Bodybuilder Cringe compilation i made for myself

Bodybuilder Cringe compilation i made for myself

man makes me wonder what else I don’t
know do you know you’re supposed to work, out your lower body too if you did take
steroids yeah would you inject them yeah every morning I know some guys but if if
I was to use steroids I’d be a very mild user and I have once would have if I had
have ever tried it I would have tried it once to use a lot and and didn’t really
notice the great deal of difference do you know I mean but a lot of women take
would take four to five times of the amount that I take would take yeah would
take you’re not wearing much in the
downstairs department you may not have a small penis no no you weren’t you know I
mean not wearing much well I haven’t got the sock in yet god damn it Karen give
me the sock you were wearing I wasn’t wearing much okay it’s all right then
people say body builders have small penises then a jockey has a big penis
you look at the size of the jockeys only a little man so it’s obviously gonna
look big on it no body butters are so much bigger it’s gonna look smaller go
ahead you did and I’ve got it’s a big penis goddamn it



  • łøvèłŷ bíśćùít


  • Decep_tion

    Omg I know other people comment
    "First" but I'm not other people soo

    Spaghetti anyone? 🍝

  • Dave Games28

    hey bruh

  • subhan afzal

    first one letssss ggooo

  • Heidi Merchant

    Who died of laughter before the video started 🤣🤣🤣

  • Playful Birdz073


  • shadow reaper

    Ahhha wow

  • Deepak Pereira

    Daaamn.this makes me regret the decision of joining the gym😂😂😂

  • hardinfardin

    Can anyone name the show where they trolled their friend!

  • mythical saiyan

    I wanna train like saitama now

  • ppp eun


  • Leighann Ott


  • Hacher Unfriended

    Only 4 body builders huh

  • Vince Cauan

    Injecting chemicals to gain huge muscle


  • Lavon Tom

    Their muscles look like popcorn


    Who says beating off isn't a sport just look at this 1:25 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  • Eren Yeager

    Saido chesto

  • Super Mario [I report thotbots]

    1:09 Chicken Man.
    The newest superhero

  • Super Mario [I report thotbots]

    Anyone else think the thumbnail was photoshopped?

  • BlueVices

    Don't do synthol kids🤣

  • Alexia

    6:41 butt cheeks on his back!!

  • dng2usb

    I thought the idea of injecting synthol or whatever else into your body was to be able to get gym-like results without going to the gym? Why even fake like those disgusting protrusions are natural or that they have any strength behind the facade?

  • Amazon Sigma

    i don’t think Murray one was cringe, it was funny, i think lifeples brain is damaged or something

  • Suga- -Moon

    They look like chicken which came out of Chernobyl

  • Ultra Tiger

    The first one had me dead 💀

  • Ninjutsu Sage

    That I take:

    Person:Would take
    Bodybuilder:yeah would take

  • Training at the gym

    Pls make another compilation like this.HAHAHAHA!!!

  • Michaela Fagan

    I was expecting the "muscles" to pop at any moment

  • Fitzy Goodnight

    I wanted to start something….A career maybe 👏👏😂

  • poop sock GONADS

    Why you do this to me my boy now I got to hit the weights

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