Do you know your ABCDs of LGBT? // Part 2

Like the MCU, the LGBT Universe is vast and
one video wasn’t enough to cover it all. So, we’re back with a sequel! This time we’re gonna dig a little deeper into understanding terms associated with the queer community. Spoiler: Homophobia dies in the end. Sexuality Or as Indian parents like to call it – “Jao
jaa kar ek glass paani le aao.” Sexuality can be divided into sexual identity
and sexual orientation. Your sexual identity is how you think of yourself
in terms of whom you’re attracted to while sexual orientation refers to who you’re
attracted to sexually – men or women, both, or neither Basically aapka dil kiske liye dhadakta hai. There are many sexualities outside the L,
G, B, and T so let’s break some of them down Asexual Asexual, or “ace”, is when someone’s
sexual attraction score is equal to the total number of people who watched Zero. Zero. Basically these people experience little to
no sexual attraction. Pansexual Often shortened to “pan”, it refers to
someone who’s attracted to all gender identities or a person’s qualities regardless of their
gender identity Questioning If someone’s unsure about, or exploring
their own sexual orientation or gender identity, they’re “questioning” Because it’s okay to be confused, and it’s
okay to take your time to find the answer. Gender Identity This is very different from sexuality – Gender
identity ka matlab aap kis tarah khud ko identify karte ho while sexual orientation ka matlab aap kiski
taraf attraction feel karte ho. Gender identity can be different from Gender expression – the external display of one’s gender through a combination of clothing, grooming
and social behavior In our first video, we explained that if you
identify with the gender you were born with, you’re cis but if you don’t, you might be transgender. Some other examples of non-cisgender identities
are: Genderfluid These are people who may identify or express
themselves as more masculine on some days and more feminine on others. Basically, unki marzi! Genderqueer Someone whose gender identity is outside the
strict male/female binary They may exhibit both traditionally masculine
and feminine qualities, or neither. GNC (Gender non-conforming) These are people who express gender outside
traditional norms associated with masculinity or femininity Because who said boys can’t be slayin in them heels
too! Nonbinary This is a person who identifies as neither
male nor female. This is sometimes shortened to N.B. or enby. Ab bolo goodbye to heteronormativity – which
is the assumption that everyone is straight and that being straight is superior to all
other sexualities. Ok boomer There are two more definitions you need to
know to complete your introduction to the LGBTQ+ community. Pride – the fight against discrimination and
violence toward the LGBTQIA+ community that’s marked by marches around the world,
including India. And ally – typically straight/cisgender individuals
who support the LGBTQ community. Both are essential to the progression of the
LGBTQ+ movement in India to stand by the differences we have and celebrate our diversity. It’s taken a long fight, countless voices
and a lot of courage for queer people to get to this place of acceptance. And one year since the scrapping of Section
377, not much has changed. Queer folx face immense discrimination everywhere,
and that’s why more than rainbow capitalism and once-a-year
shows of solidarity it’s important to integrate them into our
everyday lives. So, wherever you are on the spectrum, wear
the rainbow with pride Because as they say, everyone… everyone
deserves love. Tell us your thoughts on the LGBTQ+ movement
in the comments below And don’t forget to like, share and subscribe to Vitamin Stree!



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