Andrew Discusses Essential 1 Multivitamin + Vitamin K2 MK7 – Andrew Lessman ProCaps

Andrew Discusses Essential 1 Multivitamin + Vitamin K2 MK7 – Andrew Lessman ProCaps

hi there Andrew Lessman here with a little sneak peek of our today’s special this evening more are actually I should say today’s specials this evening at midnight will be introducing one of our biggest today’s specials of the year because it is a foundational product in my product line it’s our essential-1 multivitamin also we’ll talk about vitamin k2 mk7 a relatively recent introduction or addition to the world of vitamins and since we’re talking about a complete multivitamin vitamin k2 mk7 which is delivered and presented separately I thought it would be an appropriate time to also have it today’s special for that but let’s start first speaking about essential one and essential one delivers more than just what you expect from a typical multivitamin a typical multivitamin delivers really the minimum daily requirements not the levels that most individuals choose to supplement especially when you look at important nutrients like vitamin D and vitamin b12 so we make sure that with our small easy to swallow capsule you get separate levels of vitamin D and b12 in fact you can choose between two formulas the standard is 2000 IU but if you’re combining it with other formulas that have additional vitamin D you can get a formula of essential one with 1000 IU of vitamin D so it’s your choice 1000 IU or 2000 IU of vitamin d3 it’s the vitamin D separately would almost be the price of the formula the product today at its today’s special pricing and of course the pricing today best pricing ever also the pricing today it’s better than a buy one get one free so great opportunities to get the the most unique multivitamin in the world and what also makes it unique when I was talking about what you don’t get with typical multivitamins and you don’t get the levels of vitamin D and b12 the special forms we deliver we also don’t deliver all of the colors and additives that they deliver so if you’re someone who cares about what you put in your body do you want to make sure the vitamins and minerals are in their best form but you want to make sure you’re not getting a lot of other garbage frankly along with it binders fillers artificial colors all the leading multivitamins contain artificial colors so in fact artificial colors you can’t even find those ingredients in a typical a healthier grocery store but artificial colors nevertheless are present in the leading multivitamins which has always shocked me and I’ve spoken about this since the day I started my company 40 years ago and in 40 years I would have expected decades ago that would have changed but today even though certain pharmaceuticals and medications have removed the artificial colors from their formulas because they know children take them or individuals with sensitivities take them there are still hard official colors in the leading multivitamins appalling and an a list of a dozen or more additives binders fillers you can’t make a tablet without adding binders and fillers and coatings and waxes and things like that things like carnauba wax carnauba wax is used in car wax or shoe polish things like that but you won’t find any of those things in my product so if you care about your body the only reason you’re taking a multivitamin is because you care about your body so it’s absolutely contradictory the way those companies go about making their products and they basically I think prey upon the ignorance of people who are buying their products oftentimes those lists of other ingredients that you don’t want in your body those lists are just on the box when you get home they throw the Box away so you don’t really see it so you don’t know what’s really in there necessarily and again the forms the levels the typical b12 is a form of b12 cyanocobalamin that your body liberates trace amounts of cyanide if your body can absorb it at all which most times the form of b12 they use isn’t absorbable and will be destroyed by the acid in your stomach but if your body could absorb it at all it’s going to process it and metabolize it liberal liberate something called cyanide cyanide is poisonous yes there is cyanide traces of cyanide in our food supply but why would we want to add cyanide basically when other forms are available of b12 that are more natural the natural coenzyme form in your body is something called methyl cobalamin that’s what we use and we protect it from stomach acid so it’s going to be usable absorbable and beneficial to you but I could go on with a long list of the differences that are the more technical differences that make the experience with my products so far superior you could read the thousands of reviews on our essential-1 multivitamin and it’s rated 4.7 stars which is an incredible achievement accomplishment because 4.7 stars means that about 95 plus percent of the reviews are positive that about 85% of the reviews are