Best Protein Powder in India?Dont get fooled with this.!!

Best Protein Powder in India?Dont get fooled with this.!!

what’s up guys in today’s video let’s
talk about this whey protein it’s really safe to take this or not
everything will be talking about into this video so stay tuned so let’s talk about how way is made in
the first place from where whey is extracted whey is extracted from milk
so when millet is curdled it forms into two layers one is solid and one is
liquid so we lived out the solid part from the liquid part it comes to whey
protein however along with the way there are other nutrients in the liquid form
which is like lactose some other nutrients which is available in the milk
some other little form of carbs this is what is available apart from the whey
protein in that liquid portion so now the liquid is dried up through the
evaporation towers and it becomes a powder and that powder is what we are
using as whey protein so the next question is is it safe to take whey
protein is it like some form of steroids no is it totally safe to take whey
protein some many many people can get protein from their daily intake however
there are some people who can’t get enough from the diet this is where the
whey protein comes in so don’t worry it is totally safe to take whey protein
even I have this idea before some 4 or 5 6 years back I if I take this whey
protein powder I thought I’ll become like bodybuilders like big huge muscles
no you can that is not possible without some form of steroids which is loaded
loaded testosterone but however in this case this is just a protein powder it is
totally safe to thing I’ve spoken before also the a breast requirement for
protein for acid every human being is 50 to 60 grams for everyone even even if
you are not going to gym you need this amount of protein so if you can’t
get this much protein this is who here the whey protein powder comes in because
you can’t get enough everything from the food so why do we need protein exactly
put in are the building blocks of your tissues, your muscles your hairs, your
nails they are the building block of your skin also there are a building block of
your blood cells also so it is very essential so there are 5 functions 5
important function which protein actually do number one building tissues
and muscles no. 2 hormone production no.3 enzyme production number 4
immune function or 5 in the list it also gives you energy so there are 3 kinds of
whey protein powder number one is whey protein concentrate number 2 is whey
protein isolates and number 3 is hydrolyzed
we’re putting in this protein right here where I’m holding its way isolates it is
written here say we put in isolates both three mention whey protein types of whey
protein powder is almost same it differentiates on their filtration mode
it depends on how must filter the protein is and also it depends how much
protein in that number one your protein concentrate is just obtained by
evaporating the liquid form and also turns a powder that is what we are using
as we put in concentrate it is the first one it does not involve any complex
process that’s it once it is evaporated although we get there is whey protein
concentrate there is no more complex process after it number two whey protein
isolates which I have shown in my protein powder that it is more filter
than the whey protein concentrate but here in this we put in all traces of
carbohydrate all traces of fats are removed almost even if the scarves are
also there it is very very very less in minimal quantity obviously this is the
purest form of whey protein it tastes exactly like how the protein test should
be in the protein content in this way protein isolates is 91 percent protein
you will get from one just one scoop finally number three we protein
hydrolyzed hydrolyzed whey protein paired to the other two this hydrolyzed
whey protein doesn’t need to do any well as soon as you take after workout it
just entered directly to the muscle stream and the protein quantity is 95
percent protein in one scoop of that yes the sku I am talking about this kind of
scoop one will be there in the box only problem is the most expensive than the
other two whey protein concentrate price will be
here I Celeste price will be here hydrolyzed price should be here I have
explained quickly all what types of whey proteins are there but today’s video is
all about unboxing of this way protein isolate switches the base is protein in
the Indian market this is the basic protein in Indian market it is a little
bit on the expensive side but it is worth the price on optimum nutrition so
basically this is an American product it is imported here in India with all the
Taxes and all prices little bit on the higher side I’m not trying to promote
the product here I am just telling my from my own experience because this is
the best product I have used rice we threw a bit four hits worth the price
you can definitely see the results but do we really need this product the
answer is yes and no you’re just happy with some kind
of amount of lean muscle mass and you can get enough protein from your diet
you don’t need this but if you can’t get enough from your diet you definitely
need this and I want to tell you one more thing because because there are so
many scammers in the Indian market in this protein industry in this a fitness
industry one bit of advice when you are buying this product make sure it is
authentic you can check the product is genuine or not I’ll show you a screen
recording okay the right side where I’m circling is the barcode and the left
side where I’m circling is the scratch code all you need to do is download a QR
code from your store then scan the QR code directly go to that bright
accomodies website then you have to enter what you have to enter your name
your email your phone number your city then you have to enter the scratch score
which I have shown you that left circle before in that picture I have shown you
so once you have enter all this then you can click the option check no yes you
can see my products already verified so that’s it the second for me today if you
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so much for watching until next and bye guys



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