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Bodybuilding and Steroids! Spill the Beans Podcast!

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parroting girl our guest nom in a chair for that okay so today we have a special
guest yes we have a special guest though it’s a contest that I’ve been seeing for
some time and it’s also different very different a month were coming in from
from your usual podcast guests for everyone looking for more manly content
today we have hats so my name is handstand they also know
me on social media as king panda and you could find me on YouTube King panda on
Facebook King panda and on Instagram King panda $9.99
we also have our Facebook and you Instagram pages luxury cars Manila and
their supplement line reborn performance which is our three not our e r3 r3 born
our three or more and and I’ll start with the most obvious sub visuals nom in
and a fajita say you you have tattoos very very yes kami with tattoos how’s
the experience about having tattoos because I also have some shocking
experience telling a pattern plate know when did you get yours I got my first
chat to back in 1996 1995 95 if you notice the the dragon mmm that dragon is
significantly smaller okay okay it’s probably about four inches by two
inches four inches by two inches yeah I was still in college it was done
traditional way the traditional way where the the tattoo artist used the
bamboo Wow bamboo in ink there’s a famous tattoo artist ever the the female
who’s yeah the one period yes yes but this guy was the one who did did a lot
of the rock star tattoos in in Venice Beach alright so I was with a bunch of
my fraternity brothers back then on college and we decided to give it a two
oh so when I came back home to Manila in 2009 I decided to make it a little
bigger that’s the dragon you see right now last year I decided what the hell
you know to get a what they call a half armor from the chest all the way to the
shoulders to the back so this is still a work in progress okay I didn’t know
that’s what they call it but a half armor okay Duane Jones oh yeah okay
is it more is it true that once you hit your 40s it’s more painful to get a
tattoo I think it’s painful irregardless of
what age yeah because the skin is skin yeah you get used to it after a while
but that some pain tolerance not for using Google oh good I don’t think it’s
in pain tolerance it’s after a couple of hours should just get numb that’s true
that’s true I was thinking of getting one but my friend kept telling me once
you hit your 40s so I was like starting to think about it but I guess you’re
right it’s not the paint dollar that’s after a while all that buzzing see
Lester you buy you also have one kill and move on is it more painful Bob I got
four colors a little bit more painful like oh this one was probably the most
painful okay right here by the bicep area head still painful it’s the most
tender part I don’t know if I can still do and I’m also looking at your
Instagram right you know you’re all you’re very much into fitness no yes
that’s why I cants you were saying you have your supplement line yeah I when I
was in the u.s. I I started off I work for one of the big financial friends
went bankrupt and we’re in the middle of the whole mess yeah and after that
decided to come home I was about 310 pounds Wow
I was bad oh you’ve probably seen one of the photos in my Instagram before and
after photo but I walked into a meeting one day with a friend of mine and I’ve
never seen since high school okay and he ended up becoming a fitness
person in the u.s. on the gym and went back daily low okay and as soon as I
walked into Starbucks he looked at me and said bro you’re like this close to
dying yeah you need to change so that’s what prompted my fitness journey okay
yes in 2015 I decided to join my first bodybuilding competition Wow place first
and then that’s where the bodybuilding bug hit you know hit me until see that
was me have to ask you grew up in the Philippines or in the stage I grew up
here okay and I moved to the US and 92 92 for college okay all right are you
here for good now I used a good yeah here for good so in 2015 that’s when the
fitness journey started here started in 2013 2013 2000 it started around 2010
2011 but I made every mistake in the book mm-hmm
you know did all the fats the egg diet that this diet did that diet nothing
ever worked what’s the egg diet you just what’s
wrong with that’s the only thing I know how to cook so I really don’t know how
to cook a lot of other things so it’s just egg and bread in my pantry but I
feel hungry and we during the day and I’m a food pantry exactly what’s wrong
with the egg diet it’s not just the egg diet that’s wrong it’s just having one
specific meal diet is wrong I got the day it’s
balanced yes you know if you go back to the age of the caveman uh-huh
you know although that’s not the best example because the mortality rate was
