, our cooked quinoa in the base and to that we are gonna
add in some sliced carrots just like we did with the moroccan one. We’re also gonna use
some sliced up cabbage as well as some tofu. You could use any type of tofu you wanted. I actually use my coconut tofu tenders that I shared last week. I just chopped them up and used that, but you use any type of tofu
you want or tempeh would work. And then we’re also gonna
add in some cilantro for some herby flavor and finish it off with my spicy almond butter dressing which, of course, I
will link below for you. And I also love to finish this off after I’ve drizzled it with
the almond butter dressing with some chopped up almonds because it adds a really nice crunch and you get a few extra healthy fats and a little bit of protein. So, I love adding nuts and
seeds on top of my bowls. And just like the last ones, we are going to just mix this all together to get the dressing nice and combined. Make sure that all the
ingredients are folded in there. It kind of turns into a salad and I just think it tastes really good when it’s all mixed in, but I guess mixing is
optional, it’s up to you. Either way, these all six
are absolutely delicious. I hope that you see how
easy it is to use quinoa and I can’t wait to hear which one you are going to try first. (upbeat music) And there you have it, my friends, I hope you enjoyed our quinoa bowls video, six different ways. I personally love putting
these videos together. It really makes me think about
how I can meal prep things for you and how I can kind of simplify the process of creating different recipes, but still kind of keeping
them as basic as possible and keeping them as easy as possible. So, really my goal with
these videos that I do with the six different combinations is that you have one simple base. In this case, it’s just
plain cooked quinoa and then you can swap
your flavors in and out to kind of give you a whole
different type of meal. So, I hope you guys enjoy them. If there’s anything that you would like to see this type of recipe for or this type of video for, let me know in the comments. I think that we’ll do maybe
a sweet quinoa bowls recipe, that could be really fun. Maybe an overnight oats, I’m not sure. If you have any suggestions,
let me know in the comments and I also, of course,
wanna thank Bob’s Red Mill for joining us in today’s video. Like I said in the beginning,
they are an amazing partner. I am so excited to be partnering
up with them again in 2020. I have linked their website down below. It has all of their product information as well as a store locator
and their quinoa is awesome, so if you’re looking
for a good quinoa brand, I highly, highly recommend it. I also want to encourage
you to head on over to the blog to check out the different flavor ingredient options as well as the specific measurements. So, that is all in a whole big blog post. Everything is in one spot for you guys with the measurements
and everything like that. So, I hope you guys find that helpful. Thank you so much for watching. Again, don’t forget to
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in the next one, bye. (optimistic music)



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