Banning Trans Fat in Processed Foods but Not Animal Fat

Banning Trans Fat in Processed Foods but Not Animal Fat

the years of healthy life lost due to our consumption of trans fats is comparable to the impact of conditions like meningitis cervical cancer and multiple sclerosis but if food zealots get their wish and banning added trans fats what’s next vested corporate interests rally around these kinds of slippery slope arguments to distract from the fact that people are dying New York Mayor Bloomberg was decried as a meddling nanny for his trans fat ban and attempt to cap soft drinks sizes how dare he try to manipulate consumer choice but isn’t that what the industry’s done in 1950 a 12 ounce soda was the king-sized option now that’s like the kiddie size similarly with trans fats it was the industry’s that limited our choice by putting trans fats and everything without even telling us so who’s the nanny now New York City finally won its trans-fat fight preserving its status is a public health leader for example it took decades to achieve a national prohibition of lead paint despite unequivocal evidence for harm but New York led the way banning it 18 years before federal action there’s irony in the slippery slope argument at first they came for your fries next they’ll come for your burger after the trans fat oil ban one of the only sources of trans fat left will be in the meat itself trans fat naturally exists in small amounts in the fat in meat and milk as I’ve talked about before animal products only used to provide about 1/5 of America’s trans fat intake but since the u.s. trans fat ban exempts animal products they will soon take over as the leading source in Denmark for example now that added trans fats are banned the only real trans fat exposure left is from animal products found in u.s. dairy beef chicken fat turkey meat lunch meat hot dogs with trace amounts in vegetable oils due to the refining process the question is our animal trans fats as bad as processed food trans fats a compilation of randomized interventional trials found that they both make bad cholesterol go up they both make good cholesterol go down and so they both make the ratio bad to good go up which is bad so all trans fats cause negative effects irrespective of their origin they suspect that removing natural trans fats from the dye too could prevent tens of thousands of heart attacks but unlike processed food you can’t remove trans fats from milk and meat because trans fats are there naturally the livestock industry suggests a little bit of their trans fats might not be too bad but you saw the same everything in moderation argument coming from the Institute of shortening after industrial trans fats were first exposed as a threat the bottom line is that all sources of trans fat should probably be minimized the trans fat and processed foods can be banned and just adhere to the current Dietary Guidelines to restrict saturated fat intake which is primarily found in meat and dairy as well what kind of automatically cut trans fat intake from animal fats the reason no progress may have been made on animal trans fat reduction in Denmark is because the nutrition Council that pushed for the trans fat banned was a joint initiative of the Medical Association and the dairy board and they recognized that the economic support from the Dairy Council could be perceived as problematic from a scientific integrity point of view but not to worry the Medical Association expanded the board and funding members to include the Danish pork industry the Danish meat industry the poultry and egg Council as well as big margarine [Music]



  • Frank Black

    I think the most shocking thing here is that there actually exists a "Danish Margarine Industry Association". IS THERE NO GOD?!?!?!

  • Vegan Lovebirds

    Thanks Dr. Greger ✌🍎✌🍎✌🍎

  • plum413

    What about isolate proteins powder's

  • Pickle Beaker!

    …and the US (as usual ) is again 50 year behind Europe on this matter as well

  • Second Act

    Where transfats have been banned has obesity levels dropped?

  • Safar De Bon

    Ok 3…2….1….
    But But …. but … but but but …But

    But … but

    goes the reptillian brain, with neural arteries clogged with saturated fats, in over drive …

  • 240FP

    CLA, is a trans-rumenic acid that is found abundantly in grass-fed meat
    and dairy products, and to a lesser degree in grain-fed products

    While there have been very few highly controlled clinical trials studying the effects of CLA and VA on heart disease and atherosclerosis, the few that exist also support the conclusion that these natural trans fats may actually reduce the risk of heart disease. In animal studies, CLA has demonstrated potent anti-atherogenic effects, preventing fatty streak and plaque formation in the arteries of rodents by changing macrophage lipid metabolism. (6, 7) While more research in humans is needed, it seems that grass-fed dairy and meat products, high in both CLA and vitamin K2, are some of the best foods you can eat if you’re looking to prevent a heart attack.

