Coronavirus Covid-19: My Primary Precautions: Showers & Level Vitamin C

Coronavirus Covid-19: My Primary Precautions: Showers & Level Vitamin C

It’s Friday March 13th just a few hours
after Donald Trump has declared a state of national emergency regarding Covid 19
the Coronavirus. And I’d like to share with you one of the things that I’ve
been doing for decades to help keep me healthy I believe in the last two
decades I have never missed a day of work due to illness and I attribute a
lot of that good health to one thing in particular that I’ve been doing since
about 1983 and that is keeping my intake of vitamin C fairly steady as opposed to
spikes when I get sick and reducing my intake on times when I’m not under
stress so much in general I tend to keep my vitamin C very steady and I think
that has been very beneficial for my health and it’s super simple it’s a
matter of eating half an orange or half a grapefruit in the morning and then the
other half at night so earlier this morning I ate the other half of this
grapefruit and right now I’m about to eat this half and it’s very simple you
know I put it in this bowl like this so that it’s on a flat surface so that for
the roughly 12 hours that it’s not being eaten air doesn’t get at the at the
cut-open side of the grapefruit it’s it’s kind of just like the peel
seals the goodness away from the elements like air or flying insects the
flat part of the plate helps provide a seal against it’s not as good of a seal
as the skin the intact skin of the fruit but it’s still a better seal than if I
had left it like this in the bowl so I’m gonna go ahead and cut that and eat that and then
roughly a half hour later I’ll have my dinner super simple either half an orange or
half a grapefruit once in the morning once at night that’s basically it now roughly 15
minutes from now I’ll probably drink a glass of water
that goes all the way back to the high school chemistry teacher Mr. Mike
Winters who taught me who basically taught our class about how it’s very
important to keep your intake of vitamin C level you don’t want to spike you you
know if you wanted to eat an extra half an orange or an extra half an grapefruit
on days that you get sick that might be a little bit beneficial that it’s
actually something that I do tend to do but in terms of taking mega doses of
vitamin C I’d have to disagree with people who subscribe to that to that
methodology. And again two decades I don’t think I’ve ever had to call in
sick take it for what it’s worth but I subscribe or I believe that a
lot of my good health history has to do with the recommendation that my high
school chemistry teacher made to our class phenomenal phenomenal high school
teacher phenomenal chemistry teacher phenomenal results in following his
prescription or his recommendation. I try to keep my intake of vitamin C very
level half a half a grapefruit or half an orange in the morning then I store it
nicely until the night time I store the other half nicely until the night
time and then I eat that other half. Now, with the Covid virus the Covid 19
virus or the corona virus there is this concern that or at least I have a
concern that there could be a disruption to our distribution of food so that I
may not be able to get hold of fresh fruit like oranges or grapefruits a week
or two or a month from now so something else that I did today is I bought some
frozen fruit that also has vitamin C just like oranges or grapefruit has. I
went to Dollar Tree and I picked up frozen little 10 ounce bags of frozen
mangos and little 10 ounce bags of frozen peaches and then I went to another
grocery store and I picked up I think it’s a 10 ounce bag
of frozen strawberries. Now when I was at Dollar Tree I had planned on picking
up strawberries but when I looked at the back of the package it said that it was
not a significant source of vitamin C so there’s probably something different
about the strawberries at or at least the strawberries that I looked at at
Dollar Tree might be different from the strawberries that I picked up at the
other grocery store which said that a serving of the strawberries would
provide about 70 percent of the daily U.S. recommendation for vitamin C. So,
what I’m getting at here is there are things that you can do to help guard
against potential problems that might happen regarding our food supply of
fresh fruits; you know you can buy frozen fruit certain fruits are going to have
vitamin C and the ones that I found at Dollar Tree that say that they have
vitamin C are the frozen peaches the frozen mango. And the strawberries did
not say that they had vitamin C which was a surprise to me because usually
strawberries do have vitamin C but when I went to another grocery store and I
looked at their frozen strawberries on the back of a package had said that one
