Easier for Black People To Build Muscle Faster? | BBC Genetics…

Easier for Black People To Build Muscle Faster? | BBC Genetics…

guys I’ve asked weird question today in
all honesty the question was not actually weird I’d say more it was more random. the question was, I heard a rumour that black people can build muscle a lot
easier than any other race is that true I wasn’t sure if it’s what you put in or is it
strictly down to genetics. I’ll put the question on screen at some point you
guys can read it it’s a really chunky paragraph and I’ve kind of summarize
what you said and because he asked that genuine question before you know what
why not make an actual video on it detail because in the past I have had
people come up to me and say oh you’ve got those black genetics in it which
isn’t you know I mean it’s kind of like they take away your hard work I just put
on your race which makes which isn’t true so I thought make a whole video on
it like probably gonna do it as I’m going about my day I think I’m probably
going to go gym next but yeah I just thought give you guys some good
information for those you that I would feel the same way if want to use the
comment section and like to give your opinion if you feel like it because I
really don’t mind about talking about sent office like I’m not one to shy
waving things you guys I probably know that so why do I have like a nice
question point I’ll do all my kind of my perspective on e and what I kind of feel
when it comes to that and how much I think of it is true how much is not true
and we can use a comment section for everyone it’s more like share their own
opinions as long as it’s not racist or derogatory I’m cool with everyone
talking in the comments and having different input or different
perspectives what I give but yeah that’ll be laying on in the video if you
wonder why I mean to stand around a car while randomly standing in a carpark topless it’s
purely because I’m trying to do a conscious effort to help increase my
Instagram, so I’m coming to the park to take the major shots and try
and you know show off some of the physique and gains I’ve been making
lately because i’m starting to look very lean and this kind
of weather and lighting is almost better I normally always kind of like take my
pictures in my house usually and the light is nowhere near as good as actual
you know Jesus lights! yeah so i’m going to take my shots
potentially go gym and see where the video goes in there so enjoy the blog if
you did enjoy it please thumbs up and the stay tune for epicness.
people don’t my little brother if you couldn’t tell and he was vain to me
earlier that what do you say what you say man I said earlier well and in
school and people say that I’m that I’m stronger or cuz I’m black cause easier
so could who’s black basically the whole bit ugly talking about how really the
person asked me goes to me I’ll just wander the head of rumor that black
people can build muscle a lot easier than any other race is that true I
wasn’t so easy what you’re putting or just straight me down to genetics
so I’m trying to make this video kind of like addressing that topic which
we’ll do later on in the video before when pulled off and you said that to you
me are those funny so yeah what what do you think I don’t know what’s your
opinion well different just cause a long ago Jim but when I got battle training
they may give you like 200 push-ups in a session or running so so I’ll see yes
it’s like that people don’t see the work behind they assume that all when it
takes personally in shape that happens to be black that aphasia black genetics
they don’t see what you doing behind the scenes they don’t know like it’s a lot
of people like hey Jamaicans are that is genetically faster to run it’s not it’s
because the main sport in Jamaica is running so could you do all the time
you’re gonna get better at it the same way like other countries like in like
Hispanic countries they’re really good at like baseball and stuff like that
because they play all the time the same with boxing and stuff like that Mexicans
so like if you do all the time people last week in a factory as well don’t
assume because someone’s in shape because of many black people in bad
shape and if you’re bad and the same person so that to me you said he wants a
Jesus rate I said for dinner I have about two pieces of chicken rice like I
start out vegetable now and he said he has eight chicken legs like drumsticks
cuz I see my Greg seeing all these cookies and he’s telling me he doesn’t
know why he’s not losing weight before this thinking is everything what you’re
doing right now is wrong with covering the video like I was all gonna say all
these things about what you eat when you grow up like when I was younger a lot of
the white because I hang around in their household the only time that real cookie
was on a Sunday row fighting upwards in the week a lot of times I have processed
foods but yeah boys we have like really fried the whole week is whole food and
then maybe Friday Saturday that’s when we kind of different like takeout so
that’s kind of things I just like culture based Mart race based but
everyone loves to us assume is then and you won’t give a shit but when you get
inside GM s apply that if you smart black teen exile state steroids it’s
like but it’s always the person though that hasn’t been making the results
always certify the overweight or not seeing progress and they always think
well if I’m not seeing progress they got to be doing something magic that I can
do is all the word putting like I won’t like some black people genetically maybe
a little bit like if we average across the whole race black people tend to be
naturally a little bit stronger and bigger and that’s like every single
black eyes like I wouldn’t say about grades next but like so like you look at
the NFL players in America those of them that’s some soup it reading from back a
day that’s got them like that but like so every so that’s something we
lost a learning there was one kid in my prime in my second official when I was a
kid double when I was seven I was like five
foot two he was like six foot one beard stuck he’s blood like a rugby player and
everyone was like what the hell he’s double eating and he was white as hell
