Cheat Meal Headquarters | What Pro Bodybuilders Eat at Restaurants

Cheat Meal Headquarters | What Pro Bodybuilders Eat at Restaurants

what’s going on guys IFBB Pro Akim
Williams here again what’s up muscle and strength and this is what
bodybuilders eat at a restaurant I’m out here at the famous Brother Bruno’s cheat
meal headquarters so if you ever want to cheat meal after a show you definitely
this is the place to go one of my favorite places to go after doing a
competition so follow me in this is the owner right here
did you see those guns look at this he’ll surprise me with something sup guys this is
Brother Bruno’s the Cheat Meal Headquarters we specialize in everybody’s cheat meal
we have some crazy stuffed pizzas we have breakfast lunch dinner dessert we
have crazy dessert pies we ship throughout the entire country we have
all the IFBB Pros coming to eat all the time Pete right there is gonna walk
you through how the dessert pies are made and are we gonna get that on camera
and show you guys all the amazing dessert that they come out of this place
so we’re gonna be making Akim’s specialty right here
it’s the dessert sampler we got 50 different combinations of dessert pizzas
so you could actually choose four and put all four on the same pizza we
separate into quarters so we just warmed the dough up a little
bit so that way we could spread like Nutella and the vanilla icings and stuff
like that on top so right here behind you we got all the homemade icings we
got crumb cake Cinnabons Girl Scout cookies brownies cookie dough birthday
cake french toast we got a fruity pebbles for the pizza
and then this is the star of the show always we go through about 200 gallons
of Nutella every month Akim eats about a hundred gallons himself warmed up the
dough I’m gonna come right over here so we’re gonna do start with the Nutella
I’m gonna put it on half the pizza so we’re throw some marshmallows on a
quarter this is gonna be a s’mores some graham crackers we call this one slutty
brownie so it’s got cookie dough and then we got some brownies
and then we’re gonna do the birthday cake this is a homemade cookie dough
that we make this is the blue icing for the Cookie Monster it’s a blue vanilla
icing and then I got more cookie dough and then we’re gonna bake it some more it’s pretty much done now crumbled Oreos on top of the Cookie
Monster on top of the slutty brown and we’re gonna drizzle some Nutella on the
cookie monster we’re gonna use our homemade icing on the slutty brownie some powdered sugar it’s not sweet
enough yet not enough calories twenty thousand calorie challenge with this
pizza so this is our dessert sampler we got the birthday cake the Cookie Monster
slutty brownie and s’mores Akim’s actually gonna get some healthy stuff today he’s getting
a grilled chicken sweet potato and broccoli platter so we do the cheat
meals and we also have to healthy end too I gotta keep eating clean you know I’m
six and a half weeks out so I can’t eat any dessert pies so this is Akim’s meal here
you got some sweet potatoes 6 ounces grilled chicken you got some steamed
broccoli alright guys so you can see perfectly
clean meal you know some broccoli grilled chicken and some sweet potatoes so just
finished training back got a clean meal about to chow down on this a quick tip if
you go out to eat at a restaurant stuff like that you want to always make sure
that you ask questions you know ask them what kind of oil they use to you know make
the vegetables or what kind of oil they use to make a steak and stuff like that
there’s any butter on the steak and stuff like that so so you’ll get as plain as
possible you know then they can eat it but a lot of these places you know they
cook everything in bulk so they don’t really like make everything
fresh you know and sometimes that batch may have butter and something like that
so it’s really hard to eat out if you’re trying to eat clean alright guys so this is what bodybuilders
eat out at a restaurant hope you guys enjoy the video and don’t forget to
subscribe below and uh big shout out to Brother Bruno’s for providing us with
this healthy meal taste amazing the chicken is awesome and uh definitely a
place to go if you want an amazing dessert treat after your contest



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