Good morning everyone
so I am taking the usual second bus to the university gym and the reason why I don’t eat in the
morning is because I do fasted workout and here goes my bus! I missed it. Today I was making the vlog, so I missed my bus… So I will have to walk a little further! So guys when a person wakes up in the early morning It feels so good! The difficult part is just getting out of bed. Once you deal with it, after that the day goes so pleasantly if you look around there are very few people awake this time even the Sun has not risen yet! you feel a sense of Victory. You feel like you have already won the day! and you feel amazing. When you see people of your same age are asleep at this time and you are awake walking on a cold winter morning, in the snow, going to the gym by this way your self confidence increases. it also positively influence your self esteem. even though sometimes I get up late due to the previous day or when I work late at night. But I feel so bad during that time alright guys so just finish the workout
added arms today and took a cold shower up to that it’s currently 8:15 now 15
ish and I’m all prepped for the day you know I have done half of the work see guys just got finished with the
classes and currently it’s 12:30 p.m. now I’m heading home for lunch
and then then I have work at 2:30 so I’ll just okay guys so just finished with the
lunch I ate tuna wraps today and now it’s the time for me to go to work I’m
working till 7:30 p.m. so I’ll catch up with you later the key is to utilize every everyday
right anything else that follows intentional congruence anything else
that takes away from it you should be doing you should be in the office
closing business because there’s no reason you can’t close some piece of
business every fucking single day just finished with the work let me tell you
guys and I am so tired right now I’m hungry so we’ll have to
cook another meal I just find out that my groceries are almost finished for the
week so what I have to do to groceries as well so I’ll take you guys along with
me to the grocery store okay guys so everything is done the last
task of the day is also completed and now I’ll go home and we’ll call this a
day this is the universal mind which I am
apartment and which responds to me as I ask I give my problems to the great mind
of God I let go of them confident that the correct answers will return to me
when they are needed Mahara Lagoona some dica say to say the
Ola pardon name a new Sunday only see me shake nominee who lot in my noona the
stuff she do to master plan when I alaikum Elon Musk us but integrity –
Matt what they gotta trust trust Mary Robinson Kyra
Pramila gambit us



  • Karan Dhillon


  • FaTeH SiNgH BhaRaj

    Bhai tu video bahut sira paunda
    Keep it up brooooo

  • Diksh Randev

    Keep up the good work balraj 👍🏼

  • Rustamdeep Khosa

    Love this video!! You inspire me to feel that sense of victory, there's a lot I need to learn from you brother.
    And Where is that study space in Dafoe, looks perfect

  • Rustamdeep Khosa

    Thanks on behalf of your vlog fans for missing the bus for the vlog!

  • Navjot Ghuman

    Hard work#high vibes

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