Collagen | Collagen Supplements | What Is Collagen

Collagen | Collagen Supplements | What Is Collagen

Lacrosse Jack I coughed so much it’s
given me a six-pack every time I cough hey guys you’re probably here because
you wanted to know all about those collagen supplements and do they
actually work do they help with the hair do they help with skin and do they do
all the claims that we’re seeing these days well I’m gonna answer that question
and I’m gonna answer many more in this week’s responding to your comments where
we look at fun questions where we look at science questions and most
importantly we use evidence to give you the best answer Shari Barrere I would
like to see a video for women thinning hair does collagen help Sharri
thanks for your comment this is from the how to get rid of dandruff video
collagen it’s a big trend at the moment isn’t it it’s everywhere and collagen
itself is everywhere it’s a protein which is everywhere in our body and one
thing that it’s responsible for is it allows for that elasticity in the skin
now as we age our bodies produce less collagen okay and a lot of these
companies who manufacture collagen supplements are really capitalizing on
this fact that we need more collagen and because of this the global market for
the collagen supplements is actually four billion dollars and many brands
claim that collagen supplements help with things like your skin your hair
your nails and actually the evidence supporting ingested collagen so
swallowing collagen is actually massively overblown and there’s actually
no evidence supporting this so let’s look a little deeper into the evidence
can a collagen supplement actually help with your hair skin nails because in
theory we lose collagen as we age so if you’re replenishing your collagen in
theory it should help right so what needs to happen when you swallow a
collagen supplement well basically your body will break it down then it needs to
absorb into your bloodstream and then it needs to somehow travel to your hair
skin and nails again and here’s the best part
some colleges supplements actually claim that their product is fast absorbing
something along those lines that they put on this is a fast absorbing
collagen supplement great for you to use something along those lines okay but
here’s the evidence collagen supplements have only been
found to get as far as your bloodstream they have not been found to get far as
your hair that not been found to get as far as
your nails and have not been found to get as far as your skin so what does
this mean this means that it’s very unlikely that the collagen supplement
is actually going into your skin is actually getting to where you want it to
get to and building up those collagen stores there however saying all that
there have been some studies that have shown collagen supplement can help with
skin elasticity and moisture but but and it’s a big but okay as a health care
professional I look at studies all the time okay now I’m not going to go
through all the detailed stuff that I look through in a study to make sure how
credible it is and looking at the results but there’s a few things that anybody
can do when they look at a study so for example the first thing you can look at
is how big was it study was it done on a handful of people five or ten people or
was it done on thousands of people okay a good study is a study that has been
done on hundreds of thousands of people not a handful of people okay which is
what these studies have been done on the next question you can look at it’s how
long was this study done for okay was the study done for five to ten
years which is a good length okay or was it done for a couple of weeks on months
which is what these studies were done for a couple of months okay and
lastly which is the most important question you look at for any study is
who funded this study okay was it funded by a big company a research company
University whoever or was it funded by the actual manufacturers of the collagen
supplement and in these studies they were funded by the collagen
manufacturers or the brands who trying to sell this them which makes you think
how reliable were these studies if they were funded by the companies who are
trying to sell them that’s all I’m gonna say
just think about it how reliable is that study really that was a really long
answer but I just wanted to give you all the information I had so you can make
the right decision because a lot of these companies are making a lot of
false claims which I don’t know how they getting away with so I just want
everyone to know the facts that are out there and in the future the collagen
supplement these collagen supplement really need more studies on them okay
the needs have been on for a longer duration they need to be done on more
people to see if it’s causing any side effects or problems mainly and also to
see if there were it also needs to be funded
correctly and as a health care professional I cannot recommend the
collagen supplement to a patient because the evidence is just not there and it’s
not safe to do so which brings me onto another point
about safety a lot of these supplements they’re not regulated so nobody knows
what’s in them properly they’re not regulated or tested to make sure that it
is actually what they are claiming is on the box is in the actual pill this is a
massive problem that a lot of supplement companies have and what I will do is
I’ll leave more information about this in the description below for you as well
to please read up on and I always tell my patients to please use things that
there’s evidence supporting it so for example let’s say if someone wants to
help protect their skin from aging okay make sure that you’re using a
sunscreen because we know that sun damage causes the most damage to the
skin and aging so you need to be using the correct sunscreen with the correct
