Ashley Conrad’s 21-Day Clutch Cut Training Program – Meet Your Trainer –

Ashley Conrad’s 21-Day Clutch Cut Training Program – Meet Your Trainer –

I’m a sponsored
athlete for Adidas. I’m a celebrity trainer. My clients include people like
Bradley Cooper, Kate Hudson, P. Diddy and some of the world’s
biggest professional athletes. I’m the CEO and
founder of Clutch Bodyshop. My mission is to change the way
you think about your body and what is possible. I’m Ashley Conrad. Growing up, my parents were
the type of parents that would never let us be
inside watching TV. We always had to be
outside doing something. So the precedent was set really
early on in my childhood and from as early as I can remember,
even 3 years old, I was enrolled in soccer. So sports became a part of my
life like–they’ve been a part of my life for as
long as I can remember. It is still such an important
part of who I am and it has really shaped a lot of the
methodologies and especially the psychological aspect of a lot of
the stuff that I do today with clients. From a very, very small age,
my dream, if someone asked me, “What do you want to
be when you grow up?” It was always, “I’m gonna
be a professional athlete.” So even at, like, 7, 8 years
old, it didn’t matter what sport, I just knew
I was going pro. So I remember when I was,
like, 8 years old, I was on an all-boys baseball team and
ended up making All-Stars. And so now I’m on this all-boys
All-Star team and the first day home from practice that day I
was, like, crying because all the boys were so mean to me. And I remember my dad looked at
me and he goes, “Honey, they’re just jealous because they all
know that you’re gonna be a professional athlete.” It was really special because
my parents always supported that dream and me in athletics and
then when I moved into kind of my high school years, basketball
had become the central sport. Santa Catalina works it
around to their sharpshooter, Ashley Conrad. Just inside the arc,
that’s a long– I began adhering to a
much stricter training regimen. Going into my freshman year, it
was the first time I had lifted weights. It was the first time that I
began to kind of understand that outside of actually playing and
practicing the sport, there was kind of this whole other world
and way to train your body to become a better athlete. About my freshman or sophomore
year, I said, “You know what? I know exactly what
college I want to go to. I want to go to USC.” And so my goal from thereon out
was just how am I gonna be able to play basketball at USC? And at the time it was nobody,
and I mean nobody, thought that it was actually possible. I was a great athlete for the
small town I came from but when you consider the rest of America
and the recruitment pool that they have to pull from, it
was kind of one of those things where everybody was like,
“Yeah, yeah, that’s great. USC, whatever.” So that was kind of the
beginning of a 4-year journey for me of training. By the time I left, like a
professional athlete and a lot of my methodologies
around nutrition and training specifically I still pull from
those years of training for that dream. Well, before I got to USC, it
was really about, okay, here’s the end goal. The end goal is to
play basketball here. Okay, what is going to need to
happen in order to make that dream a reality? And so at the time I had
this really amazing coach. He really taught me how to look
at what the big–the long-term and then how we’re gonna break
that down short-term so every day was something different. So by the time I was a junior
in high school, I had not only transformed my body but going
into training sessions all I thought about was
where I wanted to go. That was it. And it wasn’t just USC, it was
the next game, play-offs, all the visualization that went
on in how am I gonna get here. Learning in my teen years, okay,
you have something you want to do, it’s not gonna come easily. It may take you 4 years, 5
years, but if you set that plan up and you know what you’re
supposed to do every single day, and you’re willing to actually
commit to that every single day, at the end of those 4 years, I
ended up playing basketball at USC but it was only
because I had that plan. For me, going into SC, I was
aware of the athletes that they were bringing in. The bar was set extremely high
so once I got there, it was, I would do everything that the
team would do but because I felt like I was really the underdog,
’cause I was never the fastest, I had trained really hard to
get faster but there are certain people that just have that
genetic advantage over you that there’s really not a
whole lot you can do. So for me, I would go from
our conditioning workouts to basketball practice and then we
would lift and then I would do another hour and a half, 2 hours
of working out, outside of what the team would do. So while I was at USC, I
actually sustained a couple of pretty serious injuries, one
was a knee and one was a back injury. And doctors basically told me
if you continue to play you’re basically not gonna be able to
go on leisurely runs by the time you’re 30, you’ll not have any
cartilage left in your knees. So I had at the time been going
to an amazing sports medicine doctor who saved me from a
number of–from surgery, actually having to
operate on the knee. And through watching the way
that he was able to dissect the human body and look at, okay,
here’s a different way that we can treat this and through
rehabilitation exercises, here’s what we can do to prevent you
from having to have surgery, I thought, you know what, if I
can’t be a professional athlete because of these injuries that
I’ve sustained, I think I’d like to work with athletes. I’d like to train them and I’d
like to help rehabilitate them the same way this
doctor has done with me. So with that, after I got done
at SC, I ended up enrolling in medical school and that’s really
what I thought my future was going to be. While I was in medical school, I
wasn’t training 6, 7 hours a day anymore and obviously when
you’re not doing that and you’re now eating whatever you want, I
had been so disciplined for so long, that I kind of allowed
myself to say, “You know what, I’m just gonna eat what I want
to eat, when I want to eat it.” I found myself
suddenly 20 pounds heavier. And I woke up one day and looked
in the mirror and took a good hard look and thought, “It’s
time to do something about this. This is not–” I really didn’t
recognize myself ’cause my body had never been as heavy
as I was at that time. I was about 175 pounds and on
my frame that’s pretty big. So without having all that
time to train I thought you know what, what I need to do is I’ve
got about 45 minutes to an hour every day. What can I do to
take this weight off? So I sat down and I combined
everything that I knew from my background at USC, all the
kinesiology classes I took, all the exercise
prescription and nutrition. Then I drew from everything I
was learning in the pre-med classes and everything that I
knew as my background as an athlete and I put
