But, YOU said Collagen Peptides Do NOT Work! | Collagen peptides Update

But, YOU said Collagen Peptides Do NOT Work! | Collagen peptides Update

hey honey bunny I am the girl on YouTube
saying collagen peptides don’t work that’s me so if you haven’t seen my video on
why collagen peptides don’t work you may be asking yourself how can you be doing
a collagen update on a product that you claim doesn’t work hmm kind of a
head-scratcher but if you’ve seen that video you know
the answer to that question is in that video so if you haven’t seen it I would
suggest you actually watch that video and then come back to this one today I’m
going to be discussing the benefits I’ve received from taking collagen
supplements but before I do let me introduce myself I am rocky I make
videos about natural hair healthy skin and just overall health and wellness so
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have you and as well before I jump into my collagen update I want to address some
of the comments I got in my previous video one of the comments I received was
using or taking my collagen supplement with orange juice genius genius you know
you know why didn’t I think of that maybe I did did I mention that in that
video I don’t remember now why didn’t I think of that I don’t know but I
appreciate that comment because that is a genius idea and I was also told
repeatedly not to be so repetitive and to get straight to the point and you
know I kept repeating the same thing over and over
Yatta Yatta Yatta now in the video I did mention that I was being super
repetitive and that was repeating the same thing over and
over and I did understand that it would be kind of annoying to some of you I did
actually mention that in the video itself and for those of you who did
comment and let me know that you felt like I was being really repetitive point
heard and received I will try my best to not ramble and repeat the same things
over and over in all my future videos and I will try to get more straight to
the point another point that was made repeatedly with the fact that I was not
following the manufacturer’s recommended dose of the product that I was using and
you know it’s really hard to see results when you don’t follow dosage recommended
by the manufacturer another point that I understand and have received and I do
understand the point that you’re making and it makes total sense I’m not a
minimalist but I do live by the motto that less is more so in this type of
instance I would recommend using products that work best for your
lifestyle and for someone like me vital proteins just was not a product that
worked best for my lifestyle so yes that was a very valid point the manufacturer
has a recommended daily dosage for a reason and you can’t always expect to
see results if you don’t follow the instructions ok now that all that’s out
of the way let’s hop into this video I will be discussing what collagen I’m
using what vitamin C supplement I used why began taking collagen and how my
hyperpigmentation has been affected in what areas I’ve seen the most benefits
from collagen and will I continue using collagen now I will also have a time
point for each topic listed on the screen as you’ve seen and I’ll also have
it listed down below in the description box so for those of you with no patients
I’ve learned from my mistakes I told you I’m doing
better so go ahead and check out the description box if you want to get
straight to a particular topic and skip you know everything in between see I
told you your girl was listening okay so topic one
what collagen am I using now right now I’m using this collagen which I did
mention in the video was my preferred collagen this is the collagen replenish
powder with hyaluronic acid and vitamin C I just feel like this is the best
collagen for me it works the best gives me the results I need and it’s an
all-in-one that’s my favorite aspect of it everything that I need is in one
container I don’t have to buy anything else one and done now I am still taking
five grams of this and it’s been working perfectly fine for me and then what
vitamin C I’m taking I decided I wanted to go with a vitamin C gummy I’m not a
fan of taking anything in pill form so I went I opted for a gummy I use the
nature made adult gummy vitamin C and the tangerine flavor and it worked
really well for me once I started using that with the vital proteins
I had great results everything was working fine just like the results I was
getting from the replenish collagen I was getting that with the vital protein
collagen once I started supplementing with
vitamin C so like I said you do have to use vitamin C to synthesize the collagen
very important step if your collagen does not already have vitamin C in it
or if you don’t have a diet that is sufficient in vitamin C I would
highly recommend a supplement I felt like that supplement worked great for me
if you tolerate pills fine you don’t have to go with the gummy it’s
unnecessary it’s just added sugar to your diet that you may not need after
that jar of the nature made adult vitamin C gummy was done I did not
repurchase it I actually decided I wanted to go back to my original
collagen so instead of buying more I just switched collagen so I only bought
one jar of it but the supplement worked great gave me all the benefits I needed
worked well with the collagen have no complaints with that combination at all
I want to let you know why I began using collagen in the first place in case you
decided to don’t want to watch the video that I previously recorded the reason I
started using collagen was for skin care I wanted to reduce wrinkles I wanted to
improve my elasticity and as you age naturally your collagen production does
slowed down so I wanted to give my collagen a boost because you know I’m
getting up there in age I want to make sure you know everything is working
properly but I wanted to make sure that I don’t start to see lines and wrinkles
pop up I do have this forehead wrinkle that I’ve been developing
it’s like hereditary that we kind of wrinkle our brows in my family like this
so I definitely have that line already developing and it is what it is but I
don’t want to see more lines developing so that is why I began taking collagen
supplements I just really wanted to aid my body in making sure that I keep my
skin nice and healthy I did not initially start taking collagen for hair
growth nail growth anything of that sort it was strictly skin related that’s all
I cared about okay what can I say so in terms of hyperpigmentation I don’t feel
like collagen really gave me any beneficial results in reducing the
amount of hyperpigmentation that I receive
I don’t know that collagen claims to reduce hyperpigmentation so that’s not
really a benefit I was looking for but if it was there I would be willing to
accept it but like I said I don’t really receive any benefits in the reduction of
my hyperpigmentation when my skin breaks out it does leave
behind a scar and that scar tends to be a few shades darker than my skin and it
tends to be hard to fade so what I use is the ambi fade cream I do have a
review on that product on my channel if you’re interested in it it works
beautifully for me it has throughout the years so like I said if
you’re interested in fading hyperpigmentation I don’t know if I
would use collagen as the source of reduction for that particular skincare