pretty pretty low they pretty much ate a pretty balanced diet mhm
it consisted of me you know protein fats and carbs yeah and here we are
fast-forward you know 15 16 iterations later yeah we come up with these
ridiculous diets because it helps us lose weight yeah you know I I have this
theory now I call it the bean town I’m a safari there’s three ways of losing
weight yeah one is you know if you’re in the if you’re in the penthouse of a
building mm-hmm the first way of losing ways you can take the stairs all right
yeah you’ll get to the ground floor it’s a little bit slower yeah but you’ll get
to the ground floor the second way to take the elevator okay
major monkey thinking of one thing wait for the elevator people get in and out
in but you eventually get the bottom floor yeah or you can jump out the
window yeah and get there faster you get there
faster yeah but you end up dead yeah so there’s three ways there’s
always these three ways of getting things done yeah but which one is
actually the right way the best ways to use the stairs the stairs but most
people aren’t willing to do that yeah everybody’s looking to jump out the
window exactly you not an quantity has asked as
can sort of health but no health concerns never because I’ve made every
mistake in the book yeah you know throughout the first few years of my
journey I’ve read everything I’ve tried everything
yeah you know the the canned tuna diet yeah I mean it came to a point where in
pinaki Taiwan and canned tuna I wanted to throw it at someone
you know just right now I can taste it just talking about it steamed chicken
unless it’s Hainanese chicken why do you want to eat steamed chicken I don’t know
if we’re competition again what you’re saying daily life you shouldn’t be
preparing for the stage better for competition is this something that game
it’s a different it’s a different game you know it’s it’s it’s a lot of people
call it sacrifice I never called the sacrifice because nobody put a gun to
your head you know nobody told you to do it for yourself it was fun but not
sustainable okay so Union discipline more in core
discipline more at that time was bodybuilding rebuilding can we I know
this for most of the tea toss they already know this but on a bad
definition on bodybuilding for the younger ones a bodybuilding competition
is basically you go on stage and wear that little bikini looking thing which I
swore I would never wear but I did anyway
Lester has clips posted on my basically it you have anywhere from three to seven
judges judging you on condition symmetry yeah
proportion you know definitional Denisha and everything okay and it’s a very
subjective sport it is well you have yeah merchandise yeah bags but no that
was just made for me oh okay eventually it’ll probably will have merch but not
right now wow this is you have what hat I have to ask what’s the purpose of
being tanned for the people who don’t know bodybuilding what’s the purpose of
that when you go on stage and you’re as wide as I am mmm indeed American
gimmicky tend definition so you put on what they call spray tan
yeah different companies offer it yeah and you’ll have a better projection on
stage much body heat pain definition stage press since then I’ve done yes I
remember pattern you there’s also this one guy who’s also doing bodybuilding
parent the husband of Jaya and I’m not so sure yeah yeah I remember sometimes I see his
content then online well I mean a competition’s going on with bodybuilding
that’s what’s the difference with bodybuilding and CrossFit totally
different because CrossFit is more functional mm-hmm you know you’re you’re
working towards a goal based on how many reps time you know so basically it’s a
race yes with bodybuilding there’s no race yes it’s all aesthetics okay you
know you’re not going to be judged based on how many pounds you lifted or how
long it took you to lift those pounds reps so that’s the big difference is
CrossFit is a lot more functional okay yeah because you can technically
have a bodybuilder who looks great on stage but you may can do is cross hit
cross fade I’ll probably end up collapsing is there discrimination with
bodybuilders who think that CrossFit is something that’s not worth their time in
CrossFit people saying that bodybuilding is not functional there’s always this
big disconnect between CrossFit and bodybuilding actually there’s there’s a
big rift in between the two and that was probably the first bodybuilder that
ended up trying CrossFit trying to and I actually did a video on it because to
pull that off and not sure if we posted it how was it I’ve
been wanting to try it but injury at this age will take about six months to
heal so I was thinking maybe I’ll skip on it it was one of the most humbling
things I’ve ever done in my life yeah it’s hard
there are many hard I it gave me a whole different perspective yeah on on
CrossFit and how the training and talk about sacrifice because they have to do