perfect 5 star reviews that is not what you find for typical multivitamins why because typical multivitamins are difficult to swallow even though they’re lower potency than mine they upset your stomach they’re miserable to take miserable to use they’re the multivitamins that our doctors recommend we take but we end up quitting because they’re just unpleasant to use so I think the greatest accomplishment with my multivitamin aren’t all the technical and scientific things we do right but the basic human experience that we do right the fact that we put it in a small soft easy to swallow capsule the fact that there’s an ultrafine powder in that capsule that immediately dissolves and disintegrates and goes to work benefiting you the typical multivitamin is a tablet 99 plus percent of the multivitamins in America are in tablets because they’re cheaper and easier for the manufacturer to make those tablets are made from raw materials that came in a beautiful soluble powder form they then coat those granules with waxes essentially with glues and binders that make them stick together then they coat that tablet with more ingredients that all it does is disrupt your body’s ability to utilize it absorb it makes it harder to swallow and then when a multivitamin multi-mineral is made into a tablet effectively minerals what did you effectively create when you create a tablet or when those manufacturers create a tablet they create a rock and it’s no wonder these things upset your stomach because a rock rolls that is this little object that has to slowly disintegrate and dissolve while it’s sitting in your stomach it’s no wonder that one of the most common complaints with the leading multivitamins beyond difficult swallowing is upset stomach and all sorts of other gastric and GI symptoms not the case with my product my product ultrafine powder pH neutral won’t upset your stomach it’s basically the same pH as water so won’t upset your stomach and it’s going to be easy to swallow and that ultrafine powder easy analogy I always give is if you put an ultrafine powder in a cup of coffee or tea it pretty much dissolves on the surface and disappears right there because that ultrafine powder provides so much more surface area for it to mix with the liquid you put a sugar cube in nice tea or put in a cup of coffee it’s gonna sit on the bottom because that sugar cube only has the exterior surface exposed limited surface area imagine a tablet that unlike a sugar cube can’t eventually be easily penetrated by liquid imagine that tablet a lot of the ingredients are not even soluble at all so that tablet just sits there and basically it’s that tablet that is the reason why most people don’t particularly enjoy their multivitamins and most people as I say love to hate their multivitamin so with my product all you get are all the benefits you’d seek from a multivitamin we give you levels of separate nutrients that yes it might eliminate your need to buy those nutrients separately from me but that should be the case with a multivitamin the highest profile separate ingredients that are most frequently deficient or most frequently insufficient should be adequately provided that’s vitamin D in b12 we end up we also give you vitamin C in a form that won’t upset your stomach because it’s non acidic we don’t use typical ascorbic acid we use a form of score big acid that’s pH neutral calcium ascorbate so it’s non acidic and it delivers a bonus of additional calcium so you get all the nutrients you want and especially when it comes to the leading multivitamins there are three ingredients that are called Lloyd’s and those three carrot nori carotenoids lutein zeaxanthin and lycopene those three carotenoids are the most expensive or among the most expensive ingredients you’ll find in any vitamin supplement we’re talking about ingredients for the active components you’re talking about thousands of dollars per kilogram a kilogram is two pounds so you’re talking about something that’s a couple of thousand dollars at least per pound needless to say those very expensive ingredients are almost nowhere to be found in the leading multivitamins so in the leading multivitamins sometimes you’ll find trace amounts of lutein may be trace amounts of lycopene in just a couple of them 99% of the leading multivitamins sold probably don’t contain any lutein any lycopene none of them contains the xanthine so if you’re looking at those vitamins you’re seeing with all the popular advertising dollars beyond become that may behind them they have enormous advertising budgets promoting their products but unfortunately they’re not spending their investment on the product and on your health they’re spending it on marketing trying to convince you to try their product instead of investing in making that product and that experience better for you so no lutein critical for good vision no lycopene critical for prostate health breast health circulatory health these ingredients support numerous systems throughout the body