problem I would go to another source for me like I said I use ambi and it works
just fine but in terms of skincare in general I just did not see really good
results from collagen now I know some of you will still say I could up the dosage
and I might see better results in terms of skin care and that is a good point
and it’s something that I may consider doing so what areas have I seen
improvement in from my collagen usage now the biggest biggest area of
improvement has definitely been my nails like my nails grow like crazy may not be
able to tell looking at the nail but that’s because I’ve come to a point
where I just like medium length nails I don’t need them to be super long I just
want them to be healthy so I have to file my nails like every other day just
to maintain this length and that’s what I’m doing at this point there was a
period of time where I was letting them grow out and get super long but it just
I don’t know it wasn’t for me so I just decided I want to keep them at this
length and keep them nice and medium and just healthy and that’s worked fine for
me with the collagen with collagen supplements I find that your nails grow
rapidly even my toenails I have to clip them like more often than I did before
so yes if you’re getting acrylic nails be prepared to get them filled more
often if you’re like me and you polish your nails at home you will see the
growth more and I also see growth at the tips which was something I never
experienced before usually I do see growth at the cuticle but it’s rare that
I would see like my nails out growing my fingernail polish at the tips but that
has been something that I’ve come across where the tips of my fingernail polish
will start to be outgrown by my nail I don’t know if anyone else has
experienced that but it’s just like such rapid nail growth it’s like my
fingernail polish can only last a week just because my nails are growing so
fast I have to re-polish them more frequently I personally love polishing my
fingernails my fingernails are one of my passion so it’s not a big deal for me to
polish them all the time and file them all the time because I really like nail
health and just the collagen boost to my nail health has been amazing amazing so
if you struggle with nail growth if you struggle with things of that nature I
would highly recommend starting a collagen supplement just to aid with
that now another area that I’ve seen amazing results from it’s my hair so
I’ve had thick hair my whole life I’ve had a lot of hair in my whole life but
it’s on another level now okay it’s on another level I will go into extreme
details on my natural hair and another video I will be dedicating a whole video
just to my natural hair growth but I’m telling you you’re gonna see some hair
growth now when people hear hair growth they just think of the hair that grows
in one location which is on the top of the head no I’m talking about hair
growth in any area where you have a hair follicle okay so if you’re one who gets
wax but if you’re one who doesn’t like to shave often I don’t know if you wanna
you know experience a lot of hair growth because you’re gonna have to shave more
you’re gonna have to wax more you may have to pluck form like my eyebrows have
been pretty healthy I’ve always had kind of full natural eyebrows but I find that
my eyebrows are a little unruly and I have to like take scissors and cut
little weird stray strands off well I don’t pluck my eyebrows either it’s a
long story but anyway sometimes I will have to take my scissors and just clip
little like unruly brows out of the way I have to kind of shape them more and
just gel them down girl it’s a struggle if you want more information on my
eyebrows let me know in the comments and don’t make a video about that but in
general like I’m saying you’re gonna see more hair growth I’ve always had pretty
long arm hair that’s something I
always had but my arm hair is almost so long that I could braid it like so you
know you may find that that’s something you want a maintenance and shave or wax
or incorporate into your maintenance routine for your shaving or waxing but
for me I personally you know it is what it is it’s a little bit longer if you
like it don’t look but like I said I could almost braid my arm hair because
it’s getting so long kind of crazy and some of you may be like okay this is too
much information but this is the information you need to know because
when you think of hair growth I don’t want you to just think oh the hair on
top of my head is gonna grow no you can’t tell the collagen where to grow
the hair and where not to grow the hair your hair is just gonna grow everywhere
okay so like I said you may have to incorporate a little more personal
hygiene maintenance into your routine not that big of a deal for me personally
but I understand if for you you’re like No
No thank you ma’am I understand that so those are the two areas where I had the
most positive benefits from the collagen my nail growth and my hair growth my
skin has not seen much improved and for my final topic I want to go over will I
continue using collagen because the whole point of the collagen was to aid
in my skin health I have actually found skin care products like actual skin care
products that have really been beneficial to my skin care I will have a
skin care update coming up shortly so stay tuned for that if you want to know
exactly what I’ve been using to help with my skin so in terms of using the
collagen for skin health not really but I will continue using collagen this
particular collagen to be exact because I really enjoy healthy nails healthy
hair long hair long healthy hair those are benefits that we are not expecting those are benefits that was not
expecting but I will gladly take and receive so yes I would highly recommend
collagen supplements if you’re not taking it out ready
I think vital protein is a great supplement just make sure you are also
supplementing with the vitamin C I think the collagen replenish is an even better
supplement because like I said it’s an all-in-one one done thank you you know
that’s what I’m here for like I said less is more for me less is
more so that’s just my personal preference if you have any questions
please leave them in the comment below I’d be happy to answer them
I hope you found this video helpful I hope you learned something new as always
please like comment share and subscribe to me because I’d love to have you but
until next time see ya



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    Gang gang

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    Your hair looks amazing, your skin looks amazing, your nails look amazing! Girl collagen IS working for you! Can’t wait for the skincare update❤️.

  • Giselle Pierre

    For hyperpigmentaion consider using turmeric face masks. It has been proven to work and there are whole populations that swear by it and also tend to have beautiful skin.

  • Nicole Asim

    Vital protein now has vitamin c as well hyaluronic acid in it. You can find it on Amazon and their website. I know they don't carry it at Vitamin shopp or Costco as of yet. You have to look at the packaging and ingredients. I just starting taking Vital Protein I'm excited to see the health benefits!
    Thank you for the update friend great video!

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    You still repeat yourself a lot..

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