Black Raspberry Supplements Put to the Test

Black Raspberry Supplements Put to the Test

the regulation of dietary supplements in the United States has been described as too little too late dietary supplements may be adulterated with dangerous compounds be contaminated have failed to contain what they say they contain or contain unknown doses of the ingredients listed on the label be sold at toxic dosages or produce harmful effects in other ways this not only messes up any research done on them but can put the general public at risk a third-party company that’s tested thousands of supplements identified approximately one in four with a quality problem either not containing what it says or contaminated in some way one in four for example i’ve done a few videos on the remarkable properties of black raspberries can always find them fresh or frozen so how about black raspberry supplements you go to the store look online how about this one fresh raw pure that sounds good let’s look at the back says it contains just seedless black raspberry powder and absolutely nothing else exclamation point it’s nice to see there’s no fillers or artificial ingredients so you plunk down your $23 seventy seven cents but it turns out you’ve been had the first clue was that the picture on the front was actually blackberries photoshopped to look like black raspberries they couldn’t even be bothered to put a real image on their fake supplement the researchers second clue was that it sure didn’t look like pure black raspberry powder and so they put it to the test and indeed there was no black raspberry at all instead of absolutely nothing else they should have just stopped with this bottle contains absolutely nothing or at least you hope it contains nothing who knows what’s actually in those capsules they tested every black raspberry product they could find in even ones with the right picture on the front and powder that actually looked real I get more than a third appeared to have no black raspberry fruit at all at the moment a consumer who assumes the u.s. dietary supplement marketplace is free from risk or even honest is unfortunately naive how widespread is this deception researchers use DNA fingerprinting techniques to test the authenticity of 44 herbal supplements from a dozen different companies less than half of the supplements were authentic containing what they said they did most contain plants not listed on the label substitutions with cheaper plants contaminants unlisted fillers or apparently all filler and this isn’t just fraud some of this deception can really hurt people for example one st. John’s wort supplement had no st. John’s wort at all but actually contains Senna instead which is an herbal laxative that can cause adverse effects such as chronic diarrhea liver damage skin breakdown and blistering here’s how the 12 companies did only tested products from two of the 12 companies all appear to authentic herbs only work if they’re actually present the supplement industry suffers from unethical activities and by some of the manufacturers and by some they mean 80 percent of the manufacturers in this study until dietary supplements in the US are better regulated and quality control standards are defined and endorsed the safer source of phytonutrients as a consumer is from actual food [Music] you





  • Free From The Cherry Tree

    Whoah that's shocking!!! Although I'm not sure why I'm surprised!

  • Leonardo Da Vinci

    What about Solgar and other higher quality brands?

  • Doug bananaboy


  • Carl B

    This study explains why supplements don't work.

  • 21edzz

    what about b-12 supplements are they not regulated too?

  • Lichtblick

    Great to know !!!

  • Laurie Lopez

    Wow, you really can't trust companies these days. How sad and frustrating.

  • Rob Davis

    I know the point is to eat the actual fruit or vegetables, but can you let us know the two supplements providers that were legit anyways? I haven't seen fresh St. John's Wort in a store.

  • Jax Amilius

    they should put out the names of the 2/44 companies that had exactly what they said on their products with no contamination and no fillers

  • sistahonamission

    Thank you for this valuable information.

  • Jean-Luc Charron

    wow! thanks

  • asterbeauty

    what about herbal teas? they come in these fancy packaging nowadays. although based on taste they taste good..

  • Randy Parker

    Fraud is already against the law, no new regulations needed. It just needs to be enforced when independent testing is done. If it is not enforced, perhaps there is another agenda at play? And companies need to be named. Not building up nameless boogeyman of crap companies (that just turned up last year to sell DR OZ products at walmart) to impose further burden on all the fantastic companies that do their job every day of the year. Just imagine, all this freedom in the supplement industry and hardly a death is reported year after year. Pharmaceuticals have massive regulation and kill people left and right. Perspective.

  • imafuckinbird

    Makes me wonder about the supplements I'm taking.

  • NexisFilms

    Just downloaded the Daily Dozen App on my phone and I'm going to follow it as much as I can !
    Thanks for everything Dr. Greger
    ( types while drinking Hibiscus tea ) 🙂

  • Ronnie & Minh

    Don't take supplements, eat real food.

