Dream On Me Ashton Convertible Crib | The Best Inexpensive Crib | Stay At Home Mom Vlog

Dream On Me Ashton Convertible Crib | The Best Inexpensive Crib | Stay At Home Mom Vlog

good morning everybody today we are
going to be building a crib before the you believe that it’s easy
so the crib you see behind me and pieces all over the place is the dream on me
Ashton crib we bought it for this one right here did we this is your crib we
bought it off Amazon I will go ahead and leave the link down below if you’re
interested in this crib it has been to two houses now two kids and now we’re
gonna rebuild it for the third kid I lost the hardware to it though I put
it all in a baggie and I put it in storage with the crib but the baggie is
gone and I don’t know where it got to but you can actually buy crib hardware
you can buy crib hardware on Amazon I think this was like eight or nine
dollars so I’ll link that down below to if you are missing hardware for your
crib that’ll save you a couple hundred dollars versus buying these head I think
you can also just contact the company and get some as well but this had one
day shipping from amazon for nine dollars i’ll just save it hassle and
i’ll just do that so now the fun part is getting it back
together without the instructions woohoo i’ve already done that one so i think we
can manage again I’m pretty familiar with the code because we’ve already had
it for four years now so and it’s pretty durable as you can see if it lasted
through this one it can last through any kid so let’s go ahead and get to it so
this is the back the mattress lays on and I still have that attached and
attaches right here and it just folds up and down like this so there wasn’t
really a need to just take the whole thing out so I still have those two
screws that way yeah and some of the other parts like honestly with all this
stuff went together so I didn’t have to fully disassembled it I just need it so
it’s not the easiest thing in the world but we’re getting there I’ve got the
other side on I just need to put this one last piece on here
right across here and then we are good to go some of these screws are driving
me nuts trying to get them in there but we’re almost there just gotta get that
one piece in I’m going to sterilize it cuz it’s been in storage I’m going to
wipe it down with like Clorox and all kinds of stuff and yeah we’re almost
there all right there we go it is built this looks like you know if
anybody wants to know all of this stuff is original from Mattie’s room like this
and this and all this other stuff this is what we used and all of them so there
we go the baby crib do you like it do I get anything sleep in it I mean I know
some people that have kept their three and four-year-olds and cribs still I
don’t know how that works but I know some people that have so all right now
we gotta wipe it down and clean it up and make sure it’s ready to go and you
think you’re doing Terry you don’t need to get in there no
you don’t in case anybody has been wondering about Kaylee and why she’s not
in a crib because a lot of people still do keep their two year olds in a crib I started student teaching and August and as you can tell Kaylee’s a little bit
adventurous and 20 months old let me carry it’s not a baby toy it’s a crib
it’s a brain and back you used to sleep in that just not even a year ago um 20
months old a year and eight months she on the the morning that I was getting
ready to go to my first day of student teaching climbed up over this side and
got out of her crib right which to me is super dangerous because we have wood
floor there’s no padding none of that so that night we had to switch her to a
floor bed so she wouldn’t climb out of this which actually went okay honestly
both of the girls switching from the crib to the floor bed at not even two
years old was really good for them they actually slept so much better high kick
hey love you let me clean this up and give you guys a tour of the dream on me
Ashton crib Kaylie you are something else okay guys so this is the crib why
don’t you just don’t your eyes you did you leave the light on please
stop the crib I do want to say that I really do like this crib I think it
looks nice it’s not super expensive or anything like that so it’s not fancy but
it’s gone through three two tornadoes yeah you are
do you want to get in okay right now I have it on the second lowest setting so
you can still go down one more but this is how big it is maybe I should have
Kayleigh stand in there so you can see so here you go now you can see second
lowest setting so if this doesn’t prove how sturdy it is then I don’t really
have any other way of proving to you as you can tell she is crazy yeah are you
ready to get out maybe I should put it down on the lower setting and put
something over top and just keep her in there all day what do you think you’re
gonna lay down okay they don’t I do have some bumpers that go along here they are
the breathable ones they look really really nice when it’s set up and a crib
skirt which I’m not really sure where does I have to find it it’s packed away
somewhere and then I also have the guards along the side because they did
shoe on it so I tried to like I mean there’s still some marks all over this
but I tried to keep it in like a decent condition in case something we do want
to sell it all right so I’ve just woke up and she’s
in the playpen which I’ll show you in a minute but for right now I just got the
bed sheets washed here so I what does on the crib so here it is so that is what
it looks like right now I don’t really know where I put the bed skirt but the
bed skirt looked like this with the chevron design that I have all over the
place some decorations I don’t really know where they went so I’ll probably
just get some new ones or make some new ones actually made them last time so
gotta find them I don’t really know where they are but there’s that I hung
the camera up here I just have there in the basement where Danny’s working I’ve
got little clips that stick onto the wall so it can like go down along the
side here that way it’s not just kind of like hanging out like that but yeah that
is essentially what’s going on right now so it’s coming together
if you’ve been watching our vlogs for a while I used to have the crib against
this wall it actually fit really nice and then like right here if you can see
that little dot on the wall that was where the camera used to hang that’s
where the camera used to hang looking down into Cayley but I have this little
rug here now and I think it’s just gonna work out better this way I used to have
the changing table in here and I had a rocker in here and honestly guys if
there are two products that I could tell you not to buy as a mom it’s a rocker
and a changing table but most mom’s probably would tell you to buy those I
didn’t use either one of them I never wanted to use that rocker we used it for
our pictures with Madeline do I even have oh no I don’t have them up on this
wall our pictures that we got when Madeline was born i sat in them for some
of our pictures but other than that never used the rocker it was the biggest
waste and the changing table we never used because we either change them on
the bed or like on the carpet on the floor something like that just didn’t
use a changing table so I sold both of them when we had ever leave didn’t need
them save space saves money so yeah how is it
Oh yummy what are you eating oh no pasta hey spaghetti whoa
spaghetti say spaghetti oh you you have ice what else you have yeah you’ve got
peanut butter jelly over there that’s garlic Brad say garlic bread bad breath
what else do you have spaghetti and you had meatballs say meatballs and
spaghetti I just got home from guard practice see huh
did you have fun with Grandma and Grandpa grandpa even came to say hi
right did you have fun with Grandma grandma yeah I need to go check on baby
yep okay you



  • Krista Mackenzie

    We lost our crib hardware too😂 we put it in a baggy and when we moved it was nowhere to be found! Good thing you can buy more!

  • Bass Town Ncs


  • Teacher Nadine KK

    I have one kid and I got him a crib before he was born . It was set up next to my bed . Now that I am pregnant and living in a very small apartment and really don't know if I should kick my husband out of the bed and buy him a single OR get a crib and go back and forth all night to the next room to breastfeed. 😶

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