Dr. Bruce H. Lipton Explains How To Reprogram The Subconscious Mind

Dr. Bruce H. Lipton Explains How To Reprogram The Subconscious Mind



  • Tsion O.

    Mambo jambo bullshit! You cannot refute or confirm it. Pseudo science par excellence.

  • gtaking109

    Omelette du fromage

  • Morgan Blue

    It really works. Record your own voice and use your mother language. You’ll see miracles. Love to you <3

  • Cresencia Tolentino


  • to be

    You don't have to be asleep to reprogram your mind. Using meditation to open your mind while listening consciously to positive affirmations also works quite well. Changing negative experiences in the past through positive visualization of it having an alternative ending tricks the mind into believing it actually happened that way. You must feed your mind daily with positivity in order to change and maintain what you have accomplished

  • Heather Hill

    Thank you 🙏 namaste 🙏

  • Heather Hill

    Very very valuable

  • Heather Hill

    Thank you 🙏

  • Aldion Sylkaj

    Create a tulpa to unlock it.

  • global insurgent

    This is too general… every1s mind is unique & created for a specific purpose… the ultimate realization is "wishes don't matter"

  • Nando & Blonde Moby Dick

    you tube and the new preachers, i hate people who are constantly taking profit of the weakness. maybe we name a planet with your name too Doctor

  • Sema Sariyildiz

    Music is not necessary in these presentations. Just the explanation is more powerful to me. Too much images the same thing.

  • S3rs3 se

    What program should I listen at bedtime then????

  • Nguyễn Quang Minh

    What’s better, using English to reprogram my subconscious mind or use my mother tongue to reprogram it.

  • Shiva Arakara

    You are saving the world! I love you!
    You are one intelegent loving avernes!
    You are beautiful soul! You and Greg and Joe!! And others.
    My dream is to meet you guys .
    I have so much to say and to ask!
    Much love eweryone!!!!!!!😎

  • Skúli S

    Anyone recommends a good subconscious programming site?


    I will be positive 24/7 and successful with love 💜💜💜

  • Pro Patria

    So, how does one begin this program?

  • Akshit Guleria

    How and where to get these programs??

  • Jamo 72

    Puts a new spin on the adage "the road to hell is paved in good intentions." Intentions cease to matter if only half of the person (the subconscious) is really running the show…

  • Rachel H


  • Khadija Shah

    It's silly how sometimes these motivational videos and speakers often make me cry. I get, all of it, but in reality, nothing is easy. Even if you know the reason and the consequences of your actions, deep down you can't stop your feelings from hurting you.

  • Louis Hansel

    It works!

  • lol

    80 dollars for an "audio CD" lol

  • Adrian Covaci

    Now let's get those programs for headphones ✨

  • John HDZ

    Hello guys

    You are doing a great job,incredible videos..i have one proposal..could You give as a transcription of your videos.

    What I see on your channel I want to learn that.

  • V T

    It is knowledge by God..

  • Nutriție Sportivă

    Wonderful advice!

  • jeeru srinivasarao

    Love you Bruce

  • Mainifester

    1m successful people production started

  • tyrone grand

    Best video I've watched on YouTube… Only problem is where to get these recordings??

  • Jati Kuswardono

    Where I can get the subconscious mind reprograming ?

  • Vincente Rey

    Learning information like this is worth more than diamonds and gold because this law brings forth abundance of diamonds and gold.

  • Jonathan S

    So is he saying to use the headphones at night before 7 or can we do it as adults?

  • Sophana Maneechote

    Love it. 🙏

  • Aculturación Sin

    He says the same thing over ad over again get to the point 🤣

  • Ely Pereyra

    A video of the conscious mind then try selling me a T-shirt at the end .

    -The Big Bag!

  • belle mcellis

    Come on keep it SIMPLE

  • Harshit Mishra

    He has no idea how sub conscious works 😂😂

  • L Lawliet

    What an explanation Dr. Bruce Lipton is genius…thnxx sir

  • total universe

    Be inspired… Inspired me

  • Garden of Eden

    “*PITTING my positive thoughts against my programs and their opposite.”

