Bodybuilding Exercises : Bodybuilding: Seated Dumbbell Press

Bodybuilding Exercises : Bodybuilding: Seated Dumbbell Press

What I’m going to perform here is the dumbbell
press. This exercise is made for the shoulders. Press over the head. Make sure you flex the
shoulders throughout the motion. Also have it controlled. Another option that you do
have is you can do one arm at a time. You can go ahead and do all your six to eight
reps on one arm and then switch it and do it to the other arm if you wanted to or you
can alternate. One rep and one rep and continue that for about six to eight reps three to
four sets or you can just go back to doing it at the same time. Again, make sure you
control the weight. Flex the shoulders throughout the whole motion. Bring it down slowly and
that is how you do the dumbbell raise.



  • Carlos Castellanos

    thanx bro sweet!

  • La La JaN

    thanx uu ssso friend

  • 933roastduck

    does this help building broad shouldeR?

  • ateiwiz

    what do you mean? what kind of pine is it ?

  • 933roastduck


  • Lance Coleman

    @weathered79 No, this is for the shoulders.
    But your triceps shouldn't hurt.
    I suggest you let them rest for 1-2 weeks.

  • muñeco Hernandez

    @expertvillage what is this one good for

  • Jaden Raffin

    it does all three parts of the deltoid

  • menopausalguitarist

    Thank you for this. Peace 2 all

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  • White Star


  • Mohammad Abdul Kadir

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  • khang dao

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