Can You Train Everyday? The Truth About Overtraining (WORKOUT) | THENX

Can You Train Everyday? The Truth About Overtraining (WORKOUT) | THENX





  • Andrej Gigli

    I alternate with legh day. But I always train my core

  • Hope

    I like how Chris pretends to be tired…

  • rasheed sadien

    Pretty sure the homie got this workout routine from Goku

  • Mawn

    Hey Chris,what about if you are a teenager of around 14 years old and you overtrain?


    You can workout everyday but you gonna have injury for 100 %than you gonna stop for ever

  • Guillem M

    You are pure inspiration.

  • Hyo Okazaki

    Weighted muscle ups?! You’re a beast man!

  • Amaan Yousef

    Watching him it makes you think you can easily do the workouts then you try it and realise this man is something else

  • den19852

    Been watching a lot of his videos, first time I hear him curse.

  • go fuck yourself

    I'm finding it hard 2 work out I never get doms any more even if I do a grousome work out and I barely sweat like I'm serious I will do a half hour workout then do around 20 laps of the swimming pool and next morning I'm good is this normal I have been working out for about a year and a lil

  • Sietse Van Overstraeten

    kay I'll take 1 break today

  • Nick Mackool

    Bruh why ur eyes so drowsy

  • Lại Lùn

    Intro nice

  • tommasolinas

    Chris: "Push yourself evey week"
    Me: "Hell yes"
    Chris:"Get the right amount of sleep"

  • Comkio

    This man is killing us and himself

  • cameron grace

    what is the name of the opening song?

  • Matteo Multineddu

    I wish I could get fit just by watching your videos god damn these exercises looks hella hard, Imma stay with the classic dumbbells, pushups, situps ecc.

  • Manuel Grubet

    Thats Just crazy as fuck

  • Luigi Taurisano

    I know that this training is hard, but is really enough 11/12 min a day? Also, is it possible to lengthen recovery times during this type of training?

  • Hawk Eye

    do it every day with adequate portions

  • hana D Faiheng

    Please hear me out.
    I’m age 17, weight between 48-50-52 ( it change often?
    I have been to the gym for 4 months now.
    But for the last two months my schedule has been slipping back and forth. Like some weeks i will train like 7 days a week INTENSE and then the next week i would take a rest for the whole week. Is that bad or good.

  • Klaudia Lacayo

    You are INCREDIBLE & INSANE 🔥🔥🔥 can you please talk more about your discipline/mindset. There's just moments ppl want to give up so easily but how are you so determined to keep going no matter what???

  • Evilwhisper

    Is the cameraman having a seizure or something.

  • diego zapata

    Q paso con el subtitulo???🤔

  • red prism

    Arnold said its good to be overtrained.

  • Frost

    If that ain't the beast mode…I don't know what is

    Biig Respect man. Not even respect, that's shear admiration at this point

  • Jay Sysum a.k.a Rat Master 3

    So was this round 1? Yeah right lol… that would be me done for the week… I wouldn’t be able to move for the next 6 days… Crazy strength 😉

  • Jay Sysum a.k.a Rat Master 3

    When’s the music gonna be available on iTunes?

  • Halis Çolak

    İn my country there isn’t any kind of these bars even in gyms .so I just fuck my trainers what a ignorance actually body weight train is best between all of them but I have no chance to perform these exercises.

  • MFUB

    That was some savage ass training

  • Garrett Peters

    Hey man youve inspired me to start calisthenics and i want to do something small since im a beginner so i was thinking about 50 pull ups a day for right now and i dont know if i should have rest days for something so small or not ? Would appreciate anyone answering, thanks

  • Zombie

    Anyone can do this?

  • Dank_moo1dy

    I worked out as hard as I could for 3 days straight and now my body is extremely injured

  • LNJ-papitacaliente

    Quien hizo los subtitulos en español? V:

  • Richard M

    Respect Chris!
    If i was to do the very same workout, i would probably only leave the gym wrapped up in a bodybag 😵😵😵😬😬😬

  • J O

    hoool up are you even human? you're amazing dude, and a huge inspiration. Keep it up man!

  • Marcelo Martins

    3 (hard as fuck) times a week is enough ?

  • Dan Patrick

    Here i am watching thist at 2:30 am while drinking jack daniels mixed with some coke and eating leftover Hawaiian pizza. Peace

  • Ahmad Al Alwani

    Yo this guy has his music playlist on Spotify go check it out

  • Akuma

    Question: What’s your insight on locking your elbows when you do pull up. I hear that you hurt your bone joints but I see that you do it on all your work outs like Hand stands too. Do your joints ever hurt ?

  • Kevin Chacko

    Dude says to have rest. Then does the whole freaking workout with barely any rest 😪

  • FireyMan99

    Looks like a video to just show off your god like strength. lol. You are amazing!

  • TheWhite Rabbit

    The jewels the family jewels!

  • TheWhite Rabbit

    Pushing yourself to death 💀 has new meaning!

  • levi Alexander

    Did he just say one arm handstands 😳

  • apteekinsalli

    Jesus you are strong!

  • Nutrition Is life

    @16:35 what track is this?

  • Vlad Gladko

    He looks like Bellamy from The 100.

  • Trash_At Life

    After yesterday I worked out for 30mins then another 30.
    And I woke up this morning and said. Fuck the workout I'ma sleep

  • Mike Walls

    Hey guys, I'M watching this AFTER doing the work out, ha! I'm so smug compared to you!