  • Liutauras Lingis

    In my experience i started changing my councious mind by talking to my self evry single day , the minute i wike up i was teling my self how succesful i am and how lucky i am what ever i do comes out perfect , only best things comes in to my life and there is no negative things in my planet and that i receive only best job offers from everywhere and i was doing it a lot of times per day untill i really bulieved in what i was saying to my self i even bulieved so much that i was smiling with my eyes closed wile meditating , at that time i did not have a job i was broke , so what happened next , i found a laburiers job for 50 per day i worked there for like a week until agency offered me to become a handyman for more money , then i started teling them that i can do carpenters work witch i had very low experience , in like 30 days time i received a carpenters job with almost no experience no tools , all
    i had pencil carpenters belt i boroughed hammer and cheap drill , each job i was going i was working with other people with tools that helped me a lot , my first job was to cut out roof make a frame and put in velux windows , i had no clue how to do it , but luckly there was a russian laburer guy who did not speak english but in russia he was a carpenter and i can speak russian so he helped me by checking on me and showing step by step how to do it , after i finished this job i was doing flooring making doors and each time people apiered who showed me how to do it or was working with me in pair and that was very strange ,so i kepped succesufuly working as a carpenter with no experience and almost 0 tools , untill one day around month and a lalf later i received the call from the agency asking if i can be a site supervisor for the very big job they was building a hudge shopping center at that time , so i became one of the supervisors on site responsible for material supplies delivery in to 350 units , i sterted geting 1000 pounds per week , bulieve ir not but thats what happened to me , meybe some one will tell me that this is coonsidense , but at least try it 🙂 you have nothing to loose anyways , it will make you more positive one way or another its just for the good

  • Simon Gilmore

    What I need to know is how to say things. Would say I or YOU?

  • Simon Gilmore

    Why headphones?

  • David717717

    Well..am I the only one here who paid attention, he doesn't really explain HOW to reprogram it…?

  • Bijo Valsaraj

    Can I get my love back by using this?

  • I am Pozitive

    Mind programs in English can work if English is not my native language?

  • HoneyChai

    I have yet to read any scientific fact that goes into 1st person vs 2nd person (I vs you). For example before the age of 7 we are programmed by people around us using the word YOU. This would make you think that we should be recording ourselves saying "You are healthy", "You are lovable". I tried using second person and it seemed to be effective. Not only that, I'm thinking the voice should ideally be someone other than yourself especially if you're going to use "you". I know you are thinking we are not 7 and we are programming ourselves so we need to use first person "I". You're thinking we need to hear ourselves say "I". The fact is, we don't know if this is the best method or not. If you go to a hypnotherapist they will use YOU. I have never heard any of these specialists dive deep into those topics and I think they need to. I personally believe the most effective method is most likely to have someone else record the audio and use "you" since it's second person. The subconscious is a separate mind/machine and you are not in it. You are in the conscious mind. Even Bruce says it. How does the subconscious even know it's my own voice? Maybe it really doesn't care whose voice it is. Obviously it doesn't care because it was programmed with other people's voices when we were young. So I think to extract this program that resides in the subconscious mind, a second person voice using "you" should be used for greatest efficacy. However, I still want to know how effective using your own voice in the first person using "I" is. Is it because we are adults always in alpha/beta that we need to be using "I"?

  • Almighty Alious

    what's consciousness in the first place and what's a goal or dream, philosophically speaking,

  • Chris Summers

    Subconscious mind – so much more powerful


    What do u mean by programs !

  • Rene Jaidzeka

    Pure gold!

  • Joy Smile


  • Carol Mosher

    You can't reprogram or control your subconscious mind because it would require you to be conscious to change or control it. And you can't be conscious and subconscious at the same time.

  • Shiv Sekhar

    Excellent explanation sir.

  • Green Guy

    Thanks. I think it is best what I hear ever.

