BODYARMOR | Better Than Gatorade? | Nutrition Comparison

BODYARMOR | Better Than Gatorade? | Nutrition Comparison



  • EH H

    It's not based on calories. It's based on SUGAR & overall better quality of ingredients. So yes, Gatorade is 100xs worse. #teambodyarmor

  • Marty DeLeon

    I prefer Coconut water for hydration. Vita Coco is my go to. It may not be a “sports drink” but I’ve never had better hydration. Aside from pedialyte

  • Abiam Ramirez

    I been drinking Body Armor After My workout with one scoop of Creatine

  • Brian Poland

    Body armor is way to sweet ill drink Gatorade any day and not drinking body Armor again yuck!

  • TexasPinklady

    Thanks for the review! I just learned about BodyArmor yesterday (tropical punch); I was pleasantly surprised by the taste, vitamins, but especially the electrolytes.
    I have a tendency of dehydrating; and while Gatorade has always been my only pick, I think I've found a new hydration drink.
    I understand that caloricaly speaking BA is more, but I actually drank 1 16oz bottle (2 servings) followed by water, water, water.

  • Zander Munden

    I am just starting to drink bodyarmor cause ive had trouble with all the sodium in gatorade

  • 31malcolm swag King

    Body armor

  • David Ice

    Body armor

  • Christina O

    Body armor I am drinking the orange mango one now

  • CuteTy - Minecraft and More

    Is bodyarmor a supplement?

  • John Baloona

    Body armor over Gatorade ! Love me the fruit punch after workouts

  • Oscar Martinez

    The Orange Mango BodyArmor

  • Justin Gutierrez

    Body armor is way better i love it ober gatorade cuz it has les sodium and tast better.

  • PGGShawn 205

    Body armour🤤🤑👍🏿👌🏽😍

  • Ocean Abc

    Gatorade doesn’t have a chance.

  • Daniel Tice

    Upgrade your sports drink

  • juice323 blue

    I think I'll just stick with water.

  • Joshua Roach

    Body armor tastes disgusting.

  • Kellan Barker


  • dbzaddict291

    These drinks are meant for athletic people which need more calories while working, but I find body armor overall healthier.

  • Temi Onifade

    Omg people the purpose of a sports drink is based on hydration where electrolytes come in. It has been scientifically proven that a isotonic sports drink is the quickest form of that. Gatorade neither body armor are isotonic sports drinks. They classify themselves as sports drinks but don’t even give the right amount of electrolytes ?? And then Bodyarmour which has 18g of refined sugar are you people out of your mind ??? You don’t need that crap. Don’t switch to Bodyarmour or Gatorade switch to Maximite which is a sports drink making its debut on the 26th of December. Thanks

  • Dan E

    Body armor fruit punch and strawberry banana. Tastes way better

  • Aristhotle Dungo

    both will fucked up your kidneys if you drank these everyday

  • I hate faggots

    Love the strawberry banana

  • Sylv's Bar

    I love it! My son recommended and it’s so yummy during or after workout! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Sylv's Bar

    Body armor 👍🏻 ❤️❤️❤️

  • E French

    dude…you are 100% click hair. da fuq? basically ALL you did was tell us the caloric values

  • Shoshinaki

    This guy compared the calories…

  • Brittney Stark

    Body armour hase vitmens and is better for your overall health . 🙂 ive been drinking it for months now and its amazing the benefits it really hase thank you body armour:) #maga #makeing sports drinks great againg

  • Obama stucks

    So what your saying is that is about the calories.
    Then i have one thing to say




  • Tank 7513

    Body armor is the new gatorade

  • Kevin Michniewicz

    Blackout berry body armor

  • Wicked Tony

    I’ll say body armor is more better cause it’s had more natural stuff and stuff you’re body needs

  • Memy

    Welp, Might Aswell Stick With My Powerade

  • Derek Mejia

    It has more calories. Soooo your point lol overall body armor is better for your health

  • I Car

    You been MIA recently with videos. I encourage u to make additional episodes

  • Roller coaster Dude

    Body armor all the way bro


    Who gives a shit about calories?

  • Keith Thrasher

    Dude, that is a 16 fluid ounce bottle of Body Armor, you need to get your facts straight. You would never turn the Body Armor bottle to where we could see the fl oz on the bottom right. I was the Strawberry Banana Body Armor 16 fl oz bottle right beside me and it has the same amount of calories as that bottle you have in your hand.

  • Los Horse

    Body armor

  • Jonathan Requena

    Gatorade not only quenches your thirst it tastes better too

  • Antonio Uzzle

    it was waaaay better than gatorade seriously i drink a body armor everyday after i do field work or of course gatorade

  • iwear40cal

    I miss All Sport. Man that was the best drink ever created

  • Michael Wightman

    BodyArmor is the BEST sports drink in stores!

  • K9 Millie

    I do lawn maintenance and body armor is the best. I have tried both and as I push my body on the heat and lot of work out body armor has been way better and my body stays hydrated and strong.

  • It's ye boi blayt

    Is it just me or is body armor really smooth when it goes down

  • Dave

    body armor tastes better and is easier to digest so I'm gonna have to say its better for you.

  • webhead 809

    I play football, basketball an mow my grandpas airport an I think body armor is better all around

  • Devils Acrimony

    This is obviously a biased video,he clearly likes Gatorade the he sucks there dick..Body armor is way better

  • Joseph Quintiliani

    The orange mango Body Armor is so damn good.

  • Trevor Philips

    Thank you!

  • Matthew Schluter

    BodyArmor all the way!! My soccer coach introduced me to it and I’ve ditched Gatorade ever since.

  • Claire Necaise

    My swim couch only allows us to drink Body Armor, which is fine with me. I prefer Body Armor over most sports drinks

  • Rio

    This video was a completely waste of time. You didn't give any information. You read the bottle and asked the viewers questions.🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Lord_ Jackson

    It’s better

  • ObazeeTooFrosty

    Can you get it in Canada?

  • Mr Brently


  • Cowboys Cards719

    I like body armor strawberry banana

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