CRAZY Haircut Transformation! Cutting My 360 Waves wolf!!! 💦

CRAZY Haircut Transformation! Cutting My 360 Waves wolf!!! 💦

whoa there! you got a little bit too much
dip your chip! the guard almost fell off! just take a moment to look at my hair.
look at it. it looks crazy, right? I understand that and that’s why I’m about
to cut my hair. see I was just looking in the mirror one day… well actually today, i
woke up I looked in the mirror and I’m just like I don’t feel like wolfin
anymore it’s been like what nine weeks I don’t even know I’m not even keeping
count anymore all I know is I want to cut this I’m not gonna cut it all the
way down I’m just gonna cut it to like maybe a two with the grain I made a
three with the grain I don’t know where I got to from so yeah probably gonna
kind of like a two I said it again I’m gonna cut it to a three with the grain
three not two but three I’m actually gonna cut my hair before washing it yeah
I know you’re supposed to wash your hair and then cut your hair but listen I can
do what I want I’m being rebellious is that the right word to use rebellious
I’m a rebel I don’t know all I know is I’m about to cut my hair and you’re
about to watch me do it so if it sounds like something that you’re interested in
stick around yo what’s up y’all it’s time for a video so start the roll call.
I’m gonna entertain like i always do im gonna help the people and im starting with you yeah so sit back kick your feet up and relax 50K on the way halfway to the plaque if they ask you who i am im Wave Man Mike so subscribe drop a comment and don’t
forget to like YouTube what’s good it’s your host with
the most helping wavers from coast to coast wave man Mike and we’re back for
another video stay tuned okay so first things first
let me just show you how long my hair is right here I got me my comb let’s just
show you this comb work right quick bam bam bam look at this thing try to
see one set of teeth 2:17 3:17 I can also make it one row or I can make it
two rows look at this I can just pop this out
you got one row right here two rows right here combine them make a try to
comb since already got it out let me just use this one row right quick so I
can show you how long my hair really is look at this it’s not super long and is
pretty long actually like a lot you’re not going with you you see that I’m gonna go ahead and call them the
whole thing back so you could really get an idea just oh geez of just how long
this thing is don’t lower see with a regular column
it would’ve broke but this thing is made out of metal
you hear that metal okay so I guess this is hit enough I would be honest with you I honestly have
no idea how I’m gonna angle this so that you can see because of my hair cuz the
beers over there the cameras right here maybe I got to put the camera right here
cuz I can’t really fit it over there with the mirror it’s not enough space
with the rim light and everything so let’s try that out can you see my head
let’s try trimming this down a little bit I think you can see yeah I’m going
to focus II right so now I’m gonna brush this down yellow this is crazy my waves look
horrible but I got something for that about to fix this first let me take the
shirt off alright so step one take some blade wash take your flippers and just
go ahead and spray it like this then whatever guard you want to use to cut
your hair just get it and you know get it I’m about to trial before with the
green first and then the three with green I might not even do three with the
green at all depending on how this four turns out of debated for against the
grain for with the green or three with the green I’ll talk for with the grain
first if that doesn’t work they don’t try for Instagram all right so let’s go
ahead and cut this hair off of my head clearly the four is too high it
literally didn’t cut a single hair off of my head I’m going down to the three
with the green all right I’m trying to change the
camera angles because I really could not see let’s see if this is any better all right so I just went ahead to cut
this side and then just left this side how it is so I’m gonna let you be the
judge all I did was cut down the top so one
side is the waves look better on this one which is freshly cut or this one
which is just wolfing it out this side or this this side or this how does it
look look at this crazy all right so this is how the cuts are no
not bad I kind of messed up the line up on this side I went a little high but it
doesn’t really matter to me 90% of the people I see on that everyday basis had
messed up on those anyway it’s a terrible thing to say but it’s
true tell me in the comment section down below what you think of this haircut
rating on a scale from 1 to 10 I’m interested to see which best thing is
definitely not the best haircut I’ve ever done but it’s it’s a decent one
that’s all I can really think of the top on this video so if you did enjoy it
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