like why the white so he’s every race has them anomalies I just like super
just genetic monsters anyone else says straightway without any prior knowledge
of genetics or scare with whatever is usually the laziest person in the room
or the person wants to make excuse me yeah my thanks stuff really we had four
dream I have my mom’s house and so I’m playing basketball even if I might want
to display a plane of it before I finish this video I thought was you want to see
me like kill ramela a little bit basketball stay tuned collective video
in regards to easy easy for black people to gain muscle feel like the first thing
we have to address is you pretend you have two people that probably same exact
type of muscle mass but the black guy is probably a little bit bigger because a
lot more of these definition he’s just going to happen to show up due to the
skin color which is why you’ve only come to my bodybuilding shows and
competitions they always made the people usually turn off because it just shows
the definition a lot bare so there’s a little thing like that you have to
really factor into the equation I don’t just use that blanket statement without
any prior thought to it if you’re one of these people that often says this and
not like a band awake I’ve had people come up to me and it’s all in bands I
love them beans whose makes husbands a legit athlete like I see because you
exactly managed to build muscles I feel like don’t use as an excuse like
everyday doesn’t know how gifted someone is a hard work and skill always outwork
talented like perfect examples in sports like someone may be naturally talented
playback people been someone else did that other person graphs and works
really hard is they will eventually be the person that she’s naturally gifted
and one key thing is well that people never do but they should consider is the
actual culture not the race but the culture of the actual people like I can
only speak on like things in my life and actually seen firsthand it so anything I
say right now it’s not meant to be offensive it’s just what I screaming I
was younger when I don’t go back on while I white friends and saw what they
ate when I go to their parents house and you stayed over and had for Norweb and
played out all the foods you eat usually from like Monday to Saturday
with all like processed foods so you like just like birds I threw chicken
nuggets those loads potato smiley faces that was their regular diet between
Monday and siding and then Sunday’s when they have their proper like Sunday roast
and I’m not saying in a bad way I’m just saying like these are little factors
that do play into it and that’s not genetic that’s just the
operon game and this was vice versa pretty sure the family’s eyes are black
that their parents maybe had the oxy and they made poster food and there’s white
family had more Whole Foods but the whole point is that the upbringing is
also a big vital part so start like this respecting people’s hard work because
end of this day I’ve seen many people of different races have good for these
asking Asian why people like Greek gods I’ve seen some black people is like a
turtle shell just like a complete circle when he comes actually build your muscle
onto your frame I really do believe that it comes down to mainly your nutrition
and how was it work you actually put in in the gym so I don’t just be down to
like genetics anyways when ikkaku chillin with my little brother
so aka chillin with revell he’s every single day playing basketball a Goliath
or one little Robert Capa basketball he’s actually three decent ones they’re
starting to see you are you gonna make it make it make it
no oh I made it show up my people watch me about these dunks now I’m a success
right now oh you see that son that’s our band up at remote for the
fittest threesome before the speed camera yeah this is the malevolence day
in and day out those you’re in school that talk about G makes no my graph is
that you how many hours a day anyways people I’m about to polyphase and back
before I go home probably going to go gym today I probably do like outside
explains hopefully you enjoyed this video let me know your comments below
where you thought about the topic and peace yes people I know it’s coming to
the end of the video and you don’t me to go now but yeah at that time what I
wanted to say is that this is one of the first videos on the wall I really
enjoyed vlogging like like if you haven’t no lately outside saying welcome
to the vlog to say well to the video because I’m gradually going to bring
back like the general kind of lawns needs to do as well as the for a beans
and stuff because I really do miss ya i said look back on my videos and really
laugh when I used to film all my friends and all that stuff wears lately she
really just like fitness gym specific and food specific
whereas I want to kind of bring back and bring my life back into it and Tilly we
were brothers pretty damn cool so I feel like I’m definitely gonna start doing
that more vlogging more he’s older now he’s a lot more confident on camera and
stuff so stay tuned for that anyways you enjoyed this video please thumbs up and
share with a friend and just stay tuned for some epic like the runs are going to
definitely step back up but don’t worry I’m still going to be giving you guys
information oh wait hold on in charge mic oh boy cable as well cuz you realize
that the thumbnails going to have most like my boys and it’s kind of my time
and Gabriel and the theme on the from now I can’t say a first thing properly
but kimijima Russo anyway Steve on back to bounce right now before I go Mike
what do you think about black people gained mostly ages in in other words
these two things thing with a super in being what fader anyways I’m I’m in a
kadhai Thea in p7 people whose joke you by the way anyway peace out yo can
please our peoples I’m gone if you want to see more videos with Rimmel as well
my brother let me know below please usually want to talk about we’re talking
about oh the toilet as Mia is um is it true that black people it’s easier to
for black people to gain muscles in their white pieces for school as well
marquita Xin I wish I kept my top under



