Dr Greger Reveals Surprising Fact About Beyond Meat & Impossible Burgers!

Dr Greger Reveals Surprising Fact About Beyond Meat & Impossible Burgers!

The Beyond Meat burger is the world’s first
plant-based burger that is said to look, cook, and satisfy like beef. Its main ingredients
are pea protein isolate, canola and coconut oil and one 113-gram Beyond Meat patty has
250 calories, 18 grams of fat, 390 milligrams of sodium and 20 grams of protein. The impossible
burger is another popular new plant based burger created by a company who quote “discovered
what makes meat taste like meat and then figured out how to make meat from plants” One of
the main ways they’ve done this is using heme iron derived from fermentation of genetically
engineered yeast. Its main ingredients are soy protein, potato protein, coconut and sunflower
oil. One 113g patty contains 240 calories 14g of fat 370mg sodium and 19g of protein.
Now whilst these are great transition foods the concern with these burgers are they’re
still an ultra processed food and just because they are plant based does not mean they are
healthy for us. But in Dr Greger November 2019 Q & A he revealed a surprising finding
about these burgers so let’s take a listen. The link to the original video is in the description
below. [Dr Greger] So I’m doing a whole video series about plant based meats like
impossible burger and beyond meat. Most of what they’re made out of now is soy protein
isolate, soy concentrates although beyond meat is a pea protein isolate and the question
is ‘well ok what is the health of protein isolates as apposed to the whole? We know
peas are healthy; split peas are healthy, edible yellow split peas which is what beyond
meat is made out of. Soy beans are healthy which is what impossible burgers are made
largely from, but what about these concentrates? So it turns out if you look at, for example,
the cholesterol lowering literature, all beans and all legumes lower cholesterol and so the
soy bean is actually FDA approved- eat this much soy protein you can actually drive your
cholesterol down but other beans can work similarly even though they just don’t have
the lobby to get such regulation passed. But the question was does this work for protein
isolates as well because there’s a whole bunch of things in a whole bean that could
bring cholesterol down like the phytosterols which are fatty compounds which would actually
be removed if you’re doing something like textured vegetable protein and the answer
is…. they lower cholesterol levels as well. So something like a TVP product or any of
these soy protein isolates actually do lower cholesterol which is the leading risk factor
for our number one killer- heart disease so that was surprising and in fact even the researchers
expressed surprise that one didn’t even need the whole food just that plant protein
itself and whatever comes along with it can indeed lower cholesterol!



  • Riccardo Toko

    Vegan junk food…

  • Kelly J

    He wasn't speaking clearly…mumbling motormouth.

  • Hulagu

    yay they lower cholesterol

  • Annie S.

    You can make your own vegan patties at home with mushrooms, sweet potato and other healthy things.

  • sooooooooDark

    r there humans who can digest this stuff tho 🤔
    doubty doubty 😅

  • Cathy Carpenter

    0:38 "Heme iron Derived from fermentation of genetically engineered yeast"
    Genetically engineered? Hmmm

  • Frank Beaulieu

    Why make something that taste like meat ? Because meat (Not the Taste) is in our biological needs !

  • kindcounselor

    Very surprising! However there's so much saturated fat in those…I am wondering from that point of view whether it's healthy overall.

  • RAguy

    What about all the added processed oil? Particularly canola oil? From what I've read, canola oil is absolutely horrible for your body.

  • Jim F

    I wouldn't eat that garbage even if it was healthy. Why not? Because it looks like and reminds me of animal meat.

  • Jeanne Amato

    I’ll still eat real food thank you very much.

  • Dylan T

    I like bean burgers.

  • Jh5578

    Wouldn't the saturated fat content nullify any cholesterol lowering from these mock meats?

  • Qihuan Wang

    They're soooo pricey. I stick with homemade patties.

  • Jeffrey Carfagna

    It's definitely not a staple, but I love having options when the mood hits or during holidays! I believe in a whole foods plant based is the best…but once it while… Heck yes!

