Best Way To Lose Weight And Keep It Off

Best Way To Lose Weight And Keep It Off

Trust me, I know how frustrating it is to
lose weight only to gain it back. Even worse is when you end up gaining even
MORE than you lost. If this has been you, maybe more times than you’d like to
admit, don’t worry. You’re not alone and there’s a reason this always happens. Fortunately I not only know why but today I’m going to show you how to lose
the weight for good so you can live a happy healthy life. Hey this is Colin DeWaay if you want to
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and click on that Bell notification so you don’t miss anything. Alright I have
seven important tips for you to make sure you finally create lasting results
and jumping right into it the number one tip I can possibly give you is to get
away from the all-or-nothing approach. This is an absolute killer yet is very
common and this often stems from an unhealthy relationship with food but I
will get to that in a minute. But the problem with the all-or-nothing
approach is it will always end in nothing. I mean when has it ever not? And I think a
big reason for this thought process is you feel like you need to be perfect in
order to reach your goals but it’s just not true. In fact I would argue it’s
chasing perfection that’s the very thing that gets most people to give up because
perfection is not obtainable for more than short periods of time. So you’re
better off being 80% on most of the time than you are being a 100% on
less than half the time. Now this brings me to my second point which ties in
perfectly with number one and that’s you need to create a healthy relationship
with food. When most people look at food they typically see them as either good
or bad. Broccoli is good for you, ice-cream is bad for you. Kale is the
superfood that will melt all your fat, donuts will instantly pack on ten pounds. Do some foods have better nutritional profiles and others? Absolutely. But that
doesn’t mean eating anything that you deem as bad will instantly make you fat. In fact looking at foods you love as bad and feeling guilty when you eat them is
likely one of the biggest reasons you fall into the all-or-nothing trap. Really
one of the worst things you can possibly do to set yourself up for failure is to
place morality on food. Food is a large part of our lives whether we like it or
not it’s always gonna be a part of celebrations and get-togethers. Food can
bring us joy and happiness but it can also bring
is guilt and negative thoughts. But food isn’t good or bad or right or wrong it’s
just food. And one of the big problems with looking at foods that you love is
something that you shouldn’t have is it automatically makes you want it more. Not
only that but if you feel like it’s off limits
I can promise you there will be a time again when you will have it. Maybe it’s
at a party, maybe it’s a weak moment in the grocery store or at a restaurant. You
only have so much willpower. And when that time comes you feel like you can
never have it again. So since you’re off plan you need to eat as much of it as
you can because your diet starts again tomorrow. Not only does this cause
negative emotions and excessive overeating but the real problem is you
don’t even get to enjoy it. You feel so bad about it the whole time you’re just
feeling anxious and you feel like I should be doing this I shouldn’t be
eating this right now and that’s no way to live your life. What if you just
enjoyed a piece of cake at your kid’s birthday party? What if you just enjoyed
a burger because you like burgers and you don’t feel bad about it? And there is
no reason to feel bad about it much like you can’t get healthy from eating one
salad you can’t become unhealthy by eating one piece of cake. Besides let’s
say for instance you’re looking at the nutritional value of a sweet potato
vs a doughnut. Yes on its own side by side a sweet
potato is gonna a have a higher nutrient profile than a donut will. But I can make
the argument if being okay with eating that donut will help you feel satisfied
and keep you on your plan whereas eating the sweet potato might make you feel
more restricted and end up making you binge later then I would argue in that
case the donut was actually a better and healthier option. Now of course you don’t
want to just take this and say well I should just eat whatever I want then in
whatever quantities I want and it doesn’t matter that’s not what I’m
saying… And absolutely a large portion of
your diet should be minimally processed foods more nutrient-dense foods things
like a lot of fruits and veggies and lean proteins. But we also need to be
able to live and enjoy our lives and food is a big part of that. So if you
want to lose weight and keep it off creating a healthy relationship with
food is a really important part of this process and remember food does not have
morality so there’s no reason to feel guilty when you eat anything. Okay you
may be thinking that’s all well and good but
do I go about undoing years of thought patterns? How can I lose weight while
including my favorite foods? After all everywhere you look there’s a new diet
