Does Nutritional Yeast Trigger Crohn’s Disease?

Does Nutritional Yeast Trigger Crohn’s Disease?

[Music] baker’s yeast in Crohn’s disease can it kill you well that’s an inflammatory title no bun intended Crohn’s disease is an inflammatory bowel disease might baker’s yeast which is the same yeast as brewers yeast which is the same yeast as nutritional yeast play a role in crohn’s disease it all started with this study published in 1988 showing that people with crohn’s disease tend to have more antibodies to yeast than people without Crohn’s disease antibodies are like homing devices our immune system makes to attack foreign invaders that’s one part of our immune system another is cell mediated immunity where our white blood cells attack invaders directly and the same hypersensitive reaction to yeast was found in the white blood cells of Crohn’s disease patients as well if you draw blood from healthy people even bakers who were around yeast all the time and you exposed their peripheral blood leukocytes their immune system white blood cells to yeast nothing happens I just kind of ignore it because it’s typically harmless but do the same thing with Crohn’s disease patients and their white blood cells go crazy now when I say typically harmless if you have cancer or AIDS or immunocompromised you could potentially get infected from like home brewed beer or probiotic yeast supplements but they don’t think that yeast is actually infecting Crohn’s patients people with Crohn’s may just be hypersensitive to exposure to the inactive dead yeast in typical food products which may help explain why when you rest their bowels when you make Crohn’s patients fast they get better in fact that’s why we add yeast extracts and proteins to vaccines as an adjuvant an irritant like aluminum to make the vaccines work better by heightening the immune response but might that be raising the risk of autoimmune disease boosting our immune response a little too much especially in people who may be genetically susceptible like with Crohn’s in the greater the anti yeast response the more severe of the disease in both children and maybe adults too so maybe we should try a yeast-free diet for Crohn’s patients and see if they get better but wait a second just because anti yeast antibodies are associated with crohn’s disease doesn’t mean the reaction to yeast is causing the crohn’s disease maybe the Crohn’s disease is causing the reaction to yeast what think about it Crohn’s causes an inflamed leaky gut so maybe the Crohn’s came first allowing yeast particles to leak into the bloodstream resulting in the anti yeast reaction so instead of the yeast reaction triggering the Crohn’s maybe the Crohn’s just triggers the yeast reaction whether the antibodies are actually triggering inflammatory bowel disease or only consequences of gut inflammation remained elusive so how could we test it well if anti yeast antibodies are just a consequence of food particles leaking through the gut Crohn’s patients should have antibodies to all sorts of common foods but no higher anti yeast antibodies and Crohn’s disease compared to controls but no greater reaction in Crohn’s patients to milk wheat or egg proteins which would presumably all leak through – or you can look at it the other way instead of other foods what about other inflammatory bowel disorders ulcerative colitis or acute gastroenteritis there you could get inflamed and leaky – yet no increased yeast reaction so there does appear to be something unique about the yeast Crohn’s relationship but may be inflamed Crohn’s intestine just uniquely and selectively allow yeast through if you cut out the Crohn’s can you stop the yeast reaction Crohn’s get so bad that most patients have to eventually go under the knife and get sections of their intestines removed so when the inflamed segments are removed does the yeast reaction go away no no change post-op so a changing crohn’s activity does not lead to a change in the yeast reaction but we still have to prove that the yeast reaction comes first thankfully the Israeli military systematically draws blood from their recruits follows their health for years so you can go back and check the blood of newly diagnosed Crohn’s victims and indeed those who went on to have Crohn’s were years earlier disproportionately reacting to yeast so it’s not like yeast reactions were low until Crohn’s hit and then they shot up yeast reactivity crept up year after year before the diagnosis now look it’s possible that there were some subclinical gut leakiness in the years preceding diagnosis that led to the yeast reaction but there doesn’t appear to be any association between yeast reactivity and gut leakiness so do high blood levels of anti yeast antibodies results from a leakiness of the gut barrier and crohn’s disease no that does not appear to be the case so if Crohn’s isn’t leading to the yeast reaction does that mean that the yeast reaction is leading to the Crohn’s anytime you have two things that appear to be associated in this case reacting to yeast and Crohn’s disease they both can appear tied together because X causes Y or because Y causes X well in this case it appears that Y does not cause X but does that mean that X causes Y well there’s another option maybe there’s a third factor that causes both of them independently maybe the only recent yeast reactivity and Crohn’s disease appear to go together is that there’s a third factor causing them both like for instance Candida which I’ll cover next [Music] you



  • Morgan Griffith

    What do you make of the new study at Canada university which found that low saturated fat diet (below 3%) contributed to death increase by 13%?

  • Cyndie Lake

    I don't know why people keep insisting that nutritional yeast is the same as bread yeast or yeast used for brewing! It isn't!!! It is inactive is nothing like either bread or beer yeast and is not grown the same and don't even get me started on the difference in taste!!!!