zeaxanthin also critical for eye health so our product is comprehensive it’s respectful to you and that it gives you the levels of the nutrients you seek it’s also respectful to you because you shouldn’t get a stomach ache a belly ache when you take a multivitamin you shouldn’t struggle to swallow it you shouldn’t have to time when you take it so that you’re gonna be taking it with a big meal because otherwise it’s going to make you nauseous or miserable your multivitamin should accommodate you it should flex to meet your needs and that’s exactly what essential one does so essential one is unlike any other multivitamin in the world and as much as I could speak about it till I’m blue in the face as blue is this shirt what makes it unique and what makes whatever I might say credible is the fact that you could read those reviews we make sure they are all available the good ones the bad ones in all their glory it just so happens that there’s a tiny tiny amount of bad reviews that again as I said before over 95% of the reviews are positive it’s hard to find a unanimous opinion like that you could find the best movie the best book you’re really not going to find individuals reviewing it with the same amount of of unanimity of just unanimous opinion that you find for this product and I always say the reason why is we might have different opinions when it comes to books or movies or food but we have no choice in our biochemistry we all share the same biochemistry and so when it comes to essential one essential one just addresses the biochemistry also listens to the feedback since I’ve been making products for 40 years it elicits your feedback most of the vitamins you see out on the market are not manufactured by the company that’s selling them they’re manufactured by contract manufacturers so also at my company we have a very well staffed customer care center so I could hear all your criticism firsthand if you call in I read the reviews as well so I make sure this product has over the years evolved to become the perfect product that it is it’s not an accident it’s your feedback it’s the science and your feedback that makes it a perfect product and in addition to our essential one because vitamin k2 is a separate vitamin that not everyone chooses to supplement it also it’s best delivered in a liquid soft gel whereas our essential one is a powder fill capsule so that liquid soft gel our vitamin k2 mk7 anybody who’s consuming calcium in their diet or supplementing calcium separately vitamin k2 mk7 is just as important as that calcium and just as important as that vitamin D because vitamin k2 mk7 is what makes sure that calcium goes to the sites in your body where you want it in your bones where it’s critical to the health instructor of your bones that it’s retained within the cells where it works within all the cells of your body but it doesn’t go to tissues we don’t want it to go in causing undesirable calcification as you might consider in our arteries so in fact recent research clinical studies on vitamin k2 mk7 show that actually enhanced in relatively short periods of time a matter of months the flexible the flexibility the arterial flexibility reduced arterial stiffness and the flexibility of our arteries is most of the one of the most important qualities we could all possess in terms of an anti-aging type quality equal we think of our joints being flexible as being desirable I would even prefer over that as important as that is flexible arteries so vitamin k2 mk7 supports and promotes arterial resiliency flexibility and and it does so because it helps our body manage calcium as I often say it acts as a police officer kind of a traffic cop in our body making sure that calcium goes were it’s supposed to go stays where it’s supposed to stay and doesn’t go or stay or it ought not go so vitamin k2 mk7 a critical and logical addition to any multivitamin multi-mineral mineral because it is a vitamin itself and it bears no relationship directly to vitamin k1 which is entirely about blood clotting vitamin k2 mk7 focuses on the management of calcium within our body which all of us must consume calcium in our diet or we must supplement or both and vitamin k2 mk7 is critical to all of us who consider calcium an important nutrient and want to make sure it stays where it’s supposed to and doesn’t go where it’s not supposed to so both products basically are at buy-one-get-one-free pricing today’s special pricing their best pricing ever in the case of essential-1 and in the case of our vitamin k2 mk7 enjoy and I will see you later today at midnight for their formal kickoff of our two today’s specials thanks


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  • Marco

    Always look forward to the today's specials from ProCapsLabs. Thanks Andrew for all of the great products. I'm using your Secure, Vein Support, Turmeric, Collagen, and Fish Oil. these are all wonderful products and work well for me.

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