DIY Plant-Based Burger (Gluten-Free)  | Thrive Market

DIY Plant-Based Burger (Gluten-Free) | Thrive Market

Will you bring your sweet, sweet
beautiful face over here so I can feed it to you? Hi I’m Megan Mitchell and I’m here in the Thrive Market Test Kitchen, and today
I’m gonna show you a make it at home, a make it yourself vegan burger and mine
is packed full of a lot of yummy healthy ingredients like spinach, mushrooms. I
have chickpeas, some gluten-free oats. There’s a lot of vegan and meatless
burgers out there; but I want to know exactly what’s going into mine! I want to
choose – it’s like a choose-your-own-adventure for a vegan
burger. Before I get started, if you’re wondering what the Thrive Market is, it’s
an online market that sells organic and non-gmo products straight to your door –
like the chickpeas, some of the oats, Dijon mustard. Find them all Alright let’s get started, this is made in
a food processor and I have baby spinach, but if you like a different green, you
can use a different green – Swiss chard, if you want? You could add baby kale, arugula, regular kale. I just like to have something green, it makes me feel healthy.So spinach, I have cremini mushrooms. Add two garlic cloves, and two
green onions; as well as three tablespoons of freshly chopped rosemary. I chopped it before I am adding it to my food processor, it just helps it along. I
don’t want like a really long piece of rosemary.Okay let’s blend this up until it forms a chunky paste. It’ll almost resemble um
pesto; and start and stop it if you need to to
push it on the sides. A little push down. You can see, like I said, it’ll look like
a really thick pesto. That’s what I’m looking for. This looks great – like freshly mowed grass. Perfect, okay. I’m here,
I want to saute this down because I want to release any of the moisture that’s in
the vegetables and I want to just add more flavor. So let’s go to the stove. I
have a medium skillet up to heat over medium, medium-high and drizzle in
some extra-virgin olive oil and once again, why am i doing this extra step? I
don’t want a mushy burger and I just want as much flavor as possible in this.
So this breaks down the mushrooms, adds a nice carmelization sauteed flavor. What’s a sauteed flavor, Meg? I don’t know, but it does adds more flavor. So cook this
for you know 10 to 12 minutes until you no longer see any liquid, and it’ll go
from kind of a bright green color to a dark green color. I can smell that garlic
immediately. Alrighty this is cooked for 10 minutes. I no longer see any
liquid, it’s ready to go. So I’m gonna add it back into my food processor. I have my
cooked veggies, back in my food processor and to it I’m adding 1 can of
drained, rinsed, and dried chickpeas. You could use any bean you like, but I was
leaning into the green color. I kind of like that it’s green. But you could do
kidney beans, which would change the color it would make it a little darker
green. But I was like, I like that it looks bright green. Why not? It’s a vegan
veggie patty! Gluten-free oats. Keeping this gluten-free. Toasted unsalted sunflower seeds; you could do
almonds, or walnuts, and then the zest and juice of one lemon. I like how it brightens up this patty burger, and all that great lemon
flavor is found in the zest. Really packs a punch! I need a knife – to cut the lemon in half. It just like appears. Prep school man! Okay, the juice of one lemon. You could add any spices you want as well;
you want to add cumin, or paprika, cayenne, chili powder. Or if you have a favorite
spice blend, you could add like a tablespoon of it to
this. Dijon mustard; needed a little something. Some of that vinegar, that
spice from the mustard – ground mustard seed. That’s what’s in Dijon and then one
teaspoon of salt and half a teaspoon of pepper, black pepper. I think that’s it! Do
I have anything else I want to add? Blend this back up until a chunky, not a chunky
paste, but just a paste forms. I’ll show you what it should look like. Scrape down the
sides as needed. Should sort of actually resemble falafel.
Okay you’ve ever made falafels, right? Alright let me show you guys how I portion this out. Grab a really big sheet tray. Whatever you want, and I like to use a portion scoop so I
know every patty is exactly the same size, and this is great
after I scoop them up and then I formed them you can freeze them as well. So like
this – I’ll do this eight times, then I’ll go back over make sure they’re all even-stevens. Remember that show? Shia LeBeouf, man. That guy. Who wants to spray my hands with oil? Also I’m about to slip it and biff
it. Thank you. Okay so lightly spray your hands with
oil. Grab one of the weird little snowmen; form it into a ball, and then form that
ball into a patty. These are going on gluten-free buns,
but these are also great on a salad. See they’re not really sticking to my hand,
which is what I’m looking for. If they’re too sticky, you got to re-blend them.
Okay these look great; I’m gonna show you how I like to cook them.
I just sear them in a pan, so I’ll meet you back over there, back to the stove. I have
a medium skillet; the same one I cook the veggies in on medium heat. I’m gonna adda tablespoon or two of oil so my my burgers don’t stick, and I’m probably
gonna be able to cook four at a time, and if you pick them up and they lose their
shape, just push them back together. They’re pretty easy to work with.
Okay and I need to – everything’s cooked inside, obviously – there’s no egg
or anything like that, they’d be good. So you just want to get a nice crust on the
outside; so two to three minutes on each side guys. They’re not like meat, so you
can flip them a couple times; so you flip them and you’re like, I think the other
side needs to go back again – you can do it. So just go back and forth, back and
forth; they need to be flipped 50 times to taste really good. No, but you can fold
them a couple times, so you could freeze them. You could form them, freeze them
uncooked – like this, you could freeze them after they’re seared like this. Whatever!
You want these to look great. I’m gonna continue with the remaining four and
I’ll show you how to put these together over there. My patties are seared, I have
some gluten-free buns that I’ve toasted, so I made a sauce – it’s super quick sauce,
it’s vegan mayo, and vegan sriracha, and it’s really really good! Put that on the bottom of the bun. I’m going to start with some green leaf
lettuce; you could use romaine or iceberg. Stay. This is Patty. This is Selma. This is Marge; and then I’m topping it with sliced avocado, but
you could use red onion, tomato, whatever you like! And then I’m putting more of
the sauce on the top of the one because the sauce is just that good. Okay I
brought in my gluten-free friend – sweet, sweet love of my life. Do you want to try
my burger? Yeah I’m bringing her in because I know if I eat this burger it’s
gonna get all over me, and she’s also gluten free! So yes, be honest though. Tell
me what you really think about it. I think it’s gonna take me a minute to
tell you what I think. Well there’s a lot of flavors in it. Okay, yep. You actually did
way better than I I would have done. Any time it always sneaks out the back. It’s
super good, super flavorful; it’s kind of got a little like – like it’s almost like..
It’s really good though, huh ? That’s it! That part. Yeah I’m the worst of
telling flavors, but yeah it’s super yummy. I would eat it. I love it, I’m gonna
just kind of sneak out, you just messy. But I also really put a lot of mayo on
it. Yeah . can I go now? Yeah, love you. I hope you guys give my vegan burgers a
try. You can see they’re a little messy, but they’re so good, and be sure to
continue to like and comment and subscribe! Have you ever made a vegan
patty? I want to know if you did! What do you put in yours; and you can find all
the ingredients that I used at Happy vegan cooking, thanks for watching guys!



  • Finn McCool

    Slip and Biffit!

  • Stephanie Jo Rountree

    Don't fall for the gluten-free oat marketing scam. Oats are always naturally gluten free.

  • noah beben

    Do you need the oats in the recipe if so is there any switches to keep it keto friendly someone or low-carb

  • Calista

    Did I miss the seasoning part bc all I saw was salt and pepper.

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