maintenance every day and it’s a whole different animal did what was your
perception before you tried it out though did it change after you went
through their workouts I was one of those guys that really never pass
judgment on things and tell that’s very good yes
she’s she’s a CrossFit champion crystalline yeah it’s this here in the
film that’s good this is good this is an avant-garde and then this is your first
time this is just a warm-up the man representing WOD yes yeah we’re
gonna end up you know you’ll see I don’t see a part of it here okay if you
fast-forward later on at least very open-minded gasps and at
least you’re the type that you’re saying that you don’t pass judgment until you
try it that’s a very big thing and that’ll help
a lot on YouTube because for me it’s a little unfair yeah you know because
especially for people who who’ve never tried it and then to even talk about it
yeah without even trying it is already hard yeah just imagine passing judgment
that’s true I just have to say this is amazing I can’t even expression human millennial say did you
die though The Hangover expression yeah doesn’t buy
you pull-ups Nalanda without I mean pull-ups and let me swinging motion I
think the reason for that is because if you did the normal and the normal
pull-ups yeah you get that agony because they do it by
volume by volume so they had to find a different way of doing things I mean
this is one of the hard you think it’s like just yeah throwing a ball on a
target right you have it it’s heavy it’s ten kilos that ball it’s ten or twelve
I’m not sure but it’s heavy is it would you consider this now a young man’s game
to CrossFit or people who are a little older I can try it
CrossFit was actually I mean you know a lot of our CrossFit listen that your
listeners could probably correct me but based on my reading and and my my
understanding is the reason CrossFit was invented is basically for cross-training
it was really made for athletes okay but there’s a lot of there’s a lot of people
now who are who used to be sedentary yeah who end up doing crossfit and
unfortunately if you’re new to the sport and you push yourself too much that’s
what injury start but even at an older age if guided properly yeah I think it’s
doable it’s very doable so this is a misconception of mind- over say with the
crossfit pattern that’s the nature of it you have to push to the brink or in the
in a man that you can gradually if you can only do 10 I feel like I said if you
can only do 10 everyone’s gonna push you all right you have to do 20 I think
that’s more drama than anything yeah but the human body
because if there’s there’s a difference between pushing pasture limit your
psychological limit yeah and pushing past your bodily limit yeah I mean the
cycle 99% of the time it’s psychological limiting okay because we’re afraid to
cross that barrier we’re afraid to get injured we’re afraid get tired get tired
and you know on the ping gun anyway you do a lot of things right yeah but
there’s such a thing called bodily limits and when you go past that that’s
what injury starts yeah you know as we age the recovery becomes slower and
slower longer and longer so we have to be mindful of that yeah
so pushing yourself is okay as long as you understand your body okay but how’s
the culture in in CrossFit is it will they really push it to the break or
mylar Ghanim and saliva will say you know take take we’ll do it at your own
pace I think it really depends on the gym you end up going to the trainer the
instructor you know so you really have to find someone that you mesh with well
yeah you know – a bodybuilding dinner man which every Jimmy used by Planet
Fitness relaxed if you go to the hardcore gym smile a Ct Fletcher yeah
see CT CT Fletcher and I went through a heart transplant well yeah you had to go
through our transplant you know that’s just where a lot of the
performance-enhancing drugs I mean all these oh yeah he did you and
at some point in time the Piper needs to get paid that’s true even expression
eager the when he went through triple bypass yes
it’s fortune eager had a heart valve surgery
mm okay you know what a lot of people don’t understand is you know we’re going
into the realm of steroids yeah you know performance-enhancing drugs is nothing
more than if we talk about cars you know yeah like in cars there’s such a thing
called nitrous oxide yeah no yes right Fast and the Furious you know you press
that nitrous the car goes yeah well if your engine hmm is not at its peak
mm-hmm it’ll end up blowing up yeah but even if your engine is at its peak at
some point in time the valves are gonna get gustado you know the the fuel lines
are gonna get out of place so you have to do what you call an overhaul yeah
and that’s basically what happened – Arnold Schwarzenegger he had an overhaul so for the memory keepers in the future
subscribers we’re talking about performance-enhancing drugs here not
