Hello and welcome to Jon Sheppard fitness if
you haven’t heard the news where have you been
because if you follow Brandon Harding like I do he came out with a video
yesterday saying he has got a new coach before the off season yes he has
never ever done ever had an off season coach he’s only done it for when he’s
actually prepping down ready for competition but if you’re wondering who
it is you probably have not heard of him he’s I’ve never heard of him I actually
started following him probably about three weeks ago
because he’s one of these videos is interesting and he’s crazy
and his name is Greg Doucette he’s an American
IFBB Pro he’s been on the scene for years half think he’s in his 40s and he
knows it all I mean if you haven’t seen these videos go and check his videos oh
his and Brandon’s channel will be down in the description
and he knows his stuff he slated Brandon Harding well I would say Slade called
him out about his cycle that he didn’t really know what he was doing it was all
over the place and Brandon got back to him and they hit it off so well quite a
while Brandon as being like hinting he’s got a new coach I’m gonna be working
with the coach for the very very first time on the offseason and some people
already guessed it was gonna be Greg and they were right and four do a little
video because some people don’t mind some people might have not seen the
video so I’m trying to get it out there because I have a big follow of Brandon
Harding you know only because he’s actual realistic he’s a fellow West
Midlands er and you need the craze to get out people who are not natural you
know I’m natural I’m not saying I don’t agree with it but I just
my opinion I will always stay natural I am I think too many risks unless you
want to go to the top end which he does so he’s got a reason to be on the gear
he’s gonna be coaching him in the offseason probably to his next show as
well because he’s gonna be competing in New York and Harding now you know we’re
not going to see this chubby guy because if you have seen some of Greg’s videos
oh my god yeah the hilarious I watch him more for
entertainment than actual information even though the information is great but
he’s a big big person who says you don’t have to bulk up to gain muscle he also
says you can gain muscle in a desapear so I’ve been watching him quite closely
recently he actually commented back on one of my actual comments as well which
shows he’s just a genuine decent like humble person who I find that appealing
to watch because a lot of people now do not bother with you when they’ve got so
many views or so many fans and that is good so it’s gonna be quite interesting
seeing Brandon Arden getting bigger without getting fatter because he said
if you do not have apps you are fat and he doesn’t care and he’s got it you know
he’s proven he’s proven it so I just thought I would get a little video out
as he needs to get out there and you might not seen it the link to the video
is out and down below Greg douche a has not released a video yet but I’m
thinking he probably will either tonight or Sunday probably Sunday because you
get more views I’ve got another video out tomorrow is it all full autumn
question tag thing from my coach so I will be doing
a video about my new coach soon so got a few interesting videos anyway I will see
you next time please give me a subscribe key and a like and I’ll see you next
time you



  • Lenny BM

    You are such a good dude

  • Grey Wolf Fitness

    I've put 2 and 2 together Jon I know who your coach is haha MINT

  • Jack Bramley

    Greg is Canadian not american

  • OutClass Nutrition

    I will check him out. I have not heard of him too! Thank you!

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