SPF with the correct UVA protection and I did make a video about it’s not long
ago I will leave a link up here and in the description below for you as well if
you want to find out more information about sunscreens and also for example
when it comes to aging and the skin is one for staying on that topic you need
to make sure you’re not over exfoliating a lot of people exfoliate their skin every
single day and this is very harmful for the skin you need to be exfoliating once or
maximum twice a week and also eating your fruit eating your vegetables and if
you smoke you need to quit smoking because that can also age the skin thank
you for your comments sharri I hope this video has helped explain all about
collagen supplements to you and to everyone who’s watching this video you
all now know about the facts of collagen if it works the evidence the safety
you know everything about collagen you’re a collagen supplement pro so
please tell your friends tell your family tell your loved ones tell
everyone because you now know everything thank you for your question again and
now let’s move on to next comment lacrosse jack coughed so much it’s
given me a six-pack every time I cough lacrosse Jack Thank
you for your comment I was there not long ago I went snowboarding a couple of weeks ago
I’m that pulling certain muscles in my abs I probably never used and I came
back I caught a cold and had a bit of a cough and every time I coughed I was
getting pains in my abs and then you commented and I saw this and I was like
oh other people are having the same problem
so anyway I’m much better now I didn’t get a six-pack unfortunately I hope
you’re better also but please remember if your cough hasn’t gone if it hasn’t
improved and you watch my video it’s been more than 3 weeks now
or you have any medical conditions which I explain in the video please speak to your
doctor or a health care professional thank you for your comment life lover
thanks for the subtitles life lover thank you for your comment this is from
the how to grow taller video I picked this comment in particular because I want to
discuss something with you all for some strange reason every now and then I get
a comment people asking for subtitles on the videos so I just want to let
everyone know how every single video that I have on my channel has subtitles
they are 100% correct the timing was all correct because Nadia who’s my editor
she puts the subtitles on every single video and I checked them all as well and
they’re always correct so if you ever struggle to understand what I say if you
ever struggle to hear what I say if my British accent is difficult for you to
understand if i’m speaking too fast just click on the subtitles button it’s 100
percent correct it’s either the CC button if you’re
watching on a desktop or if you watch it on your phone you click the 3 button
icon on the top right I think and then you click subtitles and it’ll pop up easy
as that life lover thank you for your comment have a great day conchita w i
was always wondering to whom does the angry looking cat belong to does it have
a special meaning Conchita thank you for your comment I
hope you well Conchita has always comment on every single video that post
Conchita also really enjoys the bloopers and so do I actually
I mean the information is good with the bloopers they are really good at
sometimes so with regards to the cat I’m not filming in that room today but usually
in the room that film in there is a little cat it’s a little toy cat and I
usually put on the sofa behind me here and it looks into the camera I like it
being it gives me good luck I think but with regards that cat I actually never
knew why that cat was there so I just used to put it there but I’ve done some
research and in the practice that I work at I spoke to the practice nurse who’s
like the most senior nurse here she’s actually a sister and she knows
everything that goes on in the practice so she told me that the cat is called
grumbles and that cat has been there for a long time
because that’s actually a meeting room where I film in and what happens is when we have
our meetings if you ever have something which stressed you out and you really
want to talk about it you’re meant to grab hold onto grumbles grumbles the cat
and I guess you’re gonna have a bit of a grumble so you’re going to be talking
about it so that everyone can learn and reflect on it so you hold grumbles the
cat and you talk about it and that is a story of grumbles I think I’ve said
grumbles too many times thank you comment have an awesome day
Conchita it’s me I’m gonna become vegan from tomorrow it’s me thank you for your
comment this is from the how to lose belly fat video this is actually a
really good idea for a video that was thinking on how about a challenge like
Abraham the pharmacist goes vegan for 30 days it would be like a diary style
video and I would document how I get on just throwing it out there see what
everyone thinks if you think it’s a good idea leave a comment below let me know
your thoughts let me know what you would like to be included in the video and we
could do this idea on many different topics so vegan is one going keto is
another and many different stuff thank you for coming I hope my tips in
the video helped have a great day looks like we’ve run out of time again and
this week’s responding to your comments if I missed your comment I’m really
sorry we are getting so many comments these days it’s very easy to miss them
so the best advice I can give you is leave it in the comment and I’ll try my
best to get back to you in a future episode and respond to your comments
always remember you’re awesome and I’ll see you next week hey guys thanks for
watching this week’s video make sure to click that like follow or subscribe
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