talking about talking about steroids and the use of it in in bodybuilding and and
a lot of sports in a lot of sports in the Barry Bonds baseball players back in
the day so the performance-enhancing drugs the
the steroids this is something that’s common in bodybuilding in bodybuilding I
said there’s natural bodybuilding and there’s regular bodybuilding
bodybuilding mmm and unfortunately when you get to a certain level mm-hmm
you know you have to get to a point where your body can only grow so much
yeah your DNA is your DNA yes your body type is your body type so yes to defy
your genetics you have to do certain things all right steroids do nothing
more than speed up your recovery and open up your receptors and then every
you eat becomes more efficient okay so if you have slow metabolism and speeds
it up if you have deficiency in digestion it speeds it up okay
then again I go back to the analogy of the car yeah you know you’re basically
you’re every time you take steroids you’re pressing that nitrous oxide
button yeah and you can’t do that all the time can’t do that all the time yeah
and at a certain point in time your internal organs are gonna say bro
yeah we got chill yeah you know what’s the first thing that’s hit with your if
there’s an overuse what’s the first thing that suffers is that the liver the
liver the liver the liver the heart all right is there such a being me
freeze but then again a natural bodybuilder with the likes of Sarah Phil
Heath the really professional wants a natural bodybuilders I would say are
smaller yeah they’re smaller they’re more ripped although there’s like fill
in in competition is extremely ripped you got the likes of Shawn Rhoden you
got the likes of Jay Cutler yeah you know on stage they’re extremely ripped
yeah but offseason they try to bulk up but they’re still relatively lean yeah
they don’t go oh yeah yeah who’s the who’s the current now I can’t remember
right now it’s it’s Shawn Rhoden shawn rhoden and then who’s the competition of
phil heath who retired for a while kai greene a green tie green is so
interesting he is so interesting he’s an artist now he’s also trying to act he’s
in China getting movie roles who’s your favorite it’s Kai green well
my favorite is really Jay Cutler ah interesting
alright because of the longevity he’s just a different breed
I’m so extremely smart person I don’t know him I’ve never been embroiled in
any scandals yeah you know so he’s one of the people
I really look up to and and I follow and I heard he’s really and very humble
someone screamed at him down old lady – get off get off some exercise machine
and he just took it he was just very courteous and cordial he just gave way
so he’s I’ve not so for me all the the only thing I know about him is that he
also parent groomed Phil Heath or they were there I think they’re really good
friends you know Jay used to work with a coach named Hank Haney ranma-honey ran
Bob who owns IVA Jin nutrition and that’s Phil’s coach so back then he used
to promote a program called FST 7 ok flash a trainer flashes strength
training seven all right vasya stretch training seven FS D seven
yeah and Jay was one of the guys who was in his videos and then it became Phil
mmm so that’s where they became friends there’s still good friends I think I see
them on social media like all right so that’s the genesis of your interest and
supplements is that where it started because she joined the competitions
you’ve lived the lifestyle what what gave me the impetus nahi seeking I’ll
start and create my own supplement line my my interested shop laments came when
when I started in bodybuilding I hired a I’ll use this phrase called cachero
I’m actually coined that phrase panchetta that means anybody who is a
coach who doesn’t really know shit that’s true and unfortunately that was
my first foray into bodybuilding and the first time I ever stepped in this coach
is coach Aris gym he started injecting me with stuff Wow immediately within
about three weeks three weeks started selling me stuff yeah so I became you
know you trust the person that you hire yeah yeah for human snow and I said may
have indeed ready to make the steroids that are not for humans that are being
used by bodybuilders okay with when it comes to when it comes to steroids mean
there’s testosterone there’s for livestock
yeah there’s humans yeah some people who are on a budget use the ones for
livestock yeah but a lot of it’s sold underground gas an underground lab so
you don’t know where the line crosses anymore
yeah so the kanima hadoo diligence no you’re not sure if it’s if it’s made for
livestock or for humans yeah you don’t know whether the lab is really in
legitimate lab or not because a lot of them is underground you know they’re not
you’re not medically they’re not FDA they’re not so in there are certain
substances I’ll give you an example uh commuter all what’s knife clean beuter
Hall is actually not a steroid but it’s used for cutting mmm a lot of
