As A Nutrition Major, She Learned All The Wrong Things

As A Nutrition Major, She Learned All The Wrong Things

– So, Nelson and I met
when I was 16 years old, believe it or not. We were in high school. So, I always had a passion
for nutrition because like all other women my
age, I was very conscious of my weight, and careful, and I grew up in a very traditional
family where my father, my father was a dairy farmer and my mother was a very traditional cook. There were four kids in the family. So I became involved in
cooking, and I was interested in food as it relates
to nutrition, as well, so I decided at that point I was gonna major in nutrition. And that was when I met Nelson. And when I met Nelson, his father, Colin, was doing a lot of the
research in China at the time, so I got a front seat
to what was happening and what his results were, so it was really exciting for me. And I was very motivated,
so I went on to college, became a nutrition major, and learned all the wrong things. So, after a couple years of nutrition, traditional nutrition,
I decided to get out and go into education. So I ended up being a teacher,
and had three children, and raised them plant-based. So, that’s kind of my
journey with nutrition. We didn’t wake up overnight
and become plant-based or vegan, it was a slow transition. So, I would say I began
when I was 16 years old, and we continued, and I think we became fully, 150% plant-based
right about when the kids were being born, and we
were putting them in school. That was when I had that “aha!” moment, that the kids were the
primary reason for us getting clean with our diet. I didn’t think that I
could develop a cookbook and get involved in
jumpstarts the way I did. In fact, Nelson kept saying,
“You need to be our chef.” And I said, “No, I don’t
know enough about that!” But when we hired a chef
to do it, I realized that she was still green
to this style of eating, and so I was teaching her
things, and then we got together as a team and did the jumpstarts, but. It’s amazing how much
you think you don’t know until you realize how much
other people don’t know. But I think the message
that I wanna send to people is just because you’re plant-based, just because you’re vegan, does not mean you’re eating just salad. There are so many foods
in the plant world. Take what you already know, your traditional diet,
and make it plant-based, and make it taste good. There’s so many great recipes
and there’s so many resources out there for people to tap
into that there’s no reason that you have to miss a
beat when it comes to food.


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  • Elsje Massyn

    I love Dr. T. .Colin Campbell and now to hear his daughter-in-law's story is a real blessing!!

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