with a name popping up promising to be the next secret to success. Each one of them constantly telling you to avoid a certain food if you want to
lose the fat. One tells you low fat is the answer,
while another tells you to eat high fat. One group tells you not to eat meat,
while the other tells you the key is to ONLY eat meat. Each one claims to have the
magic solution usually while trying to sell you that solution. And yet all
groups can show examples of successful weight loss. So clearly one isn’t right
or wrong but where do you even start? Well first off let’s put the rest the
argument between what’s better low carb or low fat. The truth? It doesn’t matter. This was shown in a year-long study with over 600 participants where they equated
calories and protein but had groups eat either more calories from carbs or fat. And what it showed was there was no significant difference between the two
groups so what does this tell us? It tells us that it doesn’t really
matter when it comes to weight loss and you should do what you prefer cause
sustainability is the key to a successful diet. One thing I really want
to point out and drive home though is notice that they equated calories and
protein. This is key because they are basically the two biggest factors when
it comes to weight loss. Research has shown time and time again that people
who eat more protein tend to weigh less and this is likely for a few different
reasons. One is protein has by far the highest thermic effect of food between
protein carbs and fat so by eating more protein you’re just gonna burn more
calories just processing the food you eat. Two is protein is what helps build
and maintain muscle mass and the more muscle you have the faster your
metabolism will be, the more calories you burn at rest… And 3 protein is by far the
most filling macronutrient so as calories get lower
you’re more naturally going to be hungry, if you’re eating more protein hunger
won’t be as bad, just makes it easier to stick to the plan, and get better results. So anyway if we know that calories and protein are the most important things
and if you want to include foods that you enjoy in your diet while seeing
results then what’s the best way to do this? Well that brings me until my third
point which is track your intake, at least for a while. Now you might hear
track intake and immediately think that’s not
something you want to do nor is it sustainable. After all we just talked
about the importance of sustainability… But here’s the thing. While you don’t
necessarily have to track forever you do need to educate yourself on what’s in
the foods you eat, what portion sizes look like, and build the knowledge that
last you a lifetime. By tracking macronutrients you learn how
you can include some of the foods you like while seeing results. But if you go
on some diet plan with a name that tells you to eat this and not eat that it
doesn’t teach you anything other than how to create an unhealthy relationship
with food. Now don’t get me wrong I’m not saying that none of these diets with the
name can work for some people. Some people love them and can sustain them
and by all means if that’s you then you should do what works best for you. But
I’m guessing since you’re watching a video called how to lose weight and keep
it off you haven’t found that to be true. Tracking macronutrients, however, teaches
you that nothing is off-limits and this is how you will likely get to a point
where you CAN eat more intuitively because how can you be intuitive if you
have no clue what’s in the foods you eat? So tracking not only helps set you up to
build the knowledge for a lifetime of success but it’s also going to be the
thing that will tell you for sure if you’re in a calorie deficit or not. And
in order to lose weight no matter how you’re doing it you HAVE to be in a
caloric deficit for that to work. It doesn’t matter what any calculator or
anything else says if you’re not losing weight you’re not in a calorie deficit. Now I could go on and on about how to find your maintenance calories, about how
to set up macros, about how to make sure you’re in a calorie deficit. But I
already have a video going over all that so rather than make this video any
longer than it already has to be I’ll go ahead and send you to that other video
at the end of this one. Now don’t go anywhere because there’s still a lot of
important things I need to tell you to make sure you create lasting results. Alright let’s move on to the fourth point I have to make and it’s a big one
this is not one that a lot of people think of but it’s one that’s super
important and that is to make sure you let go of any limiting beliefs that you
have. It’s so natural and easy to start thinking of all the reasons why you
can’t do this. Maybe you think you just have bad genetics and are destined to be
big. Maybe you think getting in shape is only
for those who are lucky. One thing that’s really common is to predict your future
based on past experiences. “Well I’ve always been this way so it’ll never
change.” or “I’ve tried and failed so many times before why will this time be any
different?” But these beliefs are so dangerous because you don’t even realize