  • johnny102marvin

    Simple logic should tell you that mankind cannot make something better than nature. Eating a handful of berries is going to be far superior than taking a DUBIOUS capsule or pill comprised of processed berries that have undergone heat, compression, and combined with fillers. The health food industry is a rip off. They are taking millions of dollars from consumers and not helping anyone. Stay out of the health food store…just eat raw vegetables and fruit and then you will get the benefit.

  • Kenly Gallagher

    how about gojinberrys universal brand


    Who were the 2 companies that actually had products having the actual ingredients in their products?

  • Randy Lantz

    Wow. That was a shocker.

  • Nature's Hack

    0 dislikes?? I must be dreaming.

  • LonePigsyAndCub

    I have relative faith in Mega Food, Deva and Solgar. Anyone know if they've been independently tested?

  • Eelke Aptroot

    So there is some value in taking a course to be a modern shaman, so one can herbs oneself…


    But what about Vitamin D and B-12??? You cannot get that from food, especially not as a vegan!

  • Deborah Hopper

    Good to be informed about deception!!!!

  • vitamindubya

    Any word on which brands are more reliable than others?

  • burnsport1

    Pretty horrifying. There are only a few companies with very high quality control, internal testing, and third party testing.
    And this is no different from the restaurant industry in which most companies will try to cheat you with shit ingredients every chance they get.

  • Joe Ochoa

    How about black raspberry jam?

  • fUP420babe

    so what are the good/safe/true brands?

  • Paul what supplement company or companys would you recommend for my vitamin B-12 as will as my vitamin D-3 supplement.Oh keep in mind I have to take Methylcobalamin not Cyanocobalamin because I have had kidney stones in the past and my kidney can't process the Cyanide through my kidneys very well.

  • 59seank

    Are supplements regulated in Europe, Japan, etc? If so, perhaps that would indicate which brands are trustworthy.

  • VikingHealth

    Those are some scary facts! Why is the supplement market not regulated? What can we do to change this?

  • shlang23

    Please start leaving cited sources on your video descriptions on here too!

  • LoneHornToad

    Rock on, Doc!

  • S David Leigh

    so what about B12 pills? As a vegan this is vital is it not?

  • Bruce Dobson

    That figures. Hmmm

  • Music Composer- Christian C.

    So from what I got from this, buy herbs in plant and leaf forms. Also to eat you fruit not take pills. Thanks!

  • Aaron Verran

    well something to think about next time I plan on adding anything to my supplements.

  • Exsanguinate

    Then what about b12 and d1&d2? What do vegans do?

  • Lynne VandeBunte

    They are still safer than big pharmas drugs.  Inactive ingredients not even listed on those!  and almost impossible to find out.

  • Mehmet Remzi

    I like that expiration ACTUALL FOOD…

  • Omer The Magnificent オマラー

    I have the right to know the companies name!! Give us a list Please

  • healwithj

    Awesome and informative video 🙂

  • Wak Job

    "Snake Oil" has been peddled to the desperate & ignorant for centuries.

  • Al


  • Allostasis

    You only need to supplement with B12, Vitamin D and maybe DHA+EPA Omega 3 if you dont eat fish. The rest you should get from food.

  • FillUmUpp

    this is so fucked up.. now i am trying to think about any herbal supplements i have taken recently, the only thing i can think of is milk thistle (i like booze)… guess ill never kno if it was real or not.. but seriously who would buy raspberry powder and why?? if they aint in season, then eat whats in season..

  • eren mori

    I buy only from a few big well regarded supplement companies like Sunwarrior,Garden of Life, and buy expensive cold pressed organic juice. Also cod liver oil and superfood powders are good too as some people who consume those foods feel well and energetic.

  • A A

    Don't touch supplements. got it. I gotta get vitamin D and iodine so hopefully the vitamins D supplements at Walmart from natures valley is ok and the iodine in big salt is ok too! Something's gotta give! oh and methyl b12 vitamin supplement in the "healthy" isle in Kroger is another I take. It has a yellow label on it. Hopefully I'm safe!

  • A A

    Someone should file lawsuits against these companies who aren't selling what they promise. That's called fraud!