  • Saturn1030

    "This study demonstrates that GLIADIN exposure induces an increase in intestinal permeability in ALL INDIVIDUALS, regardless of whether or not they have celiac disease. The results of this study suggest that gluten exposure leads to altered barrier function in both ACD and GS, resulting in an exaggerated increase in intestinal permeability when compared to RCD."

    GLIADIN, is GLUTEN component, that cause a LEAKY GUTS syndrome. It "allows for the increased translocation of both microbial and dietary antigens to the periphery which can then interact with cells of the immune system. …… Not surprisingly, increased intestinal permeability has been associated with autoimmune diseases, such as type 1 diabetes [24], rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis [18], but also with diseases related to chronic inflammation like inflammatory bowel disease [18,25], asthma [26], chronic fatigue syndrome and depression."

  • mirzamay

    It is not as easy to deactivate yeast as people think. I find nutritional yeast cultures very easily when I do not want it to . If you drop it in a glass of water with broth and beans on the bottom it sends down long strings slowly to the beans… Which is how it eats. It can't eat if it isn't alive and activated. Put some in a baggie with food and leave it on a warm table top a few hours or a day, when you open it it will smell rank and be bubbly. Which is what happens when yeast begins to culture something into alcohol or something else. That is your deactivated nutritional yeast. I don't think we should go crazy and vilify yeast without reason like we have gluten, but that doesn't mean that it is what we think it is and that no caution need be shown.
    A word on gluten, an extraordinarily small part of the population has celiac disease and is legitimately allergic to gluten. The rest of us can sit down to 8 ounces of seitan of we want, which is pure concentrated wheat gluten, the protein part of the wheat. It's an excellent meat replacement and very nutritious. I could stuff seitan in my face like a box of Oreo cookies as the only thing that would happen is that I'd feel great physically and no animals would be killed for my preferred flavor profile. Which makes no sense if gluten is the bad part of wheat.
    However stick me in front of an entire bowl full of white noodles and I'm laying in bed an hour later with an auto immune disease flare. It turns out that our white flour is bleached with an afflatoxin… Which comes from mold, the same kind the government comes into your house with hazmat suits to assess and clean and sticks stickers and tape up saying no one can come in. Afflotoxin= mild neurotoxin and extreme allergen. Which might be why someone with an auto immune disease would find themselves feeling like death after ingesting some.
    The nice aflatoxin and the fact that 1/2 cup is probably a serving but we typically eat 4+ servings without knowing it at dinner and the resulting blood sugar punch to your system being another assault, is probably the real reason wheat might not be good for us. I can get a similar blood sugar reaction with other high starch food such as white potatos and white rice if eaten in abundance. But nothing does me in like a delicious bowl of ramen.
    However I can eat whole wheat bread all day, No bleach, lots of gluten. So I think we need to rethink gluten and evaluate what's really going on with our vilified pizza crusts. Since my immune system seem to react to so many foods I'm probably not a bad canary in the coal mine on this one.

  • A. Random

    I've started exclusively eating old picture frames with almond butter. Working out so far.

  • Marian Rising

    lol. fuck this shit. This is why I'm an ethical vegan. This is why everyone SHOULD be vegan. Its so sad how many vegans are food obsessed I'm starting to believe you all only do it for health which is retarded and pathetic as hell. We still need to enjoy life. I'll eat my vegan fast foods, use oils, salt and my yeast in moderation.

  • Konscious Kat

    Wow great info.

  • John Baldridge


  • Inner Me 🌟

    If you want to get rid of candida try black seed oil.

  • Freebase Vegan

    In a word…NO…if nutritional yeast caused crohn's disease I'd have had it a long time ago, I eat a Tbs. of nut. yeast a day since the 1980s. I love the stuff. While dairy cheese caused me the worst case of IBS and constipation for years. Please stop scaring people about vegan foods with the clickbait titles, thanks 🙂

  • Hans Killuminati

    Vaccines don't work dude, it's just a criminal buisness based on lies and pseudoscience.

  • Vegan Lovebirds

    I have celiac disease. Is nutritional yeast safe? It’s the only item I add to my veggies and potato (same lunch everyday) and it seems to bring on symptoms?

  • Sam Carles

    I eat one tablespoon a day of nutritional yeast to get B vitamins.. I feel good and strong since the first day

  • Glesga Boldyin

    ?ahhhh yes or no please ?

  • Kirby road

    I thought nutritional yeast was different than bakers, and brewers yeast? At least I remember Dr. Berg saying so.

  • Chris

    Should yeast 'extract' also be avoided?

  • talib muhammad

    what the hell is this guy saying maybe or if this guy is smoking to much hemp yeast

  • Shirviu

    That pun was totally intended! 😛

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