Best MuscleTech Protein | NitroTech vs WheyGold vs Ripped | English Subtitles | Review & Unboxing

Best MuscleTech Protein | NitroTech vs WheyGold vs Ripped | English Subtitles | Review & Unboxing

hi friends, after Optimum Nutrition or ON, Muscletech’s Nitrotech is one of the best selling brands but people get confused about which product of Nitrotech they should buy because Nitrotech has different variants Nitrotech Whey Gold, Nitrotech Whey Gold Isolate… Nitrotech, Nitrotech Ripped… Nitrotech Power etc So in today’s video, we are going to discuss who is the winner so once again welcome back So as I told before, Nitrotech has different variants In this video, I will discuss the top 3 most selling product Nitrotech, Nitrotech Whey Gold, then Nitrotech Ripped So let us do the complete unboxing review of these products So first take Nitrotech ingredients It has Whey hydrolyzed isolate, Whey isolate and Whey concentrate It also has Creatine and Bcaa Now let us look at Nitrotech Whey Gold ingredients It has Whey hydrolyzed isolate, Whey isolate and Whey concentrate exactly same formula but no Creatine Also, it is Gluten-free People who have celiac diseases, they can consume this since it is Gluten-free Next, let us look at Nitrotech Ripped It has Whey hydrolyzed isolate, Whey isolate and Whey concentrate same combination but the difference is there are fat burners in this i.e it has coffee extract, L-Carnitine, CLA these are ingredients that are helpful for fat burning Now let us look at the scoop difference i.e how much protein per serving One scoop nitrotech is 46g We get 30g Protein in that If we take 100g, we get ~65.2g Protein Now let us look at Nitrotech Whey Gold One scoop is 33g We get 24g Protein in that Now you may think Gold has less Protein content in that, that is not the case actually Per 100g, Nitrotech Whey Gold has 72.7g Protein which is higher than Nitrotech Now let us look at Nitrotech Ripped One scoop is 42g We get 30g Protein in that per 100g, we get ~68.8g Protein Per 100g, Nitrotech Whey Gold is first, then Ripped and Nitrotech respectively If you look scoop wise, Nitrotech and Ripped has similar quantity of Protein Now let us look at the total calories Nitrotech calorie per scoop is 160 per 100g, it is 347 calories Nitrotech Whey Gold calorie per scoop is 120 per 100g, it is 363 calories Nitrotech Ripped calorie per scoop is 170 per 100g, it is 386 calories Ripped has more calories per 100g Since Ripped has fat burners, it helps in Fat loss If you check the carb content, both Nitrotech and Nitrotech Ripped has almost 4g Nitrotech Whey Gold has only 2g of carb content Now let us look at the price range Price of Nitrotech Ripped and Whey Gold is more Nitrotech Ripped is a little more priced than
Whey Gold and Nitrotech Ripped helps in fat loss, in research, it is said that if you consume Ripped for 60days, you can reduce up to 5kg with proper diet This is research by Muscletech So I am not sure, how much of it is true Now let us do unboxing and check the difference of 3 3 of them are chocolate flavor Nitrotech Milk Chocolate Nitrotech Whey Gold is Double Rich Chocolate Nitrotech Ripped is Chocolate Fudge Brownie Now let us open it Every product is 100% genuine If you want genuine products you can contact us at the below number Request all of your support to do these kinds of videos, so please like and share Nitrotech has big scoop then Ripped, Whey Gold has the smallest 3 of them are Chocolate flavors, let us check the mixability If you look at the mixability, 3 of them has very good mixability because the content in these is almost similar only difference is in Creatine and Fat burners so three of them are of same texture and quality Next, let us look at the taste First Nitrotech, it is awesome better than ON Gold but not that good as Dymatize Net Whey Gold taste is comparatively lesser, less sugar this may be because it is an isolate Nitrotech has more Creatine content If you compare the taste, Nitrotech is better Now let us look at Ripped Ripped is not that tastier compared to the others In the case of taste, Nitrotech is the winner then comes Whey Gold and Ripped Nitrotech Ripped has fat burners and hence taste is a little lesser Now you must be confused Let me tell my perspective If you are lean and wish to take Whey Protein, then Nitrotech is good for you because it has Creatine content which helps in water retention and thereby helps in bulking So for a person who wishes to gain some weight and muscle mass, Nitrotech would be better Now if you are fit and doesn’t require Creatine content. At the same time you have Gluten problems and only looking to increase muscle mass then Whey Gold would be the right one Now if you are a little fat and an endomorphic body type, wish to cut some fat You wish for fat loss and muscle building Nitrotech Ripped would be better In short, all these products are almost similar there are small differences in terms of ingredients So if you ask me which is the best, all of them in fact It depends on your body type to select the correct Protein powder So we would come with more unboxing videos next time, hope you liked it we require your support for doing these kinds of videos So if you think this video helped you, please Subscribe us and like us So till we meet next time, take and stay strong



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