• Thessaly Meteora

    Ok Mr. Papa, I will buy some of your delicious sour dough bread and I will take my chances with the gluten! You talked me into it. If I die at least I will go happy.

  • P. Nick Brunson

    My hunch is nobody has ever been asked about public cutlery. Very original Kevin!

  • Duane Jensen

    I feel like Tom could do a good Nicholson inspired Joker.

  • Corena S

    Loved it. Learned abt the guest but in a funny banter way. I can’t ask for more.

  • Chad Ray

    I wish they would have talked about Tom's interest in the Grateful Dead more

  • Sunny Skyz

    Best one yet!

  • Angella Houlbjerg

    cool pants!

  • Nick burcham

    Tom looks like Ryan O'neils cousin thrice removed.

  • Sarah E

    you guys look like brothers

  • Brandon S

    I would probably last less than 5 minutes around Tom Papa. I find him annoying.

  • Randy Waage

    This was a fun hike… you have good chemistry with him. And yes the Tom Cruise story was hilarious!

  • rgatty

    I am done with this show. Love Kevin and the content but the audio drives me nuts!
    The sound of their feet crunching in the gravel is as loud if not louder than the dialogue. And to make matters worse he often speaks in a whispered hushed tone as if he’s trying to be quiet. Invest in mic packs!

  • Maurice Powers

    It's what you're eating…. it's not hereditary. Watch forks over knives. Great hike🌻

  • Adam D.

    I hope he brought you bread

  • Richie Jacobs

    Tom's crushing. You're doing great kid.

  • BoilerRoomRadio

    You should wear a camelback backpack Kevin.

  • Red Herring

    This man is a gem.

  • Coffee and Max

    Thank you Kevin! Love your show!

  • Ichy Mcgee

    check yourselves for ticks!

  • krazykarl

    Aww you found another bucket hat buddy!

  • captain fragger

    Actually, you can't drink out of a cactus… just saying.

  • Anthony Lombardo

    "…and in L.A. everyone believes it." -Tom Papa 😀

  • J J

    That was an illegal stop and arrest because it is called profiling. Happened to me after leaving a GD show in Maine in my car at what was latered ruled an illegal road stop. They hauled Russel off but he was latered released by the judge cause the cops profiled the whole crowd at the concert as drugged out hippies and started arresting them at the illegal road stop.

  • New Message

    I just watched his special last night, and a few of his "out in America" bits this morning… I feel like the universe itself is repping him.

  • monkeybearmax

    Ahh yay a new Kevin video 😊 your videos always make me happy! Also scrapple 👏

  • william bradbury

    He looks like a bloated Matt Damon

  • Pat Rzonca

    That was my favorite so far! What a great perspective Tom Papa has! Loved it! Thanks for bringing us along! These are the BEST!

  • RoliePolieColie


  • This is Wheel Life

    I should do this but in my 4×4 wheelchair!

  • Catsmoke Oklahoma

    Do you read your comments Kevin?

  • Sarah Ali


  • susan nezami

    Which canyon is this?

  • carlos gaspar

    kevin is outdoing his humorous self.

  • David Phillips

    Love the stuff Kevin! You did the best weekend update on SNL!

  • Kurt Roberts

    5:55 Glad you didn’t smell your finger after that 😂

  • Dilly Dangles

    Tom Papa's new book: How to cut bread, you fucking idiot.

  • Joseph Kelley

    We been tryin' to get Kevin Nealon BACK at Chippendale's for FORTY YEARS now – 40.
    -but he out-grew us.

  • Baba O'Really

    Papa should work on his forearms, the Popeye movie adaptation got his face all over it.

  • theredbaron057

    great interview!

  • Kris Randall

    Wow what a positive interview.. Good job Tom Papa, you rock.

  • Country Pines Cottage

    Van Halen and Greatful Dead, nice…❤🎶

  • rciesi1

    Kev. Inventor of the Dad Joke. Your humor’s never been more apropos. Or apropapa 🤔

  • Black Hat Cinephile

    At the end, the only thing you get to take with you is what you became. The only worthwhile thing to acquire is self development.

  • Lacy of LittleRobinCottage

    Sourdough bread is the best! Making a sourdough starter is so easy, and so is the basic sourdough bread recipe! Try it you'll never go back. 🍞
    BTW: my first concert was, The Beatles at the Hollywood Bowl, August 1964, I was 13 and attended with three other girlfriends. We couldn't hear them because the audience was screaming, but it was a blast anyway! 🐞

  • Molly Padion

    Why don't you hike with Sloan Bella a psychic medium. She hikes in L.A. every day. Could reveal some interesting stuff about passed away entertainers.

  • Michael Selman

    Thank you Kevin & Tom 4 a very fun hike.

  • karey lester

    My toothbrush would be next to the toothpaste in the drawer.

  • chris marinock

    Why not change the name to keeping up with Kevin?

  • Duck Landes

    Did Clint Eastwood invent Carmel M&M's? Or did he mean Caramel? — "We were just talking about you" reminds me of a Paul Reubens line; because he's so bad at telling jokes, and often forgets part of the joke, he ends with "I love that story." I used to tell people when meeting them for the first time "I remember you, but you were probably too drunk to remember."

  • Duck Landes

    Is that cannabis on the left at the beginning of the video? 0:00

  • kdoeone

    its to bad Tim isnt to funny . he is such a nice guy. and he is very likeable.