serving would provide 70% so I bought a package of frozen strawberries from that
grocery store. All I’m saying is it’s worthwhile to look at the back of
package to make sure that the fruits that you think are likely to have
vitamin C have been tested as providing vitamin C when you’re ready to consume
them as an alternative to the fresh fruits like the oranges or the
grapefruit. I think that’s going to be a big help another thing that I’m doing I
work in retail and that means that I come into contact with a lot of people
and the Covid 19 virus has already been found in in the neighborhood or at least
in the county that I live in and it’s got I believe a two-week incubation
period from the time that you you come in contact with it to the time that
people show symptoms I believe can be about a two-week period which means
since somebody in our neighborhood has already been or in our county has
already been tested positive that means that it’s been in this area for at least
two weeks and I’ve been coming into contact with a great deal of people
working in retail as I do so there’s a good chance that I’ve already been I’ve
already made contact with the virus myself or if I haven’t there’s a good
likelihood that I will eventually make contact so another thing that I’m doing
is as soon as I get home or I should say within well as soon as I get home I’m
very likely to wash my hands with soap and water for a good minute or two the
recommendation is 40 seconds but I tend to go a little overboard sometimes so I
do about a minute or two of washing my hands and then in general without sitting down on
anything within a half-hour or so it’s very likely that I will take a complete
shower and soap up to in the effort to wash off any Covid 19 virus that may
have landed me from people in the store coughing or sneezing in my proximity you
know if they’ve virus landed on my arm or if it landed on my hair wherever it
landed I would like to get that virus washed off of me as soon as I can before
I sit down on any furniture within my home to help minimize likelihood that
that virus is going to find its way into either my ear or my eyes or my nose or
my mouth to where it can start doing its its dirty work so the two main things
that I’m doing to help prevent myself from getting ill is to make sure that
I’m keeping my vitamin C intake level and showering almost as soon as I get
home washing my hands as soon as I get home
in fact today when I was at the grocery store one thing that I did is before I
even left the grocery store I washed my hands at the grocery store because
somebody had had coughed and I could feel his breath on the wrist of my hand there was a very long line at the
grocery store again this is the day that President Trump has declared a national
emergency our schools in the state of Illinois are closed for two weeks now
so people are taking this seriously and that led to very long lines at the
grocery store and I know that somebody who had a cough
a cough again being a symptom of the Covid virus and also being a symptom of
just a common cold, too. But his cough landed on my wrist and so before I even
left the store I was sure to wash my hands and my wrists at the store and
then I drove home when I got home I loaded everything into the freezer or
refrigerator or cabinets as was appropriate and then washed my hands and
then went ahead and took a complete shower put the clothes that I had been
wearing up away from the rest of the furniture so that the likelihood of
Covid 19 or coronavirus making it from those clothes into the rest of my home
is as minimal as I can make it but again – let’s let’s recapture what it is that
I’m trying to say here it I feel it’s extremely beneficial to keep your
vitamin C intake level and in general one orange per day or one grapefruit per
day is is considered the recommended dosage and I’m fairly
certain that the best way beyond fairly certain I think time has proven that the
best way to to ingest that orange or grapefruit is to cut it in half have
half of it in the morning have the other half at night that will I believe be
tremendously beneficial for most immune systems and if you’re a doctor if or if
you know I’m not a doctor but if you are a doctor and you agree with or disagree
with what I’m saying here feel free to put it in the comments but you got to
know that if you’re gonna say that you disagree with me chances are I’m gonna
win not just because it’s my comments and I’m in control of those comments but
because I feel I can defend what I’m saying here so chances are you want to
think twice about contradicting what I’m saying unless you really really really
have proof that you can stand that you can stand behind because chances are when we discuss back
and forth it’s unlikely I’m gonna lose that debate all right that’s it have a
good evening.


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