#AskDrBob: Sleep, Vitamin B12, Iodine

#AskDrBob: Sleep, Vitamin B12, Iodine

(calm synth sound effect) – Hello, everybody,
this is Dr. Bob DeMaria with another episode of #AskDrBob. A couple real interesting
questions today for Dr. Bob: “Dr. Bob, what is the
best way to get to sleep “and the sleep you need,
and stay asleep all night?” You wake up at three
o’clock in the morning. Normally, what I see, individuals who wake up about
three o’clock in the morning, it’s a blood sugar challenge, and we actually use a
product in our practice called Bio-Glycozyme Forte, and you might need to
take about four of them before you go to bed. But blood sugar stress is
probably the most common reason you’d wake up at three
o’clock in the morning. “Dr. Bob, what’s the best vitamin B12, “and do you need to take folic acid too?” Well a couple thoughts. We would do a blood test called
a CBC with a Differential, and we look at the MCV,
the MCH, and the MCHC. That might be in Greek to you, but those are markers that we use to determine if you need B12 or not. And the B12 that we use actually
has the folic acid in it. Now, this is important
because there are a lot of different ways to check
to see if you need B12, and sometimes we’ll do
an Opti-Chem Profile, and we look at a person’s uric acid, and if it’s low, maybe you need B12. This was an in interesting question. First one I’ve ever had like
this, are you ready for it? “Dr. Bob, does putting
iodine on your belly button “help graying hair?” Well it’s the first time I’ve
ever had anybody ask me that. So I’ve learned so much using
Mineral Tissue Hair Analysis, and I have learned that sometimes, people are what we call, “slow oxidizers”. They may have gray hair. You might not have enough
minerals in your body. You might not be absorbing minerals. I think that it’s good to use iodine, but we do some testing to see
if you have a need for iodine. That was a very interesting
question, by the way. “Dr. Bob, what do I do if
I’m allergic to iodine?” There’s a couple thoughts here. We use a product called, Cytozyme-Parotid. We’ve had great success with people who have iodine sensitivities. But I also know that if
you’re in a pool, a hot tub, us a lot of municipal water,
you may have a lot of chlorine, bromine, and fluorine in your
body, so when you take iodine, it can cause a reaction. But we use Cytozyme-Parotid. You may consider the Urine-Iodine
Loading Test, to see if you even have enough iodine in
your body in the first place. Last question, very interesting question. “Dr. Bob, my triglycerides are 445.” Now, high-normal to us
is anything over 100, so that is a lot of triglycerides,
and for all those of you who don’t know what triglycerides are, it’s the fat in your blood. “Do I need to stop eating
bread, pasta, and potatoes?” I would, I’d cut back on all carbs. But you may consider
having your thyroid tested. Also, you want to make sure that you are cutting back on the carbs. Consider working on your liver. Do you have a fatty liver? Do you juice? The liver is a very important key for long-term optimal triglyceride health. This is Dr. Bob DeMaria,
in Naples, Florida, and Westlake, Ohio.



  • Cynthia Dunning

    Good morning Dr Bob,any chance you could do a quick video on increasing your igf naturally ? Thank you very much.

  • Michael Carney

    You should identify yourself as a chiropractor unless of course you are hoping that people assume that you are a medical doctor.

  • Never Knows Best

    Pretty sure it's illegal to call yourself a doctor and give medical advice when you don't have any real medical training.

  • richard bale

    Your not medically trained

  • Matt Delaney

    Hi "Dr" Bob. Could you please point me to a single peer-reviewed study into your claims?

  • Sam Spade

    You're not even a qualified (md)Doctor nor is your daughter!🤬🖕your just an arsehole

  • Daniel I

    You are not a medical doctor, stop giving out medical advice.

  • Vlad the Inhaler

    This guy doesn't know what he is talking about. You can tell if someone has a macrocytic anemia by using a CBC with Differential, but it won't tell you it's a B12 deficiency. A B12 deficiency is one cause of Macrocytic Anemia, but not the only one. You could have a folate deficiency as well, or numerous other disease states that can cause a macrocytic anemia.

  • Dan Rooke

    the plot twist is that he is a ''drugless'' doc cause he doesn't have a license to actually prescribe you drugs

  • Kokiri Kidd

    These people are not doctors and do not have any rights to prescribe medical care. Do not listen to their dangerous to lethal rhetoric. Chiropractic is not a real medical treatment. It has been proven to be as helpful as a massage while having a much larger possibility of lethality. These people produce lies to sell products such as salt water. These products and advice will get people killed.


  • Michael Carney


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