Hi guys! You all heard about bodybuilders. Those buff dudes with huge muscles and swollen
veins on their necks. A lot of these guys are noble athletes who
properly follow old traditions of bodybuilding. But there are also those who use various supplements
to enhance their muscle energy. There is a thing called synthol. It’s a kind substance that makes your muscles
swell and it makes your body look very ugly and disproportional. Alright guys so let’s have a look at some
people who decided to mess with this terrible stuff. Valdir Segato
Valdir Segatois a 48 year old builder from Sao Paulo. Locals call him “Hulk”. And it’s all because of his enormous biceps. Those things are 27 inches wide. And if you ll look at the rest of his body,
you ll see that his chest and shoulders are also massive. Now, why is it that this guy doesn’t have
a title yet? Well, let me tell you. When Valdirwas just a little boy, running
around the streets of Sao Paulo, he had a dream that one day he’ll be just like his
favorite actor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Back in those days this lovely woman who happens
to be Valdir’s mother didn’t know that one day people will start laughing at her
son. People used to call Valdir a skinny dog. He used to be a drug addict and was very skinny
indeed. And so one day he decided it was time he finally
do something about his thin body. Valdir took some drastic measures. He thought it would be a great idea to use
synthol to enhance his muscles. His body began to grow right away. His body mass increased from 55 kilos to 80
kilos in a jiffy! Although he didn’t become any stronger. Valdir is risking his life because those who
do synthol can have serious fat embolism problems, they can seriously damage their nervous system
and start suffering from terrible allergies. Girls don’t seem to fall for his newly build
body either. But anyway, Valdir seems to be enjoying himself
so let’s just wish him good luck. Maybe one day he`ll become even bigger than
the famous Moustafa Ismail
Moustafa Ismail says he never done steroids or synthol or any other kind of muscle enhancement
supplement. So what he s saying is that his muscles are
100% natural. Well, it seems like he went a little too far
anyways. The rest of his body seems normal. It isn’t very buff and to tell the truth,
his torso looks way better than his massive, disproportional arms. Moustafa’s arms are 31 inches in diameter! He can’t even buy a shirt. It seems very strange when people work on
a single group of muscles every time they hit the gym. I mean you see a lot of guys with massive
torsos and pretty tiny legs. When you ask these people why they do that,
they just say they don’t have time to work their legs. If you guys feel like starting to build up
your body, please consider training all of it, it’s better this way. You’ll look better and you’ll be healthier. Gregg Valentino
Our next hero took it a little further. His name is Gregg Valentino and would you
look at his arms! 27 inches is not a joke. He started training in the 80s and he used
to have pretty ordinary arms. According to Gregg himself, backthentheywere
18.5 inches.But already in the 90s he found the new craze called synthol. And guess what, Gregg went as far as to make
over 200 injections into each of his bicep. At some point in his career, Gregg was boasting
to have the biggest arms in the game! Although in the early 2000s Gregg had to see
a doc because he was suffering from terrible pains and he couldn’t even bend his arms. That wasn’t surprising at all though. Gregg decided he was gonna take a small brake
from bodybuilding to let his guns rest and get cold. But what happened then is that his arms simply
exploded. Quite literally. He was offered a surgery that would pump out
the foul stuff from his biceps but he didn’t agree. His pain intensified and today his arms look
very dreadful, they re covered in scars and it seems to bee a good example for the rest
of us to never use synthol. Romario Dos Santos Alves
Romario Dos Santos Alves is a bodybuilder from Brazil. He wanted to be just like Hulk very early
in life. And so he decided to hit the GYM. Romario soon realized that his body wasn’t
made for this kind of sport and guess what? Hestartedusingsynthol.Afterawhilehisbicepsgotrealbig. 25 inches. But also, something terrible has happened,
which almost caused him loosing both of his arms. Already after his first try he couldn’t
stop. He repeatedly pierced himself with a needle
up until the point when doctors told him that he might lose both arms. Romario got pretty lucky, the doctors took
the bad stuff out of his system. His health problems resulted in him loosing
