Build discipline | Freeletics How to

Growing up and training It was pretty rough And there were so many times where I Wanted to be doing other things Than going and training I wanted to compete But I just didn’t want to put in the work To be able to do it So, my dad always told me “The more you sweat in peace The less you bleed in war” Which told me the more passion I put in to whatever I’m doing The better the outcome’s gonna be I’ve trained with a lot of UFC fighters A lot of champions It’s why they’re at the top of the game It’s because they put in that work like no other You just gotta keep pushing ‘Cause there’s always somebody out there that’s got an eye on you Do you wanna be that person that falls into that negative mindset? Or do you want to be a positive influence For those people who are watching you? You know, to get back up And keep moving forward No matter what



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