  • Henry Kopchinski

    Chris! You are a beast!!! Such an inspiration!! Thank You!!

  • Chief ARC

    I ride train everyday in going school

  • Marin Mato

    i go to gym for about 45 mins everyday is that bad? pls c this comment

  • Andy Meier

    His face during the muscle ups be like "fuck, whyd i do this, I GOT THIS ITS FOR THE VIEWERS AAAAGGHHH"

  • out door camping and survival

    Hell yeah bro you're awesome

  • Dan Constancio Jr

    I’m concerned about your Amino intake. Shouldn’t your body produce your strength?

  • Wilhelm Hesse

    "Practicing One Arm Handstands"…I hope the haters heard that! I've been doing two sets of the 10 x10 essential push ups almost each day for the past month and the results are amazing.. I don't care what haters say but the advice from this channel works for me.

  • Rittwick Maji

    that's some god level work out

  • raenman

    Nah. I train everyday for 4 months now and Ive made more gains than most do in that time. Maybe im not training as hard as possible tho

  • raenman

    Ngl those deadlifts hurt to watch

  • alfredo Mena Noriega

    Man you would be an awesome nightwing personification.

  • Rares MTB

    I started going gym properly at the start of this month like nearly every day before i was on and off. I have been on a 7 day spree but if i stay inside the house all day and dont do anything it makes me feel like shit but i dont wanna overtrain either

  • Darryl K

    How does this help you in everyday life , doing the wash , grocery shopping , cutting the grass etc . ?

  • Evelyne Depoorter

    You are a beast,… Good luck with everyting you do.

  • amanda Vergara

    Y los subtítulos en español?

  • Measels

    Was feeling guilty for thinking I needed a day off and came across this video. Was too fatigued to put in a good workout today, practiced my handstands instead and was able to do a few reps of unassisted handstand pushups for the first time. I’ll be technique training on my off days from now on because even then I’m still progressing

  • THE MFA 19

    hey chris i hope u answer me i do made an overwoking out and my body now cant do like before performance so plz can u tell me what to do plz plz plz i need help i know that video is from 2 years ago but idk what to do

  • ked4

    EVERYONE WATCHING THIS, look up Joe Rogan How To Workout Smarter

  • Oliver T. Myrhol

    Finally someone that just answears my question!

  • Kira Orions


  • Gemvic Pineda

    Chris Heria:"we're gonna do an intense workout"
    Me:YES SENSAI!!!

  • Leo Awgowhat

    Our goal is to do 5000 proper pushups on our 60th birthday my imaginary friend has assured me if we do 1000 aday for ten years it shouldn't be a problem what do you think?

  • FOx4393

    i over train every day somtimes its hurts but its not that bad

  • Asad Ahmed

    Saitama did

  • Tyler Reed

    I have a question ok I workout once a week doing high volume if I workout 2 times a week doing high volume will I get stronger faster compared to once a week

  • Zane Spang

    This is inspiring Chris. I am pretty locked into your workout plans so far and I feel like anyone can get to this point. I really appreciate what you are doing for mankind.

  • FatherOf Dogs

    oh tell me u loooovvee meeee..i need someone, on days like this i do..


    why not turn on the fans?

  • Ben Otvos

    How tall are you. I want to order the black joggers and I’m 6 foot 2 but I don’t know what size to get

  • Arijeet Dasgupta

    Over training?.. I am not even under training

  • Jonathan W.A

    Next video, Chris is gonna be looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime


    One of the few times we get to see Chris actually try hard, holy fuck.

  • Simo

    those hand pushups, do you need to able to do a standing shoulder press with about your own bodyweight to be able to do even 1? Or do you compensate with other muscles and are maybe able to do it with a bit less than that? I'm 100kg but i'm nowhere close to doing a 100kg standing shoulderpress (max 72.5kg, current max 65 after losing 16kg).

  • Fizz Bitcoin

    Who needs a washing machine when you can manually wash your clothes on Chris’s abs..

  • Phirun

    Is your six pack natural or is it because you workout the wrong way? because I saw it’s not equal Please answer this question. I also want to know that as a beginner to do six pack, how many day should I workout per week and after that how many days I should workout per week and is it okay for me to workout for six pack 4 days per week?

  • twist2shout

    I'm ready when you are, dude!

  • Danil Kukhnin

    From Russia with respect!

  • Ludde O

    I train everyday a week.
    But i only go to gym 4 times a week(3 days heavy and 1 day calis). I also swim and do lighter exercises the other days.
    And moderate cardio everyday. Works for moi

  • gettindrunker

    Chris walks in grocery store without a shirt on… nobody says sh*t lol

  • STARS Redfield

    I can't even do this underwater, i'll drown myself !

  • Camilo

    3:22 that routine was actually massive hahaha

  • P G

    pls pls take part at ninja warrior – i hope you read this

  • GunsCarsBikeCigars

    what do you drive? just moved and have a v12 vanquish and gt3. man these roads and entrances to Miami places SUCK

  • Riyo Miyake

    any suggestion on lower back workout? (got some fats in it)

  • Arkabha Saha

    Fuckin BEAST!

  • StivensGameZone

    8:52 that look, when camera guy put more weight /kg ,than chris have asked for 😂🤣

  • Abc Def

    Ha-ha, definitely not for me, only 3 to 4 days a week, and one of those days must be light cardio. I should work harder!!

  • thisisbob1001

    4.00 he chained the weights to his dick

  • Elijah Allen

    Why does every video on YouTube start with shitty music

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