  • Riccardo Toko

    Producers, hardcore capitalists, are out to make money, so they get adapted to the leading trend.. Vegetarianism is the leading trend, so they produce what people will buy! It may seem healthy but it’s still processed junk, avoid

  • A. S. VanHoose

    Don't eat these burgers. Eat sweet potatoes and rice.

  • J L

    It doesn’t feel good when I eat Beyond Burgers. They are difficult to digest. I prefer black-bean burgers.

  • Galen Currah

    I find Doctor Gregor's speech nearly impossible to understand.

  • Frank Black

    Lowers cholesterol and nothing had to be tortured and slaughtered to make it? Why that's just down-right un-'MuriKan.
    Plus, if you have to be told not to eat these things every day, you're already a lost cause. Go back to your "All french fry vegan diet". ("snicker….snicker….") 👽🖖"Na-nu"

  • French blue8

    When the Beyond Burger first hit our local supermarket we had to wait a couple of days because they were flying out the door. We enjoyed them at first and determined as a family to have them Maybe once a month. Well although they are tasty, I think the bloom is now off the rose after about eight months and we've decided just to have Beyond Burgers on the 4th of July at our annual picnic.

    Our not-so-friendly meat trolls/ or the even more virulent anti vegans would likely accuse me of still being desirous of the taste of meat, the taste of animal flesh, when the reality is twofold. First, I never in my life was served as a child or made myself as an older person( by older I mean when I was old enough to make myself something on the stove) any animal flesh that didn't have a boatload of spices, herbs, sauces and or marinades that were all made from plants and that's where the actual flavor came from. All of it. So craving flesh? Hardly, I'm not a member of the carnivore species nor am I a cannibal.

    And as for wanting to eat a Beyond Burger once a year at our fourth of July picnic having to do with really missing those animal products and trying to revisit the good old days of eating animals, the only good old days I am actually revisiting are happy childhood memories, memories of festive occasions at the beach or the backyard, and beautiful summer days and evenings. That's what I enjoyed, that's what I remember and that's what I want to maintain for my children. The food, however flavorful, was incidental back then. Now since being vegan, the food is even more flavorful, the cheeseburgers aren't going to be weapons of mass destruction among the guests at the picnic, nor will they harm the environment. The food will be mindful and intentional. But it will still only be a backdrop to the festivities themselves and the people sharing them.

    Anti vegans try to conveniently ignore the fact that the vast majority of us did not stop eating meat and other animal products because we didn't like the way they tasted. We stopped eating them because we learned that they are victims of a cruel and useless industry that cares only for its own financial profit, committing atrocities against these innocent beings that they have massively overbred, which surpasses in horrific cruelty, both legal, medieval punishments, of people deemed criminals, as well as the death camps of World War II. That's why we are still vegan today, and anyone else who did not hold, profoundly, this ethical position, may have consumed some version of a plant-based diet for some personal reason or other~ but not a one of them was ever vegan.

  • Don Diego

    Still fucking trash.

  • Sexy Chickpea

    I think in my WFPB lifestyle, a few times a year is fine. Yes, it’s junk food, but no one is eating a burger for health anyway

  • Daniela T

    people don’t eat this thing! i work at a grocery store and do you know when it expires?? a whole year from the date it is made! how can that be good for you? even the frozen vegan products don’t take that long to expire! plus it looks just utterly gross 🤭 i bet much like the mcdonald’s stuff this “burger” is another thing that bugs won’t touch, just sayin, take care of what you put in your body 🤷‍♀️

  • Margaret corien Edwards

    These burgers are TOTAL rubbish and full of bad things! Canola oil is very bad for your health! I wouldn't buy or eat this crap! I wouldn't feed it to my dogs!

  • Gelbsucht

    A friend and i go out for a pub lunch once a month. We have vegan ‘chicken nuggets’ and chips fried in oil. God knows what’s in that stuff, it’s probably diesel oil for all i know but the point for us is to have a catch up while staying vegan. Not hurting animals takes precedence over any potential damage to ourselves. Unfortunately the catering industry is slow to catch on. There are some plant-based SOS free cafes and restaurants in the big cities but very few and none in the sticks. I think these products can be useful if you don’t eat them on a regular basis.

