Do You Need A Mass Gainer To Build Muscle? | ADVICE FOR HARDGAINERS & SKINNY GUYS!

Have you tried everything but you’re Having trouble Building serious Muscle mass Everyone Blames Genetics but 99% of the Time it’s a nutrition related Problem Where You’re not getting the adequate Amount of Calories and Protein to support Muscle Growth so the big [Question] Is will taking A mass gainer Help Change that, well Guys, we’re Going to Talk About in Today’s Video but before We get started please Show some Love by smashing that like Button and if You haven’t Already be Sure to turn on Video Notifications so you Never Miss a new Video Upload So mass gain, is what are They Exactly Well as the name Would suggest mass gain is our supplement to Help you gain Muscle mass and that’s how most Supplement Companies Market Them as, well and They Also use Fancy Wording [like] Magic Formula [to] gain Muscle energy Yielding Metabolism Increased Protein Synthesis Matrix and These Are Just some [of] the ClaiMs in Addition to the extra Calories Some mass Gainers will, also include Vitamins Minerals Bcaas and Even Creatine but to be 100% Honest With you guys all a mass Gainer is Is Food in Powdered Form Mass Gainers Have no unique or magical Properties and To tell you Guys the truth Often Times When People ask me [About] Them in The Comment Section of my Videos It’s almost like they Think that mass gain is are a type of Steroid Just Because of the Name mass gain Up but Guys They are Just a simple Meal Replacement and Also tend to be very Expensive Since They Only Have About 16 servings per Tub Even in the massive Ones due to the very large serving Sizes But what I want to, do first Is Talk about if mass Gainers are a Quality source of Calories Well to be honest Guys This is Usually the Main problem with the Majority of weight gain Is in the Supplement Industry And This is Because of the subpar Quality of Chosen Ingredients This Includes poor Quality Protein as, well as high fat and sugar Content Also Guys Mass Gainers Are packed With [Cod’s] but the Majority of them is sugar Which Is Terrible for Muscle Growth so with Every Shake of your typical mass Gainer your Actually getting a ton of Useless Calories and Not the Best [Quality] Protein in A way A weight Gainer Is going to do Just that Help you gain weight But Just Maybe not The kind of weight you [Were] Hoping for This is because if You’re not Careful It’s incredibly Easy To end up Having A lot of the additional weight that you put on come from fat Instead of Muscle mass and for Those of you that have subscribed to me for a Long Time You Should know that I’m not A fan of Dirty Bulking I’ve Always Been an Advocate of Lean gains which means Muscle Gain Without A lot of Excess fat Unlike what Others want you to believe you don’t have to gain 30 Pounds Just to Add 3 To 5 Pounds of Muscle when you Can gain the same amount of Muscle but Look pretty Shredded all year Round It’s just not Necessary and in Many Cases even Kind of productive Now I want to talk about the Quantity versus Quality Of Macros when it Comes to mass Gainers Now A lot of other Youtubers Claim That a calorie is a Calorie and Protein is Protein Especially [Hard] Gainers and Skinny Guys who need A lot of Calories to Maintain or gain Muscle and that’s why I’m asking it Would be the Obvious Solution for them but what I want you Guys to do Is stop? Focusing on Quantity and Focus more on the Quality of Macros You’re Eating Daily for Example 3,000 Calories of McDonald’s Is not the Same as 3,000 Calories From Top Quality sources of Protein Complex Carbs Fruits and vegetables and Healthy Fats They’re Just not going to produce the Same result and This Goes Beyond Micronutrients Like Minerals and Vitamins you, wouldn’t put Any low, octane fuel in A ferrari right so why Would you expect a crappy Diet to maximize your Fitness results She doesn’t Make Any sense but Guys I don’t want to Scare you away from mass Gainers Because They Do Have Their Place and from This Point Forward I’m going to Discuss When A mass Gainer can be Useful However if You have not Already Committed To a healthy adequate Nutrition dense Meal Plan Or If You don’t know how Many Calories and Macros you should be Consuming Every day to reach your goals you need to stop Watching this Video Guessing How much Food you need is not the answer and what you need to do is Watch my meal Plan Video and Learn how to set the Foundations for your Diet [Step-By-Step] but for the Rest of you who do Have your Nutrition in Check am Asking it can be A very Convenient food Alternative To Help you fill in your Macros Especially in Those instances Where you find Yourself Short on Time and Can’t Prepare your food for the day or? Happen to be Traveling in These Occasions a quality mass [Gainer] can, be the Solution and what I have at home Is bsn True mass one Serving consists of? 710 Calories 17 Grams of fat 90 Grams of Carbs and 50 Grams of Protein and what I like about true mass Is that the vast Majority of its Cob Content is Complex Cob and Every Scoop IS 50 Grams of [Top-Quality] Protein Which is the Same that’s used in The Synthesis blend While Also being low on fat and Let’s be real Guys that’s why? True mass is A bit more expensive There is no such thing as a cheap Protein Therefore You Can’t Expect mass Gains to be extremely Cheap either as With Everything in [Life] You get what you Pay for in Addition True mass Contains, no Unnecessary Fillers like Creatine or glutamine Which are Always Cheap if You Buy them Separately Anyways But what if you Can’t Afford mass Gainer [Well] Guys There are Alternatives for The Budget-Conscious So I don’t want you hot [Games] and Skinny Guys to think you’re Doomed if You Can’t Afford a fancy Mask and a Product Believe it or not There are Healthy cost-effective alternatives you Can Make [at] Home for Example Take Some Rolled Oats A few Bananas some Peanut Butter Whey Protein and Milk Blend them all Together and You’ve Got Yourself A? Nice Cheap [Mask] [and] Shake Now it’s going to be sick but this Should, Help put you in a caloric surplus Large Enough to support your Muscle gains so no more Excuses Guys and I also Have a Video Called 12 Tips to eat more for massive Muscle Growth and I will link to that Video in The Info Section Below so you Guys Can [Check] it out and get Some more Ideas for Foods that you can be eating at the end of the day There is no Secret to Building Muscle for Hard Gainers or skinny Guys it just Comes Down to Calories in Versus [Calories] out so who are the mass gain is suited for Well in My Opinion [map] Ganas Are for the busy Person who Understands The Basics of Nutrition But doesn’t [Necessarily] have the Time to prepare all Their Meals [everyday] Yet Still wants to meet the Caloric Macronutrient Needs for the day to obviously build Muscle Also i Understand that There might be some Young Guys Who have a Really Active Metabolism and Can’t Seem to place Themselves in A Clerk Surplus to build Muscle and This might be Another Application for mass Gainers for you Guys But before Going the supplement Route [I] still Urge you to try to Increase your Calories From whole Calorically dense Foods believe it or not my Sponsor dsn tells us to always Make sure that We inform our subscribers and Followers of This as, well the Solution does [not] come from a bottle the secret Is hard Work Dedication and A solid Meal Plan then and Only then if You want that extra Edge Or just want to fill in some Blanks Nutrition Start Looking Towards Supplements Like I said in The Beginning of the Video if you’re Skinny and desperate to add Muscle You’re Most Likely not Getting in Enough Calories or your food choices are very Poor Now I know at [first] Picking the right Foods can be scary so if you’re Still Confused About your Nutrition and Supplements Go, Make A free Profile on my Website Muscular strength Calm and I’ll be glad to Help answer your Questions in my Forums and Finally if You’re Dead Sure That your Nutrition Is Optimal But you’re Still Unable to Make Considerable gains it might be Time For a new Workout Routine so take a look at my 12-Week Programs in The Info Section Below Pick one That Best suits you and stop Following it Today I hope this Video Was informative and of Course if You have Any Questions or suggestions for Future Videos Let me [Know] Down in That Comment Section Below and as always Guys more good stuff Coming soon see ya hey What’s up guys I wanted to take a moment real Quick and Thank you Personally for all your love and Support On my Videos I know YouTube Can become Overwhelming with all of the Information that’s out There so it means a lot that You trust Me for your support Advice Comes to your workouts and your goals but for my new subscribers I wanted to let you [know] that on my main Channel Page I have set for all of my Videos so for example if You go to my playlist my main Channel Page the first Playlist You’re Going to See is my Popular Uploads Followed by my recent Uploads and Then Underneath That I have Different Series for A lot of my Videos First We have the Vs. Series Where I compare similar exercises to show you Guys how to maximize the Benefits of Every Exercise and your Workout Arsenal Underneath That We have general Tips and Fitness Advice then We have the Common Training Mistakes Series Where I show you Guys all the Mistakes you 100% need to avoid when doing the most Common Exercises and your Routines Underneath That We have Full fat Loss Circuits that can be done at Home Or at The Gym then We have a whole Series on Nutrition and Supplements Myth Busting and of Course my Old-School How-To Videos? Covering Everything from barbells Dumbbells Machines To [Bodyweight] Exercises [I] hope that as i continue [with] my channel I Can deliver to you guys the Information you need to reach your goals and as always if [you] ever Have any Suggestions Please Leave Them Down in That Comment Section Below Because one Thing [that] will Never Change Guys is me getting Down There and Answering your Comments and Engaging with you my fitness Family



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