you’re literally using being yourself as an excuse. I mean think about it if
you’re saying things like “I can’t do it because I’m me” or “I always fail because
I’m me” you’re basically saying “I was just born this way and I have no control
over my actions.” And that’s not true you’re capable of so much more than you
think you are you just have to stop giving up when things get tough which I
know is difficult but it’s SO important. I know this isn’t exactly a popular
message but it is going to be difficult no matter how sustainable we make things,
no matter how flexible you’re gonna be, it’s still going to be a difficult
process and it’s supposed to be that way. Anything in life worth having is going
to be difficult if it were easy every person out there would be living their
dreams and there’s a reason very few people are. But the beauty here is the
thing that so few people understand is that the harder it is to accomplish
something the more rewarding it is when it finally happens. Truthfully that’s the
most underrated aspect of this lifestyle. I mean think about it
when have you ever been proud of anything in your life that came easy? When it’s something that’s been easy ever changed you? Accomplishing difficult
tasks is just so rewarding it does so much to build your confidence, it’s so
empowering. And if you stick with it in time I can without question guarantee
you…. Yyou will start to accomplish things that you didn’t think we’re possible and
as you do this you will start to believe more and more and it will have so much
carryover into everything else in your life
you can’t even possibly fathom how big of a deal this really is. When I was
younger before I really got into this lifestyle and lifting consistently I did
not have a lot of confidence I had pretty low confidence honestly. When I
got really serious about fitness I started to do these things that I didn’t
think I could do and I started to build this confidence and I started thinking
like what else can I do like if I can do this I’m probably capable of doing a lot
more… Everything in life started to improve because
of the confidence built inside the gym and this is something I see with others
all the time too pretty much anyone who has success with weight loss or whatever
it is with their fitness goals it’s not even that weight or that look
that they’re proud of by the time they get there. It’s all the things that
happen along the way. It’s the not giving up when things got hard and these are
the things that truly change you from the inside out and they’re the things
that matter at the end of the day. People think it’s all about this weight is
gonna make you happy but that’s not how it works but I’m getting ahead of myself. So while you may not believe that you can do something right now you do have
to believe that it’s possible with consistent effort. And the reason for
this? Well why would you put in the effort if you didn’t even think it was
possible? You have to believe. Alright stick with me I know there’s a lot here
but I’m telling you this is not stuff you’re gonna want to miss and it could
be things that change your life so let’s go on to the next point. And that’s that
you need to have a lot of patience. This can’t be a diet this has to be a
lifestyle. And the reason for this is because diets just don’t work when people
go on diets what they typically do is say I’m gonna go ahead and do this until
I’m done but you can’t be done… EVER. What happens when you’re done you go back to
your old habits and you just gain the weight back. Now this doesn’t mean there aren’t times to back off there certainly are and you
certainly should I’m not about going hard and going home I think that’s a
terrible philosophy. You do need to take breaks you do need to be willing to back
off sometimes but you can’t ever just be done completely again it has to be a
lifestyle. So don’t care how long it takes it doesn’t matter. Think big picture. Focus on finding things that you enjoy about the process
and that will excite you and keep you coming back again and again and not
something that you just want to do because you think it’s the “best” way to
lose weight. Cause honestly it doesn’t matter how well something “works” to lose
weight if you’re not gonna keep doing it when the weight is gone. And if this is
something you have to do forever then why does it matter how long it takes? Quite frankly I can pretty much promise you the more pressure you put on
yourself to do this as fast as possible the more likely you are to fail. Guaranteed. Besides one of the most important things you can do not only to
see results but to be more importantly happy is my sixth point
and that’s learning to love yourself at any weight but still striving to improve. Body image is a huge issue for many people. Nobody wants to feel
uncomfortable on their own skin and if you’re heavier than you want to be it’s
only natural to want to get the weight off as fast as you can. But the problem
is if all you care about is how much you weigh you will always feel unfulfilled