together this program. And at the time, it was funny,
’cause I don’t even think I even realized what I
had just created. But as I began to go put myself
through this program and watched how dramatically even within the
first couple of days my body was beginning to change without
working out two times a day, without, you know, depleting
myself of carbohydrates or water or anything, just really my
metabolism was just speeding up. And so I thought, “Wow, this
is–I think I’ve really got something here.” And as I began to continue to go
through the program, I began to think, you know what, this is
something that in LA could be extremely valuable. I think that I could have
something that nobody else has. I made the decision that
this is what I wanted to do. The problem was at the time
that there were such high expectations from my family
and from everyone around me, I was–you know, everybody was so
excited about the fact that I was gonna be this doctor and it
was so amazing because there was a lot of disappointment when I
decided to kind of walk away from basketball ’cause, you
know, when you’ve been an athlete your whole life and
you’ve been praised for being such a great athlete and then
you kind of walk away from that, it’s like, well, what makes me
special if I don’t have that? But I knew, I said, “You know, I
think this is something that I have to do.” So I flew home and
I’ll never forget. I sat across the table from my
mom and my dad who have always been so supportive of every
decision I’ve ever made and so supportive of every dream I’ve
had because I’ve always been an underdog and they’ve been,
like, always in my corner. And I sat across from them and
I said, “I am gonna drop out of school.” And their faces just dropped. And they said,
“And why is that?” I said, “Because I’m gonna be a
trainer,” I said, “and I’ve got this program and I’m telling you
it’s really–it’s something that is gonna be huge. And I think if I just focus on
this 100% and I execute this plan that I’ve put together, I
think that by the time I would be getting out of school, I’m
gonna be really far ahead.” And they said, “You’re
making a huge mistake. Like, you’re
throwing away your future. Like, how are you
gonna do this?” And it was–looking back on
it, I think any parent, myself included, would go, “You’re
gonna drop out of school? Like, you don’t even
have a job at a gym. You have no experience at this. How are you gonna
make this happen?” And I honestly I didn’t have the
answers that they wanted but I remember I just knew that
this was what I was meant to do. And I looked at them and I said,
“You just have to trust me. I know what I’m doing.” After I’d had that conversation
I withdrew myself from school and I began looking for a job
training and I thought I was a basketball player at USC,
who wouldn’t want to hire me? I have all this background and
training, it’s gonna be easy for me to get a job at a gym. But the truth was, I
could not get a job. Like, literally, not a single
gym in Los Angeles would hire me. And so that was kind of like
my first lesson in complete humility. People don’t know this but I had
to go into 24-Hour Fitness in Hollywood every day for 2
weeks and literally go into the fitness manager and say,
“I need you to hire me.” So finally after begging
him, he finally gave me a job. And I then had to sit through,
like, a week of training 8 hours a day where they describe to
you how you train somebody. And it was just further
confirmation for me that I was on the right path because the
way that they were dictating to the class that you’re supposed
to train somebody was completely opposite of the program that I
had put together and what I know to be true. Literally within the first month
I had more clients than I knew what to do with. As I was building out clients
at the gym, people were getting these really incredible results. People were seeing a difference
in their body in the first 3, 4, 5 days. And word at that time began to
spread around Los Angeles kind of like wildfire about this
young trainer who had this program that had the ability
to transform somebody’s body in less than a week. And so things were just kind of
starting to kind of bust out at the seams and I get a
call one day and at first I actually thought
it was a prank call but I get a call. It was this huge A-list
celebrity and they said, “I’ve got a film coming up that I need
to train for and I’ve only got a couple of weeks. Can we do a training session and
I’ll see if I like what you do?” Sure. “What gym do you work out of?” And I said, “We’re not
gonna go to the gym. Just give me the
address to your house.” So I showed up that day
purposely with a medicine ball in one hand and a
resistance band in the other. And I show up to the door. She opens the door and
literally, like, I’m standing there with two pieces of
equipment and she literally does this…and goes, “What are
you gonna do with that?” And I’m, like, “We’re
gonna train with it.” Goes, “You think you’re gonna be
able to kick my ass with that? I train, like, 5 days a week.” I said, “We’ll see.” So go out to the back yard, I
set the equipment down, start putting her through the circuit
and about 2 minutes in she was hunched over, pouring sweat,
looks up at me like this and she goes, “What are you doing
for the next 4 months? I need you to come
to set with me.” And I said, “Let’s,”
you know, “let’s do it.” And so that was really, that was
the beginning of my career in celebrity training. And I texted my mom and I said,
“I’m on a private jet right now, flying to Boston. I told you that it
was gonna be okay.” And from that point on, that was
really the beginning, kind of, of everything, my entire career. And also was my family,
obviously from that point on, was extremely supportive ’cause
they were, like, “How the hell did you go from having
nothing to this in 6 months?” It was just completely baffling
to sort of everyone around me. But my dream now, which it has
always been, even at that time, was to be able to take what
I’ve done behind the scenes with these now, you know, huge
A-list celebrities, professional athletes, these huge
transformations, and give it to everybody. So the mission is really just to
inspire people through exercise and through fitness and through
nutrition because having those things without being inspired,
if you can inspire somebody you can actually change their life. You know, six-pack abs aren’t
gonna change anybody’s life but if you can get them the six-pack
abs and you can actually create a positive change within them,
that person can do whatever they want to do in life, you know? And my life has been a
perfect example of that. Ashley Conrad. We’re gonna be everywhere. You’re reaching in the ‘fridge
for a piece of cheesecake, I’m gonna be there on the site watching you. So keep going to We’re gonna get you the tools,
the weapons, the content, the truth that you need
to make that change. And we’re gonna do
everything together. And it’s gonna be fun.



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