    CLA may also be helpful in preventing the development and improving the management of type II diabetes. In rats, CLA has been shown to improve glucose tolerance and skeletal muscle insulin action. (8) Research has also demonstrated that CLA may reduce hyperinsulinemia by increasing the production of adiponectin, a hormone that can lead to enhanced insulin action and improve insulin sensitivity. (9) Epidemiological evidence suggests that there is an inverse association between CLA levels in adipose tissue and diabetes risk, further supporting the hypothesis that CLA may be involved in healthy insulin regulation. (10)

    CLA has even been shown to reduce the risk of cancer, in both experimental and case control studies. (11) It appears to work primarily by blocking the growth and metastatic spread of tumors, controlling the cell cycle, and by reducing inflammation. (12) CLA is able to interrupt the omega-6 PUFA metabolic pathway for the synthesis of eicosanoids, preventing the inflammatory processes that promote cancer development. This may be one reason why dairy consumption has been shown to be inversely associated with certain cancers like breast and colorectal cancer. (13, 14, 15, 16, 17) Based on these animal and human studies, it’s possible that CLA plays a role in cancer prevention.

    You may have seen CLA supplements advertised as a weight loss promoter. Some research suggests that CLA can help reduce body fat and promote weight loss in overweight and obese individuals. (18) In a few studies, dietary supplementation of CLA has been shown to increase lean body mass, reduce body fat mass, and improve overall body composition in overweight individuals. (19, 20, 21) It is thought that CLA may promote improvements in body composition by increasing the breakdown and reducing the storage of body fat. That said, this reduction in body fat is small, so CLA may not cause significant weight loss in the way that supplement advertisers would suggest. But it certainly wouldn’t hurt in your weight loss efforts to increase your dietary CLA.

  • Cg Patti

    i eat 5lb meat everyday and im 95 years old

  • Orlando Rivas

    Vegans, you're not going to cheat death. Maybe gain a year or two at the end of it all if you're lucky. Nothing wrong with thinking about the future, the planet etc. but don't forget to "live" your life in the process.

  • Maple Flavor

    you need overlords to micromanage every aspect of your life? what about the unintended consequences and massive opportunity cost of giving the state the power it has to rule over you? what if they directly cause death themselves?

  • Mike C

    Are the trans fats from chia seeds and almonds just as bad? I looked them up on Cronometer and they surprised me.

  • Vegan Phobic

    Meat is not a health food
    Heme iron
    Saturated fat
    Trans fat
    No fiber
    No water
    Feeds negative gut bacteria
    Pro oxidant
    Type 1 carcinogen

  • ak a

    All foods lead to death. Because we're all gonna die. Let's stop demonizing food.

  • KR Royal

    It's either kept that way because of ignorance or population control. I've been on a plant-based diet for almost five years, feel better than ever.

  • Galaxy Girl

    +Lichtblick +TheHornyVegan Where are you? 🤗

  • Mal Milligan

    I think there should be an initiative to allow people on a vegan diet to pay medical insurance rates at maybe 10% of the rate that all others are pooled in. Currently vegans pay an undue amount for medical bills of people with lifestyle problems including smokers, drug users, obese people, and so forth. That will get their attention when they are paying 10x the amount for the insurance because they use 10x the amount of benefits.

  • Lichtblick

    I don't have any trans fats in my diet 😊

  • Dylan Mayes


  • Lex Nuss

    Dr. Greger is a true Messiah.He leads the battle against ignorance, arrogance, stupidity, ill-logic, ill-reason, and evil greed. Too bad, on social security in Arkansas, I've got to fly to Thailand to afford knee surgery after being messed with by cops on drugs. Oh well? Keep the Asian in Caucasian. "Forgive them for they know not what they do." It really doesn't hurt to love one another and prevent bloodshed. Try it. You'll like it. Shalom!

