Yesterday I did an INSANE Workout session with pulling exercises my Back and Biceps are so sore! I really needed this pre-workout! The name is “Big Shot” So I can feel more energized and ready for a new workout! Today I’ll show you how to train the triceps everywhere you go! No equipment is needed! I will show you some of my favorite bodyweight exercises to makes blood flows through the arms and to have a good pumping! If you are on vacation or you traveling for work and you don’t have a gym/park to train, you can use these exercises to keep your body in shape! But first, let me prepare my intra-workout. Water + Essential Amino Acids. This is the intra-workout I usually sip between each Workout set. This is the unflavored EAA, it’s a bitter taste, like all the other Amino Acids… …so I will add some H2O Anti OX (From Prozis) to improve the taste. It has Vitamin E, C and Zinc. Love it! So, everything is ready, let’s go! 1st superset: Triceps Extension Push up! If you want to try this workout, you can decrease/increase the repetitions according to your skills! My advice is to rest about 2’ or 2.30’ between each set, so you can work with proper form! I’m going to rest 1’ because the following exercises are pretty easy for my skills. So, I need less rest to suffer more! 1st superset: 12 Triceps Ext. Push up + 12 Triceps Ext. Push up with neutral grip! Squeeze your gluteus and abs! Arms must be perpendicular to the floor! Let’s change the grip! 1st set finished! I decided to rest only a few seconds between 1st and 2nd set, so I’m going to be more tired towards the next sets! Triceps Ext. Done! Now I’m going to do Dips + Dips with feet on the ground. Obviously I have Parallel Bars, but I’m going to use the chairs, since the video of today is all about NO EQUIPMENT! These will be the parallel bars for today! Dips + Assisted Dips, without rest between each exercise. The rest is after the superset! 1st set done! 2 more sets to go…At least! I just want to remind you can find my Calisthenics Programs with all the basic exercises on my website! So, if you are interested about my style of training, just go to my website! Triceps are getting numb! Rest between each set is the minimum necessary! Now it’s time for some Triceps Ext. + Diamond Push up! I do usually use a low bar! But today I’m going to use a chair.. Quote of the day is: “Fully Engaged Unstoppable Machine”! When things get serious, T-shirt must be removed! To do these Triceps Ext. on a chair is pretty painful, my wrists are dead! So! These were the exercises for today! Good pumping! Very quick workout…all you need is the will within! I don’t care if you guys have low free time available or you don’t have equipment! Just go and train! No excuses! As always, you can find all the links to the Prozis website where you will find so many useful products. It’s where I do take my supplements, clothes, pre-workout, intra-workout, snacks and similar! Also you will find the link to my website with my Calisthenics Programs The pumping is good, maybe 1 extra set per exercise would be better, but is okay for today! If you enjoyed the video, please click the “Like” Button. And don’t forget to share the video with your friends! Please, leave me a comment under this video, so I can have a honest feedback. See you soon!



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