CROCHET HAIR TAKEDOWN| Removing The Dalva Ultima Collagen Protein Crochet Hair

CROCHET HAIR TAKEDOWN| Removing The Dalva Ultima Collagen Protein Crochet Hair

Hey YouTube fam! It’s ya girl back again
with another video and today’s video is just my takedown of this Dalva Ultima
Collagen Protein crochet hair. I promised you guys I would film a takedown video
so I’ll show you guys how I take down my hair and what I do afterwards in terms
of taking care of my hair and the next steps before I prep myself for my next
crochet hairstyle. Now I know I’m filming in a little different of an atmosphere.
I’m a little under the weather today. Unfortunately I’ve got some kind of
situation going on but I’m sitting in front of my TV. I’m just gonna watch the
final final episode of Power. Watch some other things on Starz before I cancel
that Starz subscription tonight and we’re just gonna walk you through
taking down this dalva hair. So if you guys want to see my process of taking
down this hair just keep watching. You guys will see me with my bag my scissors.
Of course I have this channel so I don’t reuse any of my hair. There would be
no point of me having a box or a tin full of hair. I’m honestly never gonna reuse
because I have a channel where I try every single hair that is out there on
the market. So if you guys want to see me take this hair out just keep watching. So
if you follow me on IG you know this is the week I was so sick. I was so sick. So
this video didn’t go exactly as I planned in my intro.
I don’t walk you through the full process that I thought I would but I am
taking out this hair. Like I said I have my bag that’s always beside me and I’m
always watching shows. I addressed this in a recent video. Somebody said it takes
so long to take out crochet hair. And I agree it does take a while but I’m
always doing something in between. I’m always kind of watching a show or
something so it’s not really as bad and it doesn’t feel as long when I’m doing
something fun. You’re gonna see me sneezing a lot throughout this video.
Again I was very very sick this whole week and that’s why my review video came
out late if you followed me in real time and on IG @lialavon89 you know why
my review video was late. Everybody in my comments was blowing me up saying
where’s that review video and I was telling you guys when I took out this
hair I was so sick and I was sneezing and I was so cold and everything was
going wrong this week. But what I first do is as you see I’m kind of section the
hair out do a big kind of chop. I just do a
haphazard chop of the hair. Again I am watching power so my facial expression
will change from curiosity to confusion, to what is going on, and happiness
sometimes throughout this video. So don’t mind that but I am just doing kind of a
big chop of the hair and taking the hair out. I continue this process on for this
portion I’m not really looking in the mirror. When I get to the top is when I
start looking in the mirror because I don’t want to cut my braids. Again in the
past I have cut a braid. When I took down my freetress water wave hair. I did
not install that hair so I really wasn’t too sure of the braid pattern of the
Installer so when I took that hair out I cut that hair. I was so sad when I cut
that hair and I’ve been very careful not to have a repeat of that situation. So I
do do my big chop first where I kind of you know I’m not looking in the mirror.
I’m doing it kind of haphazardly and I’m just kind of taking out that hair.
Cutting it as short as I possibly can. And I’m not cutting my real hair. Now up
above I’ll link my install video. To understand the take down I think it’s
kind of important to understand how this hair was installed. You kind of see that
I do do the invisible knot method in the front. So a lot of people who are saying
you know hey just start taking the braids a loose the hair will fall out.
No it won’t for the invisible loop and the invisible knot hair in the front. You
got to be meticulous with those hairs. So for some strands I’m just kind of
pulling them out for the hair in the back where I did and do that invisible
knot method it’s kind of easy for me to just kind of take the hair out as I’m
just sitting here. But for the front that’s where it’s gonna get a little bit
trickier and you’ll see that as I kind of progress. Now one of the first few
videos I ever uploaded on my channel was my takedown of the freetress deep twist
hair. I’ll link that video up above as well. A lot of people since and that
video is almost four years old have asked me to redo another
takedown video and I’ve always wondered why because to me it always seems so
simple. I don’t feel like I’m doing anything special in this video. So I
don’t know why people want to see a take down. It’s super easy and super
uncomplicated. If anything the complicated part is putting the hair in.
The takedown is a breeze in my opinion. I’m just literally sitting
here kind of haphazardly pulling out strands but to some people that’s
interesting and to me some people could be like oh well it takes you so long to
do it. I’m again always doing something while I’m doing it so it’s not that time
consuming. Today is just a little different because I put eyelashes on and
makeup on to kind of film it for you guys as I look crazily with my hair in
this little little short style. So as you can see this is my hair kind of
after I’ve taken out the back of the hair. The back of the hair was the easy
part because that was there that was not invisible knotted. As you can see my hair
is kind of braided up in a loop. I’ll show you kind of how my hair looks right
now. This is 7 weeks of wear with this hair. Of course my braid pattern doesn’t
look the same way it did in my install video. Again I’m doing a side by side of
how my braids looked on my install and this is what it kind of looks like now.
Again ignore the red nose. My nose gets redder and redder throughout this video. It
did not start out this way but again I’m sick y’all. I also don’t have on lashes