  • Jacob

    The diary industry is very big in Denmark.
    Denmark is highly specialized in producing pork meat.
    In Denmark there are only 5.6 million citizens, but nearly 20 million pigs were slaughtered in 2012.
    This might have a big influence Danish politics, as this industry generates a lot of money and jobs.

  • 29

    Dr gregor acts like he knows a lot about nutrition but let me tell u a little secret he is miserable himself . What a snake u are Dr , people like u should be charged with spreading lies .

  • Blacktician

    Just feedback for the format: I personally liked the old visuals more. The page flipping is a bit distracting and I think part of the appeal of the NF videos is that the information is hardly adulterated. That's still the case obviously but the slight over editing makes it seem a bit less professional

  • Rex Murray

    How come hunter gatherers eat animal fat and have none of the modern day diseases?

  • Rex Murray

    Soooo by you logic omega 6 is inflammatory and omega 3 is anti inflammatory. So we should crush omega 6? No it's about ratios and counter acting nutrients. I get why people want to pick on certain nutrients and macros and micros using extreme logic. But dietary dogma is rife now. Diet is now the new religion and some fundamentalist dietary followers some times actually advocate killing one another for their dogma. Vegan, vegetarian, keto paleo, HCLF, HFLC, breatharian. Just eat to sustain your energy for the day, eat whole organic, foraged, wild foods. Listen to you body rather than gurus. Your body/genetics know whats right for your body. Peace.

  • Coffee-Fueled Critic

    The text highlighting in this video is FAR better than the green, blown up text in the other trans fat video. Please keep this method!

  • Shareef Taylor

    Not true! There are very few trans fats in vegetable oil… until you COOK with it or FRY with it. Then a ridiculous amount are formed and lead all sources for ingested trans fat. The ubiquitous french fry is by far the diet leader hydrogenated oil or not.

  • Nitsan Simantov

    lol at the end

  • Peter Rabitt

    We should outlaw the use of artificial trans-fat in foods, but the naturally occurring fats in meats can't be banned without there being an overreach of government involvement. The last thing we want is for hamburgers to be criminalized, that would make us whole-food plant-based / vegans truly look insane to the population at large.

  • izeizei

    People generally are idiots. The analogy with the lead paint is very fitting. These things about our diet have been known, very well known for decades now! Who cares about their health follows them. Who doesn't, suffers and dies and is burden on our health system!

  • toavm

    ¿¿¿???? What? trans in meat? Can't believe it. By the way Sweeden became the first countty of the industrilzed world (of some more to come) to aprove, adopt and include the low carb, high fat (healthy animal and plant fat) diet into its national dietary guidelines, rejecting the low fat craze.

  • Varuna

    "One of the only" is poor grammar. It's like saying 'one of the one'. What you meant to say was 'one of the few'.

  • Rogue Planet

    "2% milk tho…. chicken breast tho"

  • Passion Kid


    i've been vegan for 4 years, mostly plant based and suffer from binge eating. Since going vegan i've had very LOOSE STOOLS, borderline diarrhoea everyday, bloating, horrible gas and weight gain can it be caused by too much fibre (40-80g)? I struggle to lower my fibre intake on a plant based diet?

  • Plant Planet Earth

    Dr. McGregor, you the man! Thank you for the information. It feels so much better eating fruits, vegetables, legumes and nuts.

  • Eric K

    This idiot would advise you not to eat a couple of eggs from your neighbor's happy and healthy free-range chickens who run around all day and have a great life. Nothing else need to be said. The man is a fanatic. You think those two eggs are going to shorten your life or make you sick. If you do, you are insane.

  • Dennis McCarthy

    Why are we concerned about animal fat? Humans thrived on animal fat for thousands of years. Lets talk about processed carbs, veg oils, and sugar. SMDH

  • Dennis McCarthy

    Why are we concerned about animal fat? Humans thrived on animal fat for thousands of years. Lets talk about processed carbs, veg oils, and sugar. SMDH

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