  • Raphael Z

    best video of my life

  • Just Me Usee

    I recorded my affirmations in a very happy and excited tone of voice. I listened to it with headphones while falling asleep last night and woke up 2 hours later screaming "HELP" out loud due to the horrifying nightmare I had of being held against my will and being tortured. This was not at all the experience I was expecting and I'm in shock as to why this happened. Anyone have any suggestions or clues? I haven't had a nightmare in over 30 years.


    Thank you so much.🙏🙏

  • blaylum

    “The mind is the best weapon” John Rambo

  • Bertha Singh

    Iam confused why would someone encourage to program the subconscious mind instead of strengthening the conscious mind. And give a stupid logic as to we don't use our conscience mind every min of the day so let's live on the subconscious mind and live as the day of the living dead. Why r u asking us to sleep thru our life instead of making us consciously accountable for our own actions. What stupid logic is this. If u r so smart as to discover how to program our minds like we r little robot children why don't u teach us how to live more consciously every day?

  • Benjamín

    yes but, how i create the program?

  • xSpyMenx141

    For deeper knowledge about this powerful weapon, read "The Four Agreements" and "The Power of your Subconscious Mind".

  • Kishor Kumar

    I have trouble sleeping with my headphones on and the voices. Any advice? Should it be at a very low volume or something?

  • yoheff988

    Bullshit, tried that for 8 months, the result was zero


    what about if you’re a lucid dreamer like myself? I’m conscious in my sleep.

  • Elle Angel

    AMAZING !! JESUS SAID THAT ! Matthew 18:19 (CEBA) Again I assure you that if two of you agree on earth about anything you ask, then my Father who is in heaven will do it for you.

  • Lighthouse Pictures

    its very not comfortable to sleep with ear phones

  • Motivation HD

    I enjoy listening to Dr. Bruce😍

  • Joseph Shepherd

    He doesn't inform on how to reprogram ones mind. One has to pay for therapy to do that. He's working his system. That's the key. One has to have a system to make wealth.

  • Arjun M Rao

    Very Well Explained Sir – Very True. God Bless You 😘🙏

  • Maira Bay

    Thank you so much for making this video and sharing it. This technique has literally changed my life. After just 1 month of doing this I am a completely different person. It's amazing how easy it's been to erase all the negative beliefs I had been carrying from my childhood. This is so much more efficient than anything else I've ever used (meditation, vision board, CBT, etc – believe me, I am very into personal growth, I've tried a lot of different things my whole life!) I am now completely confident and assertive, many of the fears I had are gone and even my income has tripled. You can do this not only when you are halfway between sleep and awake, but also in many other situations. This article explains some of the situations when you are in theta brain waves: https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/what-is-the-function-of-t-1997-12-22/ I simply start daydreaming, remembering good things about my childhood (for example, a moment where I felt valued – really focus on the image and the feeling) and start repeating an affirmation in my mind (for example "I can feel valued now"). If my mind wanders, I just go back to it. I repeat the affirmation 50 times daily until I start acting like it (usually only takes a day or 2), then I move to another affirmation (research proves that if you repeat something 50 times your brain will believe it (https://books.google.ca/books?id=pgrUDgAAQBAJ&pg=PA83&dq=repeating+%22five+sets+of+ten%22+%22train+your+brain+to+get+happy%22&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjplMLeyuzjAhUOAZ0JHYQSC6YQ6AEIKjAA#v=onepage&q=repeating%20%22five%20sets%20of%20ten%22%20%22train%20your%20brain%20to%20get%20happy%22&f=false)). I hope this helps someone else out there.

  • Plus Bonus

    So where do you buy the new program

  • Chocolate Bar

    I don t understand what kind of program you should listen before sleep, like sort of music , or some voices, what exactly? Thank you for your help!

  • Sanath Prince

    U r great sir…. Thanks for sharing most imp point…. I'm blessed

  • Jacob Pair

    The thing is I’ve been doing this for about a year now and didn’t even know I was doing this, I didn’t know this was a thing.. just stumbled upon this video as well.