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    I must be black because im horny as hell and pack on strength and muscle fast. I have shit loads of testosterone. I can do head hand stands,dead lift 200kg and I do mma. (starting bjj soon)

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    People highly underestimate the influence of our surroundings on the behavior of an individual. Genetics do play a huge role in how your body will grow when working out, it is up to you to figure out what give the best results for your body. Yet what you do (whether you have self discipline or not, are in to sports or not) is highly influenced by our surroundings. The accomplishments we make are too often put on the individual neglecting the effects of our surroundings.

    I often look at people and hear them talk about what they achieved, and they almost always say it's due to themselves/ because they were disciplined etc etc and when something goes bad it's like yeah but the teacher didnt like me or whatever so they put it in the environment. I do exactly the opposite, when I accomplish something, I am grateful that I grew up in a surrounding that made sure that I could make the right decisions and when I do something bad or fail at something it is my own fault. My point is, you are where you are today because of yourself (for sure) but also (and it has a much bigger influence than one might expect) because you grew up in an environment that made sure you could make the choices you had to make. It's not just the individual, it's the balance of individuality and environmental factors.

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    There is a medical test specific for African because specificity of diseases pertain to thoese test. African genetics is not skin color determined. You can have dark skin color or black feature and not be African genetics specific or have this muscle Gene .

    These muscles Genetic that are ancestry's to to the human species from African are more related to Neanderthals a different animal sub anima to humans whom carried high amount muscle mass during ice age . That same genetics made it to three races post neanderthal Sub African Eurasian and Sub south American


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    The fact of the matter is that genetics do play a role — and perhaps a significant one. It's kind of like how it's been proven that blacks age slower than white people. While these things may not be true for every black or white person, it doesn't mean that certain things aren't more likely to be true for racial populations when you view them as a whole.

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    When you do something constantly your body adapts to that activity and passes that adaptation to your children and offspring.EVOLUTION IN A NUTSHELL.

    Therefore you are wrong.Black people LITERALLY have a genetic advantage when it comes to running and muscle building.

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  • Michael Citrenbaum

    As a white guy who played sports with both groups growing up, you will TEND to find blacks with a better ability to build muscle to be completely honest. 10 times in the weight room at 16, my black teammates would certainly show more results. There are certainly outlier whites and even 5’8 soccer white guys I know of can dunk a basketball. But I think there is a reason you see fewer whites at cornerback in football..then again more whites at tight end, so good question with a long answer. To change the topic one thing I will say is that I have been packing on muscle without lifting on my new, unpopular carnivore diet

  • Kagotom

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  • The life of Matt

    Im white i grew up in the ghetto in Australia. Its culture. All my aboriginal friends dads where ex rugby players or pro boxers. Its cultural and how you grow up. They grew up sprinting and always punching on. Its a little genetics but its cultural too.


