Alimentación de las Orcas

Alimentación de las Orcas

Orcas that live in Loro Parque enjoy
a varied diet based on different types of fish and cephalopods
that come from the best fisheries. Depending on the season,
we use different species, such as herring capelin, sprat, blue whiting or squid. Before the consumption of the fish, we request a chemical analysis from three external laboratories to obtain the data about its calories, proteins and fats, and to guarantee that it is fresh
and free of bacteria or toxins. We use this data to calculate a personalized diet for each of the orcas, which is made based on the weight and activity of the animal. For this, all our orcas are weighed
on voluntary basis twice a week. The fish arrives at Loro Parque frozen and we make sure that the “cold chain” is maintained at all times. When we prepare the fish, it is examined and discarded if anything in its appearance is not up to the standard. Each animal receives individually a vitamin supplement, that is specially designed for marine animals, as frozen food loses some of its nutrients. Their diet is distributed throughout the day
in different training or medical sessions, shows or games that keepers play with them. In fact, before the first presentation,
they will have already ingested approximately a third of their daily diet. Under no circumstance do we leave an animal without his meals – no matter if it participates or not in these sessions. Although we use fish as a primary food source, we also have other types of reinforcements called secondary, such as toys, caresses, visual games, ice, and gelatin. With all this, we guarantee that our orcas are not only well fed and hydrated, but also enjoying their day-to-day activities
at Orca Ocean.


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  • Jose Guadalupe Navarro Pizano

    La gelatina les ase daño

  • Jacobo DR

    Dejar libre a las Orcas es lo que deberíais hacer

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