his job as a security guy and his wife said she would leave him if he’ll keep on using
that stuff. Romario looked so bad, kids were scared to
see him on the street. Although these days, things seem to go well
for this guy, he still goes to the GYM but he made a promise to never use synthol again
in his life! Arlindo de Souza
Meet Brazilian bodybuilder Arlindo de Souza. Look at his arms, they’re enormous! And he took a very dangerous path to gain
those arms. He used to drink a fatty kind of alcohol,
which is quite popular among bodybuilders. And so because Arlindo took that risk, his
biceps got as big as 29 inches. Arlindo lives in Brazil and he’s been a
bodybuilder for quite some time. Arlindo knew that he was basically risking
his life. But he also knew that bodybuilding is a highly
competitive game so he was willing to take the risk. The effect was truly surprising. Arlindo’s muscles inflated like air balloons
and soon his arms got grotesquely massive. It’s remarkable how those lumps remain even
when he’s chilled. It just looks so weird. After hearing several stories of how people
end up losing their arms because of synthol de Sousa finally decided to check with the
doctor for orders. But medics didn’t want to be held responsible
to whatever would happen to Arlindo because he practically tormented himself with the
dangerous substance. So now this guy is left on his own and will
only receive help if his hands will start to rip. Luckily, Arlindo feels fine and he does his
workouts every day in the backyard of his house. So he tries to keep himself in shape and his
friends and fam are very proud of him. He is a kind of local celebrity and that’s
why people like him. Klaus Doring
Klaus Doring is kind of a trend setter guy in a synthol world. He started using it not just for his biceps
and triceps but also for other muscle groups. He injected that stuff in his breasts and
legs and other various parts of his body. Unfortunately, after several years of using
the substance Claus began to look like a human boar. Kirill Tereshin
A 21 year old Kirill Tereshingot popular in 2017 after demonstrating his massive, synthol-based
arms on social media and on TV. His unusual looks gave him an unusual nickname
“Bazooka arms”. Kirill doesn’t consider himself a bodybuilder
he rather thinks he’s a freak. He knew about the dangers of steroids and
thought that he’ll be on the safe side gaining mass with synthol instead. He didn’t want to look too big so he decided
to only inject that stuff into his biceps. Kirill’s arms made him famous in just a
few month. What’s crazy is that he didn’t have the
money to buy that stuff so he decided to make some of it on his own. He found some blog where people were sharing
their experience on how to prepare the substance at home. Kirill was first inspired with Arnold Schwarzenegger
but then he found a new idol. A synthol freakRomario Alves, the guy we mentioned
earlier. To make sure he receives enough attention,
Kirill constantly reminds his followers that doctors can chop off his arms at any given
moment. It seems like Kirill doesn’t care much about
his own health and popularity and attention seem to be his sole interest at this point. Not so long ago, Kirill put some kind of implants
in his lower legs but then he thought it was too much and because of constant pains, he
decided to remove those. To be honest, it really feels like Kirill
has mental issues and it would be really good if some loving people took good care of that
guy and brought him back to normal life. Jorge Kahwagi
And of course this list would not be complete without us mentioningJorge Kahwagi. He is a politician, actor and boxer. He is a very controversial figure in Mexico
because he mediates between politics and show business. Hesalsoabusinessmanandafighter. Sothat’squiteacombo. In 2001 Jorge made an announcement that he
is practically invincible when it comes to boxing. After that he got beat up multiple times,
then he quit but in 2015 he returned on the ring at the age of 47. This time he took part in a boxing match in
Philippines. His body looked kind of strange at that point. Especially his unusually protruding chest. Now as you can see, this guy appears to be
throwing punches in slow motion. Withoutadoubt, thewholefightwasstaged from
start to finish. A lot of people say that Jorge had a middle
age crisis and his flight to Philippines to take part in a boxing match is a desperate
attempt to assert himself. Well, I guess we can only feel sorry for the
guy. So what do you think guys? Is this whole steroid / synthol game worth
a try? Or is it a ridiculous attempt to boost one’s
own self-esteem? Write your thoughts in the comments, I d really
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