  • Sean warden

    Keep them coming and i will keep sharing

  • Fernando Fidalgo

    Notice the bearded Dr Greger has exact same facial expression and pose as the next screen clean shaven Dr Greger? Was that beard photoshopped in? lol

  • i pencil

    the beyond brats are pretty good w some kraut n mustard.

  • NORMLfan13

    Sorry I’ve been vegan for over 4 yrs now and these meaty burgers will never be a transitional food, I will love them forever, the greasier and vegan cheesier then better! Real meat always grossed me out especially when I bit into something unexpected, which I should have actually expected b/c of how often it happened. No pieces of cartilage or bone for me, just the meaty flavor without harming animals. Thanks

  • Marcelo Carvalho

    why would any vegan want to eat something that looks, feels and tastes like meat is way beyond me

  • Copisetic 1

    And 45 grams of estrogen, eat these up guys and grow great boobs

  • MegaVegan

    Does the plant protein isolate lower cholesterol even when combined with all that coconut oil?

  • Sand Fox

    Genetically fermented yeast! YUM! they you forgot the mention the glyphosate has been found in the impossible Burger. 2 strikes.

  • mike stang

    You have be out of your mind to eat this garbage

  • Eelke Aptroot

    Yes, but like you said those burgers also contain coconut oil, which is saturated fat which generally raises cholesterol.

  • Ron Good

    And yet your own video, you have Dr. McDougall and the negative effects of isolates! https://youtu.be/Na5R0bdNjZs

  • Laurie Paris

    Frankly I wouldn't eat an Impossible Burger,as I enjoy whole foods way too much and this just doesn't sound healthy! Save perhaps to have a bite, just to see what all the fuss was about? That said, I'm glad this alternative exists for those who feel differently. Thx for the video, PBL! 🌱

  • Julot

    A vegan burger probably lowers cholesterol lvl because you didnt eat a meat and cheese burger…

  • Neema Paxima

    Dr Gregor needs to slow down a bit

  • Vegan Linked

    Great video! It's worth mentioning that while they may lower cholesterol, hypertension is greater risk factor for heart disease than cholesterol according to World Health Organization, 2017. These alternative burgers contain about 25% sodium of RDA for male 31-50 (me) or a woman the same age. A serving of french fries might put you at half the RDA. RDA is lower for children though, so they need to be even more careful. As long as people are not eating these often, eating out a lot, and not eating a lot of other processed foods they should be fine… 🙂 Esp. if 99.9 percent of the time they're eating plant based whole foods! 🙂

  • vegan til I die

    I still won't eat those foods. Prefer real food.

  • Popeye Gordon

    Even the most extremely science illiterate activists endorse the new meats:
    Impossible Burger, Beyond Burger earn endorsement from anti-GMO Center for Biological Diversity "The Center for Biological Diversity supports Beyond and Impossible burgers and other food innovations urgently needed to accelerate the shift toward plant-forward diets, which will reduce the environmental devastation caused by meat and dairy production. Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat are doing us all an important service by pushing meat alternatives into mainstream culture at a level we haven’t seen before [said Kierán Suckling, the Center’s executive director]. By speeding up the transition we desperately need to make toward plant-based eating, they’re helping to save people, wildlife and our endangered planet. Our work to reduce the harms caused by pesticides, genetically engineered crops and monocultures is advanced by plant-based meats, which use dramatically fewer resources. It takes between 40-58 pounds of feed, often comprised of monoculture crops like GE corn and soy, to create just one pound of beef, while plant-based meat like the Impossible Burger uses no more than 8 ounces of soy per pound.

    Thus even when plant-based meats use GE crops, they still reduce the overall demand for GE soy and other monoculture feed crops." https://geneticliteracyproject.org/2019/12/12/impossible-burger-beyond-burger-earn-endorsement-from-anti-gmo-center-for-biological-diversity/

  • Popeye Gordon

    Greger is a bit of a hack. It's not what he reads in the videos, but how he cherry picks all the studies to back his personal hunches. That is not science.

