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  • Bass Town Ncs

    awesome video

  • Bass Town Ncs

    so good <3

  • Bi O'Science

    Moving and inspirational lecture. Thank you.

  • Oscar Pacheco

    Great teacher! I could not stop to pay attention…

  • ShakespeareCafe

    SARS-CoV-2 brought me here….the dreaded Corona virus spreads at the speed of flight

  • Gustav Heaven

    great lecture. so, virus is human being's friends, who will kill best friend whenever get angry.

  • Ken Jackson

    I was fascinated to learn that the viruses encoded in our own DNA (proviruses?) have a beneficial design purpose. I wonder if all viruses in the wild originated in some organism's DNA.

  • Stu Pidas

    Smart and beautiful. Captivating.

  • Michael Harris

    Great lecture, thanks; amazing.


    Can you provide pdf file of your upcoming lectures plz

  • myutubechannel

    got terribly distracted by her hair partly blocking her left eye.

  • Salvador Hirth

    Prof. Glaunsinger, could you comment a bit more about the factors from coronaviruses that cause the stall of the interaction mRNA/ribosomes (21:30), is this interaction caused directly by the stem loop near the palindromic sequence of the virus, attatching to the site where t-RNA brings amino acids, or is it a peptide translated from the viral RNA? Thanks and you're the best! 🙂

  • Salvador Hirth

    Prof. Glaunsinger, if a human cell ( macrophages, for example) burts and releases mitochondria, do you think that those mitochondria could be target of bacteriophages from the gut?

  • Eddie Dingle

    What's this video about? I was too busy falling in love

  • TheFenerbahceSK

    15:13 The stuff about plasmids is really impressive.

  • Brett S.

    Coronavirus is on it's way.

  • sean mortaz


  • Giovanni Ensabella

    Thanks! So impressive. Now I have a better view

  • Frank Biesta

    Vert clear explanation. Thanks!

  • Jason Cunliffe

    Great lecture
    fascinating topic
    thank you for this !

  • MrTridac

    Nice lecture, but scientists shouldn't talk in a way as if micro organisms or viruses act intentionally. Like "How does the virus figure out something". That's what feeds the doubt that these things can even happen. Because they don't. No virus figures out anything. Things happen when things happen. Yet, many scientists speak in that wrong way around fashion.
    "Evolution has found a way." No it hasn't. Stuff just happened to work out.

  • Grace Lloyd

    Wonderful lecture. Thank you so much for these videos!!!

  • Stewart Chaimson

    Fascinating topic; genius presenter.

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