BEST Workout Split For Teenagers To GAIN MUSCLE | Teen Bodybuilding Advice

BEST Workout Split For Teenagers To GAIN MUSCLE | Teen Bodybuilding Advice

so what is the best workout routine for
teenagers to gain muscle well in this episode I’m gonna find the best workout
routine for you let’s do this hello ladies and gents I’m Ry
the guy who today is obviously here to help you find the perfect routine to
gain muscle to gain some size to gain some mass now firstly you got to decide
how many days a week you’re planning to Train now be realistic if you if use in
seven days a week I’m gonna train every single day
sit back think about it can you commit to seven days a week of training
teenagers you lead busy lives you know you get a bad rep everyone thinks you
you’re just sitting around playing computer games I remember back in the
day uploads on my mind loads of things to do those are women to chase the very
very busiest teenagers so pick how many days you’re gonna plan on training well
that’s two days three days four days five days pick realistically and we’re
gonna go over the best routine for all those days so no matter how many days
you plan to train you will gain some muscle so let’s crack on let’s do this
so if you’re only gonna train two days a week you’re not failing that’s not
that’s not bad training two days a week is better than not training at all now
the obvious answer white there would be to do an upper lower split so on day one
you’re training your upper body your chest your back your shoulders your
troy’s your boys upper body and on day two obviously you’re training your lower
body your quads your hamstrings your calves you could even do some core on
that day too so not as easy split the might what days you do those two days a
week you’re plenty of time to recover rest and do whatever you need to do
throughout the week the next best choice for those willing to train three days a
week I would suggest he push the legs routine that’s the routine that
I’ve done in the past it’s a routine I did as a teenager because I was there
like you guys I was a skinny 17 year old Rai and I’ve literally tried every
single method of training and I really found great benefits from training three
days a week push-pull legs no often more isn’t always better three days a week is
optimal it’s really good especially if you’re not necessarily like a
mesomorphic body type if your genetics aren’t amazing
three days a week allows you four solid days to recover remember when you want
to gain muscle you need to be in a calorie surplus so if you’re training
too much and you’re not eating enough and you’re in a calorie deficit you’re
never going to gain muscle so make sure obviously make sure you supplement your
training routine with a good diet but if you’re gonna train three days a week
I suggest push-pull legs if you don’t push pull the legs ears push his chest
Troyes front doubts push exercises like bench press shoulder Pesa press etc a
pool where a count will consist of back rear doubts and biceps pull movements
barbell rows pull ups etc legs obviously leg squats leg press leg extensions etc
make sure you definitely don’t neglect your hamstrings and are now being a
little bit hypocritical here cuz I’ve off the neglected legs over the years
but make sure you have a good pilot it’s all common sense guys so if you want to
train or days a week I’d suggest a nice basic day one chest and triceps day two
back and biceps ideally maybe a rest day on day three
it’s not that important though if you want to do four days straight day four
legs sore day three legs bent know how you’re gonna do it and the final day
being shoulders yes shoulders let me go so yeah chest rise back boys
legs shoulders you can pair some abs in with shoulders or legs or whatever day
and really don’t complicate you guys so the moral of the story here is keeping
things really simple allowing you to smash smash II
muscle throughout the week but also allowing enough time to recover repair
and most importantly grow if you’re an absolute badass and you want to train
five days a week similar to the last split I would just
take the boys and Troyes from those first two days and have an arm day on
top so date one chest day two back day three legs day four shoulders day five
arms now there’s people that aren’t
necessarily for having an arm day to say like why have an arm day because you hit
arms on chesty so you hit try some chest it back on boys on back etc but you’re a
teenager like you love that feeling of training arms you love that feeling of
going out pulling the women going out chasing the girls with a pump on so why
not have a good old arm session on a Friday night I was a teenager I can
relate a mom an old guy now thirty but back in the day I loved arm day so
that’s another model of the store right there to gain muscle you need to be need
to be happy in life you need to be eating your food you need to be enjoying
your training and you need to be enjoying the rest of your life that’s
one thing I would advise don’t neglect all the good things about being younger
being a teenager that shit the gym is there to complement your life not
consume your life but if you are going absolutely all hour and you want to do a
six-day split well you’re crazy now this could be a six or seven day split
because you’re basically going to do push-pull legs have a day off push-pull
legs have a day off so obviously it will change week by week that’s the split
currently being turned by fellow wrestler I was chatting to the other day
Simon Miller check out his channel Simon Miller’s Miller’s awesome he does
push-pull legs off push-pull legs off you don’t even have to do it in that
order you can do push legs pull whatever suits you there are they are some
awesome workout routines that ones I’ve done personally and if if you want to
check back throughout my channel or all-over lace and b-roll right now let’s
overlay some b-roll of some of my progress I started training when I was
like 16 17 there we go put on a great amount
so naturally and has some great success with all those workout routines I’ve
mentioned in this video so check them out
and I can assure you we’ll teenagers you will gain muscle so if you like this
video like the video if you want to see more videos similar to this teenagers
I’ve got a whole series coming your way if you’re not a teenager if you know guy
like me we’re gonna be doing stuff with the dad mods we’re gonna be doing all
areas of fitness gym and most importantly muscle gain that’s why I
love everyone loves to gain some muscle so if I interests you hit the subscribe
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