  • redglazedeyez

    So wtf do we do

  • cristina vidal

    Podrian poner los subtitulos en español por favor??🙏 Graciasssss!!!!!!

  • Cedriko

    Where to find the program ?

  • Dez360

    Really awesome stuff here

  • Sam Numan

    Conclusion: use earphones.

  • Miss Kai

    I like hearing his words, but not the background music, as I turn up the volume to hear his voice, the music gets louder as well, which is so distracting… can't listen to it as a result. 🙁

  • I Hate A Hater

    So does he mean like play affirmations of what you want to program when your sleep or what ?

  • Eva Tsant

    Assuming someone's native language is another than English, could be helped by an english video? Obviously he is supposed to be able to communicate in English language..

  • zaf Patel

    I suffered from sumat that no doctor can understand my illness started from my brain/mind and as dr Joe dispenza says THE MIND CAN CONDITION THE BODY AND CAUSE AN ILLNESS well dr Joe is so so right…
    Ive suffering from this since 1991 wen I was 13 years old..
    I eat a meal April 1991  I was so so full that  I felt extremely uncomfortable all my body went warm  then my mind kept racing so fast that lasted 5 or 10 mins  the thoughts from my mind was so powerful that I kept thinking
    Omg im so full I can't breathe what's gonna happen to me etc then all of sudden it felt like sumat burst in side my stomach/body and  that was it  I just had no air to breathe  I went to bed trying to brush it off  but next day I felt same  my father took me to the doctor but doctors couldnt find any issues in me   I automatically healed many weeks later  And through out the years I was perfectly fine and many times wen the same symptoms kept coming back  but each time it wud be worse than the previous times..
    And now recent from June 2018 till this present day August 2019  I've suffered worse than everrr it's deeply deeply traumatised me  I've had all the hospital tests  done and all my results are all clear. .
    The only hope left is to see a psychiatrist

  • Pieter Roelofse

    I get what he is saying. I am glad I stumbled into this. Download your reality while you sleep. Got it.

  • Pille Palle

    Is there a app to listen on the phones or something else?

  • Bianca Polo

    I’ve been sleep programming everyday .

    I go to sleep and play a program for wealth

    Wake up in the middle of the night- put in a program for love and relationships

    1hr before waking up- Networking for my business

    I’m hitting three different areas in my life

  • HB G

    How long we have to reprogram in the night before we sleep auto hypnosis ???

  • Herman Vukusic

    I recently visited Lipton's lecture in Zagreb, Croatia…Nice and well educated man and I completely agree with the "two minds" hypothesis…But, in order to get most out of your subconscious mind you have to "care not to care" (Chinese call it wei wu wei) or as athlets say: "You have to zone out to get into the zone"

  • St 1111

    Where do I find a program to plug into

  • tien buiminh

    I am managing 2 business at the same time. This really helps me focus and be at peace. Thank you, this channel is amazing. Hope wellness and happiness to everyone that reads this.

  • Plamen Petkov

    In your opinion, does it matter what language the programs we listen to while sleeping? I ask because there is almost nothing in my native language, but I'm OK with English.

  • Johnny Gaming

    So funny thing happened.
    I tried to reprogram my sub mind.
    What happened, I ascended. I became super positive, much stronger, healthier, aware and present.
    But funny thing happened later. As soon as I started to listen my program while being aware of it, my little tiny processor said no. This is not possible. What you are experiencing is not natural or real and you shall not feel like that anymore.
    So this sounds to me, as currently being a big mess, blocked by my conscious mind, that the little processor beat huge processor.
    What should I do now? 😁


    What if i have not a Conscious mind…………my God my god Help me anyone please.

  • Virgo Bro

    I've astral projected.

  • Joel MacDougall

    So no wonder I forget motivational videos after 1 hour into the day it makes sense

  • hetal vora

    So basically listen to affirmations while sleeping at night.

  • Susanne Pinheiro Bartolo

    How can you program yourself against harm from other people? Some peoples definition of success depends on hardship of others.

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