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it’s a new way in I am now under 170 of feeling good hello people and welcome to Jon
Sheppard fitness if you’re new to my channel please subscribe and follow my
journey on body power 2020 the cutting phase and I’ve got my water get some if
you’ve never tried it if you’re got a sweet craving taste and I’ve got two
weeks off now and it’s Monday obviously you saw my weigh-in and it was good how many offensive even Thome game can
avoid life stop trying to keep I might as well try to do it by it’s not enough
even though you try you still messed up but I’m still gonna fight for what I but
still gonna die for water but still gonna try I won’t give up no gonna fight
until I wanna say I’m late through some injuries mentally and
physically studied I’m religiously so I don’t be the story and people they don’t
want a victory bad enough to be to see they’d rather just gonna leave it being
on this journey I’ll be on since thirteen working hard and I never
stopped in searching yeah it’s bad all this passion towards me I took action
working riding donkeys for no I’m not oh Jenny I just wanna be some day I don’t
wanna be knocking all the phone no I’m not eating right but I’ll tell you I’m
talking flying so you leave me alone they say I’m way too obsessed and I’ve
got nothing and I’m not quite there yet but those words they don’t because I’ve
got something and I’m not will stop till the end well then to the main topic you’re
probably wondering why what is this all about me and Rob Lipsett actually
competing against inch of it well this week our words at the gym and I was just
you know having a little rest and I I just scrolling through Instagram and I
was thinking well that’s going to body power and I saw a tag from Rob lipsett and
I was like what’s this and I saw this and as you can see he’s competing at
body power so I thinking I was putting two and two together and it just makes
it help it just it’s just gonna happen yeah Rob is probably Rob is probably
around the same size as me in weight but it doesn’t matter about the weight in
body power because it’s not on that it’s all about height and the Catorgy so Rob
does men’s physique he’s done it before and he’s bound to be doing again he’s
not going to be going classic bodybuilding so he will be in the same
category as me there’s free categories he’s too old to go in there under 20
feet freeze the juniors and he’s not tall enough to go in the tall class and
I don’t think if he was on the borderline I don’t really think he would
want to go against all the giants so there’s only one more he could actually
go in and yet that is men’s physique at body power short class and that is what
I mean right so at body power 2020 on May the 16th I
will be competing against yes Rob lipsett it on stage so of course when I saw this
I just straight away messaged him I haven’t got a reply so Rob why have
you not replied to me um it’s not 100 percent concrete what if
he’s actually going in i category or there is only four
categories you can go in what is obviously tall short junior and
over 35 and all the other ones he cannot do so the only one he can do is the same
one as me so he has to be doing that there is no
over one unless he’s doing a model class and I can’t see him doing a mother cuts
because it’s not I don’t know it’s just not something that can will give him
recognition a bit more than men’s physique you know and obviously he will
be going out to try and win that competition so what do I actually think
of my chances again Rob Lipson I mean look at him look at him now he is
already in awesome condition but this is a person who is on social media he makes
his money on that social media as a fitness influencer you know he’s got a
look in shape all the time because he cannot have ball seasons where he’s
looking with ways looking at his shape he can’t sell programs nutrition books
and stuff like that without no apps you know you just people won’t buy the stuff
and it’s always taking pictures of him himself
on holiday and so he’s always gotta have a good maintenance level and look always
in good shape I would say he’s probably about between 10 and 12 percent fat at
the moment I don’t think he’s he’s no lower than that and obviously the whole
pictures that he can do he’s got awesome camera
he’s got professional people taking pictures for him and you know what he
knows the game he knows again he knows how to take a picture so and also he’s
tanned as well so he’s gonna also look good on pictures so my expectations of
actually competing with Rob Lipton is is is now just gone up a level
at the moment like the last few weeks I was like I was still thinking well yeah
not really I’m not really bothered about it you know I’m not gonna vomiting in
here when it comes it comes but now it’s last week I you know I booked if you
watch my last video you know I booked the whole tickets the whole the whole
show and that may mean like getting to right I need to knuckle down though I
need to do everything perfect you know no no no little bits of sauce on it on
seasoning and all this stuff you know no putting extra calories on certain things
everything’s gotta be strict to what my plan that said as before I would put a
little bit of tomato sauce so you know to make it there you know I need to get
low calorie sources now everything and when I saw this this just I think this
this I think when I saw this this actually made the level go up another
notch you’d imagine this massive youtuber
going onstage against you it’s not only intimidating but also if you can beat
him or get anywhere near him how much publicity could fall your way how much
things could come from that yeah you know and that’s the reason I’m
dying to see what happens I would see he’s he’s owning really good shape he’s
got his abs and everything at the moment cuz he’s in a he’s in a different body
percent fatness compared to me I’ve got I’m still got a lot more body fat
percentage to lose and but he’s starting to cut next month so he’s still gone he
doesn’t need to do it as long as caught as me and but God he’s gonna be fun you
imagine that so people anybody who is at a body power
on Saturday please come please come I will tell you all the details about when
the show is what time each roof we got about because not only are you gonna see
me on stage but you might see me competing against Rob lips if I mean if
you want to see Rob lips in his absolute best shape ever then you you just gotta
come to watch it I mean I’m gonna be starved I met him last year and you know