    Because of vitamin d

  • Amazing sweet

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  • 50repucent

    Black males originated from africa so for huntig their food they had to travel long distances under the sun, so they werw really skinny and muscular because of the enviorment
    And white male are originated from the north, so their where more bulkier and not so defined , because of the enviorment they had to have more fat.
    Also white male because of the enviorement developed more body hair

  • Brandon Perry

    I think white people are naturally bigger(not unnecessarily stronger though) for a cold climate and that includes fat, bone STRUCTURE not mass(wider ribs, larger wrists) ,and muscle. I dont think theres much difference in hypertrophy speed, its more black people are usually very lean and have smaller bone structures. Because muscle cant go on joints like your wrist, it makes the increase in size into the muscle belly greater. I think if most white men lost all their fat they'd be ripped too, you just like to think of them as all fat. Using the guy in this video as an example, thats a normal frame for a black man to me. But that frame on a white person is pretty small to me.

  • Natchos ss

    I do think there's black genetic superiority in certain sports where it excels(which are a looot), and there's research that supports it. But culture had to play a big role in why black people dominate sports. Is not like they're born good, they get good. And that's true to other races on the sports their culture gravitates them to, and where their genetics exceed. Like swimming or Strong man competitions for whites. The truth can't be denied and people shouldn't be angry for admitting to it, but at the end of the day hard work is the universal most important thing

  • Youtube User

    Yes, it is genetic but not for all black people and most black people do build muscle easier than other races but they don't even notice it.. I was the only black person in most of my classes when I went to school. I did the same workouts in P.E. as the other students. But the other student who were white seem to notice that I had a six pac. They ask me if I worked out, I was 8 years old what 8 year old works out lol. Hey some could I am not knocking it. almost all the kids in my family had a six pac naturally my brother, sister, cousins etc. it was not a big deal to us and never really noticed it. Now I am older and I see that yes, black people are naturally stronger than other races but black people don't really care.

  • The right to be righteous

    I think it is both male and female have more musculature in the pelvic region why our vaginas and penises are different

  • Luke

    look up average bone density by race enough said

  • Kyle 0

    Opinion doesn't matter. Black people have easier gains than white people. Not saying that anything your doing is easy either man.

  • mike sanchez

    I'm not blind. Blacks have more testarone

  • artur sanchir

    this is some racist video , some american blacks might have edge on it because of selective breeding but in europe or africa, they are not blacks are not stronger than anyone ,if i call them cowards , i would considered racist

  • Ender King

    Yall forget races like the Samoans exist

  • Fred Frenette

    I have never seen a white man win a race….blacks are more athletic no doubt about it.

  • E Mendez


  • Waly Njai

    Great video. However, you left out some fundamentals. So-called ‘[email protected]’ people have the highest muscle and bone densities of any race on the 🌍 🌎🌏, which means that we have a stronger and better framework upon which to hang said muscles, which we build much faster, and of a higher quality than other races. Why else do you think that we practically dominate every sport that we are ‘permitted’ to enter into, hmm? It is a fact that we also have much better sensori-motor ability (i.e. senses, reflexes and coordination), which is why, the first time that a so-called ‘[email protected]’ man, such as Lewis Hamilton, is ‘permitted’ into Formula One racing, he wins and becomes champion, not once, but several times, and goes on to dominate the sport.

  • Mohamed Bouabid

    i think this guy has gyno

  • hg xob

    I disagree, it's genetics all the way. Look at the NFL, look at the NBA. The black athletes have the height, size and overall musculature. White's cannot compete.

  • Spawny Chancer

    another video stating that blacks are equal to others but better. yawn

  • MultiDiceman

    I must need to turn in my Black card 😂😂

  • Happily Ever After

    “Jesus light” 😂✨

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