Are Vitamin C Pills Good For You?

Are Vitamin C Pills Good For You?

“Are Vitamin C Pills Good for You?” Last year we learned that
vitamin A and vitamin E supplements weren’t just a waste of money,
but we were actually paying to live, on average, a shorter life— whereas vitamin D supplements
were shown to increase our lifespan. Let’s keep filling in the alphabet:
vitamin C. Did scientists just discover that vitamin
C supplements shorten our lifespan? Don’t do anything to our lifespan? Or do vitamin C supplements
enable us to live longer? No effect on lifespan, heart attack risk,
or cancer risk— just, apparently,
a waste of money.



  • Nikolay Nikolov

    Every time I stop taking 6 pills of 100mg Vitamin C a day, my teeth start hurting and I feel tension in them and in the gums. If I even only go to 5 pills, this effect starts but it is much smaller. 
    If I start eating a few oranges a day and stop the pills completely, I am ok, but it costs too much…

  • Matt N

    i stopped taking vitimin c pills three years ago and my arthritis spiraled downward rapidly. now, i'm in real trouble with both knees. i regret stopping. i'm too young for such bad arthritis.

  • fox evv

    The great thing about vegan diets is even if one study is flawed, there are uncountable numbers of other studies to the place of the flawed study showing clear benefits of such a diet.

    This is not the case with saying "Vitamin C is a waste of money".  Quite the opposite in fact.  This video reminds me of something a paleo advocate would post.  An isolated study contradicted by the overwhelming majority of others.

  • Bassam N

    4 comments in 6 years…mmmmm , let's make it 5 🙂 I now believe that no matter how intelligent and vigilant you think your resource of information is, we don't have to follow him 100%, a pure source of information almost does not exist, one have to compile information from different sources. Dr Greger is a great source for info but so are: Dr Abram Hoffer, Dr Ian Brighthope, Dr Thomas Levy, Dr Robert Cathcart, Dr Hugh Riordan and Dr Klenner, all of those wont agree with him on his vitamin C views, with all due respect, Dr Greger still two Nobel prizes less than "the father of vitamin C" Linus Pauling 🙂 . Bottom line: Don't relay exclusively on one source.

  • wakeupnow

    He always reading all the journals but does he know that journals today cannot be trusted 100%. This is even mention by their chief editors.

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