  • Lance Miller

    the audio for Doctor Gregor's speech was barely understandable.

  • Terry McCarthy


  • Luke Weaver

    Ultra processed chemical patties, loaded w/ GMO's & Glyphosates.
    No thanks! I'll make my own healthy version.
    Beats eating sick cow carcasses though. 🤤
    Esselstyns have a great and easy veg-burger recipe on their channel.

  • Scott V Grube

    OK Greger, you have redeemed yourself, for now. 🙂

  • mike donnarumma

    vegan junk food

  • Falcon one

    Being a vegan is a lifestyle,these kinds of meat substitutes are nothing but a crutch for an ongoing meat addiction.

  • Colton Breving

    It sounds like his audio is cut and sped up

  • The Artificial Society

    But raises IGF-1, so avoid. Unless your an elite athlete where your livelihood depends on performance or a weak old person, then do not try to elevate your protein.

  • Mike Skylark

    I've got nothing to say

  • Jason T

    I prefer the Beyond Meat product over Impossible. Neither taste like or satisfy like beef tho lol.

  • klang180

    I wouldn't care if they were bad for your health as they're still better for the animals, environment and zoonotic disease prevention.

  • Y

    What!? I’m confused by this! This stuff has so much saturated fat! Yeah I’m shocked and confused with this one. Must explain more… thanks✌🏼🌱

  • Aut Qast

    My concern is also …
    At what point it becomes "people" !??
    Also – men + soy = agenda

  • michael onello

    WTF,,, slow down Doc, can't understand a word your saying…..
    Whole plant based vegan foods on Instagram == mikewakethefoodup

  • Steve T

    What about the high level of saturated fat; probably from the coconut oil?

  • Simon-nak

    Her voice is sexy

  • Nayarb Zaid

    What about the oil? Doesn't the coconut oil affect cholesterol?

  • John Stump

    I tried the impossible burger at burger k and it was one step above horrible. My wife make a beet,bean,oatmeal burger that’s 100% better. I’ve tried the beyond burger and it was better. I’ll stick with my wife’s burgers. No salt and no oils.

  • deanna b

    They taste ĺike shit! And are very unhealthy!

  • Chris C

    Everyone's always looking for ways to continue their damaging habits.

  • Popeye Gordon

    I have struck a gold mine of pesudoscience idiocracy here. Your mental illness is diagnosed as orthorexia nervosa: https://geneticliteracyproject.org/2017/09/22/orthorexia-nervosa-anti-gmo-activists-eating-disorder/

  • Layla Layla

    That's nice but ultra processed foods are not food. If I can't tell what plants are in it I'm not eating it. I hope and I think beyond meat will fail.

  • Layla Layla

    That's nice but ultra processed foods are not food. If I can't tell what plants are in it I'm not eating it. I hope and I think beyond meat will fail.

  • Steve Daly

    They may help lower cholesterol, but according to Dr. McDougall, ISOLATED soy protein raises cancer promoting IGF-1 levels more than animal protein. This is not the case with healthy whole soy beans, tempeh, etc. In addition, all of, that concentrated plant fat, minus the vitamins, minerals, fiber, antioxidants, flavonoids and phyto-nutrients of WHOLE plant foods is not healthy, either. Remember, eat a WHOLE foods plant-based diet and skip the fad foods.

  • dav god

    this sounds like hes saying theyre healthy. is this misleading? he needs clarify.

  • Oliver Benjamin

    Junk food ! But to each his own

  • ido shapira

    Utter nonsense. Real meat is real good

  • PTX - Functional Training

    Maybe the pea protein isolate , but what about all the shitty canola and coconut oil, I’m sure that’s not lowering your cholesterol!

  • chris monk

    Would this be the case even with the buns, Cheese and among other things on the burger?

  • yan chang

    Unhealthy oil.

  • brian woodward

    Bart Kay has debunked all of vegan diets and Dr. Greger. Many other doctors have also debunked them such as Dr Darren Schmidt, Dr. Ken Berry, Dr Ekberg, Dr. Berg and many others. This video has no science whatsoever.

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