bodybuilders use it for cutting it’s actually as my medication I really
it’s a bronchodilator when it was first actually created for
lifestyle all right in some European countries
Eastern European countries it was approved for healings okay but in the
u.s. it was never approved for humans who’s always been for livestock but a
lot of bodybuilders figured it out and started using a bodybuilding trembling
for instance is a cutting drug yes what they call juice of the Gods because of
its extreme anabolic effect but it was invented for cows
what’s the yeah just for our subscribers since Nina Manila Mossad don’t have
basado what’s that what’s an anabolic anabolic it be it when a person is
anabolic it means that your ability to process food you know you’re like this
sponge that just opens up and everything you eat becomes efficient okay so the
ability to absorb progress develop is there that’s the anabolic face it
becomes it becomes more efficient okay okay
unfortunately when you remove that element and you go back to become
immortal regulate so yeah that’s when people get fat sometimes you know when
they stop yeah the very keepers as well you I think they could Tarot term is
more of the tito’s then Kasich if back in the day what you you write all these
some vanilla you Monica Jarrow sobre my way and I’ll tell you all these stories
do not even Vito me so given that when once we see coach Aero terms means and
then it’s basically full of BS usually and even on in the young master so heads
now you have your own supplement line yes what’s the skinny tell us more about
yourself element line well we have this I have a supplement line called reborn
performance reborn performance it’s it’s r3b ORN performance and the
reason I created it is because a lot of the supplements that I’ve tried mm-hmm
are basically I’m not extremely happy with mm-hmm
so we tried to I work for the lab in the US where we created certain products
yeah initially it was performance enhancing
it was called Psalms but we stopped selling those so we focused more on the
natural stuff now okay which is reborn performance we have
sub-q which is a fat burner okay and it’s it was created basically to make
you sweat all right – to speed up the metabolism metabolism to give you more
energy and what a lot of the fat burners that I’ve tried before mm-hmm
gave me was the initial jolt and then suddenly you crash yep this doesn’t have
it all right so sustained energy sustained energy remember yeah I think
when I was young I I forget the brand but uh the problem was bana you’re on
heartwood palpitate sometimes here you get a little jittery because of all the
caffeine that’s in it so for you for this one um what’s your primary product
it’s the fat burn it’s the fat burner it’s actually our
only product right now okay and we have several products in the pipeline we have
the BCAA we have a we have a testosterone booster that’s coming out
those are still under development and will probably come out in 2020 this is
one business eager that I’m very intimidated with because I feel like
it’s so capital intensive with with a product development product I’m bigger
than our India tanita this I was the guinea pig so I know it was yeah it was
a little bit cheaper yeah let’s say you have
experience you have the know-how right trial and error a lot of trialing her
yeah but how do you market that now it’s mostly on social right now all on social
media do you sponsor athletes the we have
several athletes should we work with yeah and we’re really lucky and happy to
be working with these athletes they love the product
and they really believe in it at least now is the time for collaboration you
say yeah not not you don’t have to immediately give a fee to someone I mean
now you can ask someone if you want to promote the product if you want to help
out you know particular my name is at a decision I will to give out products
long and they’re nice enough to wear it to post it so that’s your supplement
line in r3 and then born be ORM and then if they want to buy this where do they
go they can go on Instagram and we just launched our website last night go up ww
are three born performance calm all right so you’re hearing it first here on
spill the beach they just launched their website so it’s reborn yeah okay so
right now or you also have a you also have a merge merge beta and I ended when
a chain bridge it’s tough for us it’s not merge we really sell we sell shirts
but for you guys or your what do you call this bar sleeveless hood and
sleeveless hoodies we have we have some shirts we have caps we have a shaker cup
we have a water jug all right those will come out later in the year
so we’re excited to be launching this aren’t you very enterprising you have
always been he talked I say you also have the further memory keepers who
don’t know you also have luxury cars Manila and then you have this right



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