  • bebum0

    The third party tester, let´s face it… is it Consumer lab? Do you think Consumer lab is all clear about their tests  or could  be that some privileges are given to those who may pay more, or something? I´m not doubting, I´m just asking, really. Love your channel.

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  • Farafra

    depressing to hear this …

  • Des Troya

    If people are finding what you say they are finding Doctor, they should tell the FDA, and they can launch investigations into this, and recall products.  The laws are already on the books, its just a matter of testing products (which was already done apparently) and then prosecuting perpetrators.

  • Fred Bruyns

    It is hard to wrap ones head around this. The markup on herbs and supplements is so great, businesses could be honest and still make good profits. If they are so greedy and unethical they will cheat and lie to squeeze out a few more pennies, they ought to be charged with crimes.

  • okamsrazor1

    what???? actual food is better!!!!

  • RaniaIsAwesome

    You guys know why this is, right? It's the same reason prescription drugs bought over the internet are very poorly regulated and dangerous – because the FDA and other regulators don't want you buying the legitimate thing that way, they want you to only go to your doctor and buy prescription drugs for any ailments you have. So they allow this poisonous situation to develop, poisoning the well. No other products like electrical ones or toys with toxic chemicals or food even, – no way anything else would ever be able to get away with claiming it's made of something else or that it has something it does not, they would be shut down and often put in jail in an instant.

    In other words they intentionally don't regulate supplements or internet drugs very well, and don't have harsh punishments, not because of difficulty but to turn people and researchers off supplements. That's the real racquet going on. The FDA doesn't want supplements to exist and do well because they interfere with people taking prescription drugs.

  • D Master

    or else buy your supplements from Australia or New Zealand where they have to meet the same standards for quality and purity as prescription drugs

  • Fred Bruyns

    I recall that some supplement companies offered the defense that supplement extracts will often not have the DNA tested for, even though they are genuine.Testing can be faulty. Testers can sometimes be corrupted. Although I'm sure a lot of fraud occurs, I don't think the identified percentages of fake supplements make sense. People, on average, are just not that devoid of conscience. Those people who are willing to cheat and lie to make a buck might still weigh risk against reward. It was alleged that senna was substituted for st. johns wort, but the price difference for these two herbs is not that great. Bulk St. john's wort is available at one well recognized herb supplier for $6.50 per pound. It would be difficult to get $0.50 worth into a bottle full of capsules for retail. Senna is $4.00 per pound at the same supplier, but because of its greater density, retail capsules weigh about 50 percent more than st. john's wort. The advantage of cheating with these herbs is negligible. The consequences of cheating are not negligible. There is more to this story.

  • StarFlower99654

    I wonder if big industry (pHarm, medical associations, insurance companies) are paying or actually own these herbal companies and putting out fake herbals. They stand to only gain from this by then pushing more legislation through to ban herbal use as well as provide studies showing herbals do not work????

  • Snooker147

    Just a crazy thought, but you could eat the actual berries.

  • stringbender57

    LMAO! Amazing how the these supplement manufacturers get away with phony photos, ingredients etc. There has got to be someway to hold them accountable for misleading (lying)to the consumer.

  • PaulGreen11

    Pure Health. Busted.

  • danza88

    Bit of a silly video to be honest! Of course not every supplement out there is genuine, people worry about putting supplements in their mouth but will gladly gulp down a bunch of toxic pills from their doctor!

  • Tammy Valanche

    this dude has literally the most annoying voice ever. Maybe just go to a store like Natural Grocers or Vitamin Cottage where they screen all the products to a certain standard. doesn't mean you can't find something harmful on their shelves but if you give them a call or write an email they will certainly hear you out and you could help provide better overall quality to consumers if you'd just participate in the process more!!

    plus ng features a 'nutrient to know about' and it's always like vitamin c, magnesium, omega 3s. not something ridiculous like 'fermented turmeric powder.'

    also there are clearly nonsense websites online it's also up to you not to get swindled. i don't know that i've ever made an online purchase where i didn't receive exactly what i expected to because i did some fucking homework.

    there are certain health/supplement magazines you can also subscribe to or get at random health stores around your area you probably don't even know exist.

  • Anita Cheung

    Wait, but how is this legal?!

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