  • Jerry Tracy

    Love tom papa

  • loveforeignaccents

    Kevin, thanks for sharing these (mostly) gems with us!! You always come up with such wild and unique questions, you should have your own actual talk show!! Never heard of this guy but enjoyed the conversation hike!

  • My Lovely Dead Friends

    title had me believe you actually ran into cruise on your hike…

  • Michael Price

    Can't get a better first concert…"Hide Your Sheep"!
    …or the other one.

  • Jake The Urban Viking

    ATTN Kevin! Can you hike in The Catskills please!?!?!? We love Cali but, Kevin, The Catskills Bro! 🙂

  • Notgiven Notgiven

    Wow, that was deep.

  • Michael Daugherty

    I foresee Kevin doing a hike by himself and interviewing himself moving the camera right and left and laughing at his own jokes.

  • john fazzari

    i think tom arnold would have been great in a reboot of Sgt. Bilko

  • Russell Krue

    Motortrend intro music used as segue @ 2:00?


    Man this was real cool non stop fun and chill much love and GOD BLESS

  • dLimboStick

    I love how Kevin can introduce me to one of the top comedians in the country that I've never heard of.

  • Jeffrey Vasquez


  • Jenny Baker

    hey, I was just talking about you

  • Kay Fish

    More like tag along with Nealon. This doesn't work when the guest is four strides behind you, knucklehead.

  • cryingmushroom47

    Why didn't you wear shorts?

  • Brent Rawson

    These videos bring out the good chemicals.. look forward to them.. you’re a natural at conversation.. would enjoy a hike w/ Adam Corolla, Dennis Miller, Brian Regan, and Jay Lafferty

  • Pegg O

    folks seem more pleasant and enjoyable when there’s no profanity. is that just me? I’ve never heard of mr. papa but I like him now.

  • spunkymavrick

    I watch your show for the hikes, can u include trails you r on, I am a local pls

  • Jared Mehrlich

    8:19 .. being content is the biggest struggle

  • duanmcinnes

    Hi Kevin, been watching your show for a while and kind of got to wondering, when are you going to do a Hiking With Kevin Oz? Heaps of awesome hiking areas in different locations and a few good comedians to boot!

  • daedralord1

    Kevin is really hitting the bottom of the barrel now getting people to hike with him. Did kevin just say top comedian?

  • Miranda Brooks

    A nice hike. Your guest at least talked. Not the most dynamic talker but at least he participated!

  • jerlands

    hey kevin…

  • travis aaron

    never heard of him

  • Nautilus1972

    Wow, is that some clickbait. That's like #1 all-time click-bait.

  • Dave Rivers

    No wonder California burns. The desiccation due to lack of moisture is jarring. BC has started burning due to lack of moisture too. This park is a firetrap.

  • Terry B

    Great interview. You won't have cottonmouth if you hike here in central Florida – only tons of sweat pouring off you.

  • Bronald

    that fake bread convo caused me to unsub, this channel was cool when it had like 20k subs, now it's lame as fuck

  • Chakra Zoo

    im the 1k 😀

  • Holly White

    Birth control in human form.

  • Adam Bowman

    Please, stay alive Kevin…

  • tim wilson

    Rip off Owen Benjamin much?

  • judaskennedy

    Love the show Kevin! You ask interesting questions, plus I I believe the walking and talking gets people to open up more somehow, the interviews are always very conversational.

    Although this episode has annoying wide angle shots of you walking? Have you set up cameras along the path? Is a camera man running to the next spot while you’re walking? I It’s quite distracting and takes away from the quality of your beautifully simple show.

  • arx754

    I misinterpreted the title and kept waiting for them to run into Tom Cruise on their hike…..

  • Lego Spiderman The Movie Guy

    Enjoy walk-in again with grandpa-your marvel dog-new girl- enjoy😎🤩🤩

  • Lego Spiderman The Movie Guy

    Great show Kevin, always great guest🤩😎💐💐🤠👍🌹😁

  • Lego Spiderman The Movie Guy

    Any marvel guess yet-will spider -walk with u?2 billion fans want the o know, chap-go marvel😎👀

  • Allen C

    The most stupid thing on YouTube is this show.

  • Gelmir Curufin

    17:00 busted after a grateful dead show

  • mwervin1s

    “22 hours ago” That’s great news!!!

  • Paula Bradley

    Oh shootbi thought it was going to be Tom Cruise 😣

  • mwervin1s

    I thought there were gunshots at around 12:30, Jesus Christ!

  • IamLegionXXX

    I guess that joke about where do you get these kids, up the trail aways? Didnt land and she told you to fuck off or ignored you and que the jump cut. lol I think when a joke doesnt land its still funny the expression people have or your expression from embarrassment lol.

  • C H U M P

    Chew a big wad of pink bubble gum while hiking keeps you from being thirsty.

  • Peter Allen

    Kevin,maybe you dont listen to npr,but tom is on like three different weekly shows,which is how i found out about him,hes very poetic and somewhat cerebral but lite in what he does,out in america ,he calls it,good stuf,hes got alot of potential to go to the next level,tv,movies,hes really good,thanks for having him on…

  • Joe Smith

    Who operates the drone camera?

  • Jessica Marie Baumgartner

    Trail mix is best when you make your own

    My fav trail mix has cashews, peanuts, almonds, sunflower seeds, raisins, dried cherries, dried cranberries, and coconut shavings.

  • jackson pine

    This is better than TV.

  • atypicalarchetype

    How about a hiking book that shows all the hikes, directions, maps, distance & elevation?

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