we talked for ages and it’s gonna be just good you know we might you know we
might talk after the show we might get a little like talk after the show meaning
you know pictures of us in our best shape ever and stuff like that and it’s
gonna be one of them one-off lifetime things just remember this is my first
ever show I have never ever competed in my whole life the people have said to me
who are coaches or people in the dude shows why are you going in body power
it’s against people who are not natural most of them are on something yes they
are but I know for a fact that Rob Lipson is not on any sort of gear ever
he is not nowhere near as big as some of the people like you see in the Olympia’s
who do menses he you know he I’ve met him in person he is about one inch
taller than me and his his physique you know is no bigger than mine I know I’m
not I’m not being nasty I’m not being horrible to Rob because Rob is a
generally generally really really nice person he is one of my favorite people
I’ve met you know and but obviously the pub everybody looked bigger on photos
pub wise and everything and it’s just gonna be crazy to compete against him so
and watch him while I’m training while I’m going through this process for the
the months down the road you know until body power he’s going to be doing his
prep series so he’s doing a prep series I’m doing a
prep series will I copy some of his room meals and I probably will because he
knows it’s all you know I mean he’s got a bloody book you know but which is done
so well about food dieting so he knows what he is all about I’ll see I can I
can change my meals as long as I hit my calories and macros and all that luck
it’s fine so it’s gonna be so interesting
hopefully Rob will message me I know it’s a busy man and he’s got the hub see
like five hundred thousand followers and stuff like that but if he does message
me I will let you know throughout the month if he does he might even watch
this out 15 weeks to go yes so not very long now and you know I put
your suggestions down below put your suggestions down go do you
think me could beat Rob Lipsett in body power do you think I’ve got any chance
you know uh today I’ve been thinking about this all day I went to the gym I
need to work out with my girlfriend and I fought could I actually beat him what
is more important beating Rob lips it or getting close to
Rob limpet Rob lits it or doing the best I can
in the show no don’t care about him you know doesn’t have where he places it’s
basically where I can place you know if I place awesome if I don’t place oh well
if I can compete with somebody as good as him I will be happy and in the end of
day it doesn’t even matter if I don’t place because I don’t know if I’m ever
gonna compete ever again after this I don’t know how I’m gonna feel in two
months time you know down to the unity and gritty the the
horrible month where I’m like cranky but every week now I’m seeing different
results you might not see on camera you might do you know obviously yeah I only
video this mostly stuff by myself so obviously I can’t get everything perfect
you know I can’t get all the angles of shading the lighting you know to show my
physique as much as I possibly can but me when I look in the mirror I see
little tiny things every single day it could be anything from oh my my my
shoulders are separating in like today my shoulders are separating from my arm
today I mean that is a lot better than a couple of weeks ago where it was more
just big bulk and little things and that’s what I need see I’ve always said
that when I think when I was going to cut that I would find it quite easy to
cook I the only thing I struggle with is like the sweet part because I have a
sweet tooth eating hardly nothing each day I’m used to doing that I was always
quite good not eating if you could say that because I would still eat my
maintenance which is just enough which is about two two and a half thousand
cows that’s my maintenance to keep myself the same weight all right and I
could do that quite easy I just need to have big big meals of like pasta and
spaghetti bolognaise just big huge meals you know and then I just need to nitpick
food throughout the day not clean some clean some daily and it was easy and now
my cow is a load a little bit more it’s not it’s not changed at all
I said cravings of chocolates yes they come and go book it they come and they
disappear so it’s not really affecting me at the moment of course I have not
even gone into the I do yet I haven’t stopped doing the
Stairmaster because that’s what I’m gonna do I’m gonna do the Stairmaster
cuz every I see does it so I’m gonna do Stairmaster so maybe when I’ve teamed my
calories are going lower and hitting a Stairmaster it’s gonna change and I’m
gonna get more and more hungry because obviously I’m using more energy well
until then at the moment I’m fine so then please comment down below what
you think of this video especially the Rob Lipset part do you
think I’ve got a chance um did you know about this are you
excited are you going to go and watch Rob are you going to go and watch Rob on
stage you know I mean because if I wasn’t competing I’ll be going to watch
Rob you know I mean I think with Brandon Hardy when he came on I just about got
there and then I would like mr. bar bit and then I’ve just got there and he was
amazing because if somebody you follow and you
think you know you look up to you want to watch him it at their best and tell
me your thoughts anyway thank you for watching this video you



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  • Jon Sheppard Fitness

    Hope you enjoyed the video if you want to just watch the @roblipsett talk press the link👉👉👉👉 4:17

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    When I said the shit got real the shit got really real just do your best Jon but you've gotta be super shredded now brother MINT

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    Seeing improvements every week 👍💪

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    That's would be an amazing experience to step on stage with Rob! Keep up the hard work man! You're doing great

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    Good luck man…that's a tough challenge

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    Love how you're using it ti fuel the fire. As i always say to my first time competitors – just go out there and have fun

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    That’ll be a fun competition!! Your making great progress so far man keep it up sir!! 💪💪

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