anymore if you also noticed. I sneezed those lashes right on off my face.
This video did not go how I planned on it but I still wanted to put it up for
you guys. So now I’m to the point where I’m taking out the braid. So I’m taking
out the braid and as I’m doing that the top knots and the invisible knots do
become easier to kind of take out. So that’s why I’m taking out the braid while
I still have those top pieces still in my head because as I’m taking out the braid
it does become easier to take those strands out. And again those strands are
the strands that I did invisible knot during my install video. Again this process overall the whole
takedown process I’d say I watched all of power and then I watched a little bit
of 90 day I’d say. So I did take me maybe about was it an hour 45. Maybe two
hours but again if you can tell I’m very engaged in the show too so that could
have also played a factor of it. And two I was kind of sick and it was a lot of
running to the bathrooms during today’s takedown. Now to the right of me in a
second I’ll show you kind of what kind of happened after this. Now my full
intention of this video was to be a takedown then a wash then kind of a blow
dry and show you the full process. My sickness had a different plan for me. It
had a completely different plan for me. So what I ended up doing was kind of
wearing my hair dirty for a week. I wore my hair completely dirty. I just was not
feeling it this week if you follow me on IG. Again I’m gonna reference it just
because my IG folks shout out so you guys know the drama of this past week
but you guys really were complemented. I just wore my hair in a bun this total
week after I took my hair out. Completely had plans on doing my hair the next day.
I had complete plans on installing another crochet hair after this but as I
even record this voiceover which is about two weeks from this video I still
don’t have another crochet hair in just because this kind of set me back. But
what I did after this week of wearing kind of a dirty style is I did go to my
stylist. I said it’s time to get some you know intervention in on my hair. So my
stylist actually washed my hair, blow-dried it, trimmed it, gave me a
moisture treatment. She did the whole works. Shout out to you Toni. If you are
in the Charlotte region. Even if you’re an hour from Charlotte I’d say drive two
hours if you want to to Toni’s salon. I love her. She’s not just my stylist she’s
my friend too. So of course that’s why I’m gonna shout her out. But she’s been my
stylist for I’d say about the last four years. She has been doing my hair. She
specializes in kind of natural hair too. So if you’re somebody who does have natural
hair as well she specializes in natural hair. This isn’t a plug for her. She
didn’t tell me to do this but I did want to give shout outs to her because she
did make my hair amazing in the way was kind of after. I didn’t get a
flatiron. She specializes also in blowouts. I didn’t get a blowout but I
did let her blow dry my hair and we didn’t get to the silk press and all
that part of the style. But again that is what happened after this. It’s always
important too to go to your stylist for your natural kind of maintenance your
natural kind of trims and those kinds of things as well. I’m a big advocate for
taking care of your hair. If you can’t do it. If you too sick to do it get you
some you know intervention. Get you some help. So next thing I always do right
after is I brush my hair out. I do this immediately following. I had a bad
experience about I’d say 6 years ago after a sew-in. I did not brush my hair
out thoroughly and my hair was almost kind of locking and my stylist was like
girl you lucky we almost was not going to be able to save your hair girl. So I
do always always always brush my hair immediately following so nothing
happens. So my hair does not get into a kind of a loc situation where it’s
tough to salvage my hair whoo it was a mess y’all. So that is kind of scared me
to the point where I brush my hair immediately after taking out my braids
no matter if I was doing a braid down for so in or if I was doing a braid down
for crochet stuff always brushing my hair as my next step and again you see
that build-up kind of in the front of my hair too I had those braids in for quite
some time so I have taken out my braids and oh
yeah this is how my hair looks up under all that crochet hair this is what I got
going on all the time now I don’t know what I’m gonna do next
I originally when I started filming today I thought I was going to show you
the whole process me watching it all that but as I have recorded you guys
could see my nose has become a lot more Rudolf II my false eyelashes have blown
right off with every nose blowing that I have done and that
mutes the next 12 hours saying it has 12 hours as you would think so I don’t
really know what I’m gonna do this week I have to travel a lot for work this
week going to two different schools this week so it’s gonna be a crazy week it
was a crazy week last week but I promise you
getting that review up for you so I had to take the air out so that I could
start working on editing that review so if you have not caught my doll but
ultimate colors and protein crochet here review I will link that video up above
make sure you check it out don’t know what I’m gonna really do next with this
but if you guys want to catch that make sure you’re subscribed to my channel so
you can be locked and loaded the next time when I take out a crochet in here
and walk you through the process I promise you guys what I’m feeling better
I will do that for you guys make sure you’re following me on instagram at lea
lamar 89 so you can keep up watching and again the real-time and you can see that
I was sick and I had a lot going on this last week thank you guys so much for
your always awesome support and I will see you in my next video bye



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