Do You Need to Take a Protein Supplement? The Benefits of Protein to Your Diet – Thomas DeLauer

Do You Need to Take a Protein Supplement? The Benefits of Protein to Your Diet – Thomas DeLauer

Should you be taking a protein supplement? Is it doing anything for you, or is it a waste
of money? Hey, I’m Thomas DeLauer with Antler Farms. What I want to do is give you the low down
and give you the unbiased approach when it comes down to protein supplementation. Here’s the thing. People think that protein supplementation
is all just about building muscle. The fact is, protein has so many functions
within our body. It’s critical to just about every single function
that we could possibly imagine. So the fact that we’re only looking at it
through this small lens when it comes down to muscle building is really kind of crazy. We need to look at the big picture. The fact is, we need protein. Whether you’re just trying to scoot by and
barely meet your requirements, or you’re trying to get a little bit extra to get that extra
boost and that extra fitness edge that you want, the fact is everyone can benefit from
a little bit of protein. So here’s the thing. If you’re trying to build a little bit of
muscle, on average, you might want to be aiming for roughly 0.7 grams per pound of body weight
that you desire to weigh. So if you’re trying to gain weight, obviously
the number’s going to be a little bit bigger. Now realistically, you don’t just need that
amount of protein when you’re just trying to survive. That’s if you’re trying to add some muscle
mass into the mix. But the thing is, whether you’re trying to
build muscle or you’re trying to burn fat, protein plays a big role. So here’s a study that was published in the
Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism. I found this one very, very interesting. So what this study looked at was two groups
of people over the course of 12 weeks. One of the groups was given a whey protein
supplement 20 minutes before breakfast, as well as 20 minutes before dinner. The other group was given a placebo. Both groups had a 500 calorie deficit. So they removed 500 calories from both group’s
diets. Now obviously, with a 500 calorie deficit,
both groups lost weight. But here’s what’s wild. The group that consumed the whey protein before
breakfast and dinner ended up having 6.1% of their fat mass be gone by the end of the
study. They burned more fat. So they actually were able to burn more of
their overall body weight in the proportion of body fat than they did muscle. The group that didn’t consume the protein
still lost weight, but their percentage of body fat lost was not nearly as good. So what does this tell us? Well it tells us that yeah, protein can assist
you when you’re on a diet. But what it also tells us is that whey protein
has kind of a unique mechanism, and we know exactly what that is. You see, whey protein’s not just about the
protein. Whey is insulin anemic. What that means is that it triggers an insulin
response, which if you do too much is not necessarily good. But if you do it at the right times, using
whey protein to spike your insulin means that that protein that you consume from the whey
is going to get shuttled right into utilization, right into protein synthesis and helping you
build and restore that muscle and the tissue that you need to build and restore, rather
than just having it go to waste. So that’s what’s so unique about whey. It absorbs so fast, and that’s what makes
it different from other proteins. As you all know, getting a well-rounded diet
with good animal sources of protein is great as well. You should definitely be diversifying your
protein sources. But getting a little bit of extra from a supplement
could do everyone a little bit of good. Now the other thing that we have to pay attention
to is the difference between whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate. This is very important because whey protein
concentrate does not illicit as much of an insulin response. Also, whey protein concentrate has all the
garbage still in it. You see, when you create whey protein, you
have all the lactose, you have all the milk solids, you have everything that’s in it. What happens with whey protein isolate is
just like the name implies, you’ve isolated the protein from the whey. So in addition to getting all the benefits,
you’re getting it in a very, very pure form. If you take a look at Antler Farms’s whey
protein isolate, it’s coming from a grass-fed source. So very, very pure beef to begin with, and
then a very, very pure protein on top of that. So again, whether you’re trying to build some
muscle or whether you’re just trying to live a healthy life, a little bit of protein goes
a long way. It never hurts to add a little bit of extra,
as long as you understand what you’re after, and as long as you are on the course to being
the best possible version of yourself. As always, make sure you’re keeping it locked
in here with Antler Farms. See you in the next video.



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    Are protein supplements just for athletes? Protein is required for many functions in the body but is particularly useful for building muscle and losing weight. Why do you use a protein supplement?

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