because your weight isn’t the thing that will make you happy. Nobody ever successfully hates their body into something healthy and happy. You have to love yourself enough to want to take care of it. And understand how
much body fat you carry has nothing to do with who you are as a person. Besides
even if you do get where you want to be with your weight that’s never gonna be
the thing that makes you happy. Yeah it’s gonna feel good it’ll feel good for a
moment you’ll be proud you’ll be happy about it but you basically just end up
going… Well not what? Honestly keeping the weight off is much more difficult than
losing the weight is to begin with and there’s a few reasons for this which is
gonna bring me to my seventh point. Your metabolism will always adapt to whatever
you do so nothing you do will ever work forever. Meaning that you’re probably gonna have to accept that especially if you have a
lot of weight to lose you’re not gonna do it all in one attempt. Do not get
stubborn and push when the body is fighting you and it’s not there. You have
to understand it’s literally your body just doing what it’s supposed to do and
that’s keep you from starving to death. So either way whether you reach your
goal or whether you’re stuck and you can’t lose anymore… You should start
working your calories back up with a process called reverse dieting to
improve your metabolism so either if you reach your goal you don’t have to live
your whole life eating these low calories or if you haven’t you can get
your metabolism back into a spot where you can more successfully lose more
weight later. Now the process of reverse dieting is kind of complex and I have a
whole playlist on reverse dieting on my channel that you can check out if you
want but the basic premise is you slowly increase calories so your body can adapt
and not store a bunch of extra body fat during the process. But a good strategy
for a lot of people is just increase maybe 50 to 100 calories until your
calories get back into a better place. This is a hell of a lot better than what
most people do when they can’t lose weight anymore and say screw it this is
too hard I give up. And then they go back to their old eating habits but they do so with a much slower metabolism than they had before the
weight comes back on really fast this is why a lot of times you gain more weight
than you lost to begin with because you had slowed it down and especially if you
were overly restrictive you end up binging on all these foods that you
restricted the whole time. You feel like what’s the point? And the weight comes
back on super fast. And even worse is the more times you do this the worse your
metabolism gets and it gets harder and harder to lose weight each passing time
you come back to lose again. And tell me that’s not something you’ve noticed if
you’ve gone through this multiple times? It always gets harder and this is why. And this is why the quick fixes just do not work. They’re basically starvation
diets and this does bring us right back to the importance of patience. Sure you
may lose weight faster up front with a starvation diet but the problem is your
body will adapt to this and you have no room to make more adjustments when this
happens and you get stuck. Then you get frustrated you go back to your old
eating habits and the yo-yo dieting cycle just continues. Whereas the more
sustainable approach sure you don’t lose as much in the beginning phases but you
can keep seeing progress long-term and you end up losing much more weight down
the road and it really is like the old tortoise and the hare fable slow and
steady really does win the race. And it’s important to point out here that if you
do reverse you have to be ok with getting a little bit of weight back for
the greater good of being able to get the rest off later. Understand there’s a
big difference between gaining a little bit of weight back and all the weight
back. Desperate people do desperate things and desperate things never bring
lasting results. Alright as mentioned make sure you check out this top video
for how to calculate macros for weight loss. If you have any questions please
leave them in the comments below, and I’ll see you in that other video.



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    5:20 "There was no significant difference between the two groups."

    Fun with statistics. I'd invite you to review the DIETFITS RCT's e-Figure 1 in the supplemental content, which shows the waterfall pattern of weight gain or loss within each diet cohort. There are CLEARLY some people who perform much better, and much worse on each diet. As stated earlier in the write up:

    "The substantial variability of weight loss response suggests some strategies may work better for some individuals than others, and that no one diet should be recommended universally.7 Yet, interindividual differences in response to diet are poorly understood. Some studies have reported that genotype variation could predispose individuals to differential weight loss that varies by diet type.8,9" [Note: This study was designed to identify a possible geneotype responsible for this diet success variability, and none was discovered in this trial.]

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